THIEF (Xbox 360)

THIEF (Xbox 360)
THIEF (Xbox 360)

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A Moral Victory

Finish the game without a single kill or knockout

A Moral Victory0
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Achievement Guide for A Moral Victory

  • HyacinthHouse71HyacinthHouse71437,745
    08 Mar 2015 08 Mar 2015
    5 2 2
    To get this achievement, you need to complete all the main missions without killing or knocking out anyone after the one mandatory knockout in the prologue. If you are like me and aren't great at this game, here are some tips.

    -Play on easy. The enemies are far less observant.

    -It is easiest to do this as a mostly stealth playthrough, but if you get detected you can run away pretty easily in a lot of areas. Your priority should be to complete the main objectives. Getting treasure shouldn't be a priority unless you are trying to do multiple achievements on one playthough.

    -You can use choke arrows and flash bangs if needed to get past an enemy.

    -Use a lot of water arrows, and be sure to keep a lot of them on hand. Also, be sure to keep a lot of food.

    -Buy the wire cutter and wrench as early as possible. Then focus on upgrades like lockpicking, damage resistance, the one that makes food have more effect, etc.

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  • Seeker74Seeker74182,995
    08 Jul 2015 30 Jun 2015 08 Jul 2015
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    In addition to the tips in the other solution, I found out that replaying once you have continued does not work. I had one kill on Chapter 7 and went back in and replayed it after I had been running around a bit and then, since I did not pop the achievement, replayed 8 as well. No achievement. From what I can see, you need to not hurt anyone or anything (choke arrows on birds or dogs will mess you up) in all 8 levels back to back (the required kill in the prologue is not part of the 8 chapters counted) before you go out hurting people in other places. I don't know if kills in the City or side missions count against you (some sources say no), so I'd recommend doing as little as possible outside of getting supplies, between missions.
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