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Successfully block every enemy attack in a single, non-tutorial battle.

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Achievement Guide for Shutout

  • NeoSm0keNeoSm0ke173,738
    02 Mar 2014 02 Mar 2014 02 Mar 2014
    14 0 10
    I got this one in front of Token's Mansion. There are 2 elves in front of the gate. I was able to kill the first one in one turn, do a perfect defense and one-shot the second one.

    Hope this works out for you guys in the way it did for me. It could happen anywhere in the game. Just sharing where I unlocked mine!

    I was a lvl 4 mage at the time of unlocking.
  • FearInoculum987FearInoculum987203,577
    17 Feb 2015 18 Feb 2015 23 Feb 2015
    12 0 2
    I got this achievement as a level 2 Jew in the beginning of the game. After the intro sequence (after you leave Cartman's backyard for the first time) you are tasked with finding a few companions. At this point, I went to Skeeter's bar (in the top left corner of the map, hover over the buildings with the cursor and it will tell you what building it is). Talk to skeeter and he will give you a quest to clear the rats out of the basement. Go downstairs, and start a fight with the first rat you see to the right of the bottom of the stairs. I used the new kid's Sling of David ability on the larger rat, and Butters's Hammer of Storms ability on the back "column" of enemies. This should take out both enemies in the back. At this point, the one smaller rat left will attack one of your party members. You just have to block this rat's single attack, then take him out the following round. Hope this helps!
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