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Chinpokolypse in South Park: The Stick of Truth (Xbox 360)

Chinpokolypse152 (75)

Collect all the Chinpokomon.

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Achievement Guide for Chinpokolypse

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South Park TFBW
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Hello! This is a FULL game walk through on EVERY collectable in the game. Start a new game, and follow this while you are playing the game. I'll show you all Chinpokomon, Costumes, Weapons, and Friends! Aswell as every side quest (They are required anyway) Anyway, let's begin. NOTE- Be sure to loot everything in the game for money. Although most of the money will be from selling items. ALL Chinpokomon are required for a friend!

**I made this. So if you wanna post it someone else, GIVE ME CREDIT! Thanks!**

Day 1-
Your House- Nothing, Be sure to look everywhere for money though.

(Friend 1) Butters- Story related, you'll see him fighting an Elf. Punch him, and he'll add you.

(Friend 2) Clyde- He's at the armory in Kupa Keep. Talk to him. MISSABLE FRIEND!

(Friend 3) Scott Malkinson- He's in the stables at Kupa Keep. Talk to him.

(Friend 4) (Side Quest) Kenny- While in Kupa Keep, go to the left of the stables. You'll see a flower. Get it. Now give it to Kenny.

(Pick Jew class now!)

During this part, you'll get the Jewish Staff and Bow of Sucking (Weapons 2/66)


Cartman's house- Talk to Ms. Cartman (Friend 5). Go in her room to get the "Underpants" item. Then, go through everything in Cartman's room.

Chinpokomon Pengin (1/30)- In Cartman's garage. The key is to the right of the couch.

(Friend 6) Dougie- In front of Butters' house.

Butters' house- (Friend 7 & 8 Mr. and Mrs. Stotch) Go to Butters' room now. Get the Chaos Lair Key from his room. Also, to the left in his room, you'll see Monkay Chinpokomon (2/30) Go to his parents room for the "Stotch garage key". Now go to his garage. Inside, you'll find the first piece of equipment, "Druid Gloves" (Clothes 1)

(Chinpokomon 3/30) Chu-Chu Nezumi will be in the tree outside your house. Shoot it.

Go to the left now. You'll have your fight elf fight. Keep going left.

(Friend 9) Kelly Gardner- In front an orange house to the left of Jimmy's house. Now, to the right, is Clyde's house. Open his garage, shoot the ladder at the top. Go up, you'll find (Friend 10) Pete in his garage aswell as (Clothes) Druid crown.

Kevin Stoley's house- Go upstairs to his room. Get his underpants in his room first. Next, talk to him. He'll give you a (Side Quest) don't worry about it now.

Make you're way to City Hall. Defeat the girls. (Friend 11) will be Annie. Next, shoot down the Chinpokomon above father maxi. (Chinpokomon 4/30) Sna-kat. Talk to Father Maxi for his quest. Now, go inside the church and talk to Jesus in the benches. Go to father maxi, then once again, go to the church to find jesus. He's behind the altar in the front. Tun the light off, move the spot lights, and talk to him. (Friend 12 & 13) Father Maxi and Jesus will add you at the end of this quest. Now, to the right of the church you'll see a tree. Go behind it and get Kevin Stoley's Ipad. Return to him now. (Friend 14 Kevin Stoley ) and (Weapon Missile of slowing)

Let's go to Skeeter's Bar now. Before going in, talk to Mr. McCormick (Friend 15)in the garbage. Go inside, shoot down the Chinpokomon in the back on a shelf. (Chinpokomon 5/30 Flowerpotamus) Talk to Skeeter now. He'll give you a (Side Quest) Now, go in the cellar, and kill all the rats. Talk to Skeeter and you'll get (Friend 17 & 16 Skeeter and Bartender) and (Weapon 4/66 Bar darts) Before leaving this area, go inside of Jimbo's guns and buy "Hunter's Guide to South Park Wildlife" and "Gas mask" (Clothes )

Now, go to the Bijou Movie Theatre. Before going in, shoot down the Chinpokomon on top of the ticket booth. (Chinpokomon 6/30 Fatdactyl) Once inside, complete the maze by hitting the seats starting with the seat behind the guy in the red shirt all the way to the left for some loot. Now, go to the back and talk to the only kid in the theatre wearing all black. (Friend 18 Damien) (Fun Fact: My name is Damien lol)

Between The Theatre and Tweek Bros. is Al Gore hiding in the bushes. Talk to him now. (Friend 19 Al Gore) Go inside of Tweek Bros. now and purchase "Speed Ultra Potion" this will give you two friends. (Friend 20 & 21 Mr. and Mrs. Tweak) go in the door in the back and talk to Tweek to start his quest.

Go to Mr. Slave's house (Red house to the right of the park) and start his quest. Go to the basketball park now. Talk to the little kid hiding behind the basketball hoop. You'll start his quest now.

Now, make your way to the main stretch of South Park (This is the area where Tom's Rhinoplasty, Unplanned Parenthood, and Photo Dojo are) Behind Unplanned Parenthood, you'll see a girl. Talk to her. (Friend 22 Millie) Now, go inside the Bank. Look for a sign that says "Our mission is to be the bank of choice!". Once you find it, go under it, behind a desk, to find a kindergartner. (1/6) Infront of Tom's Rhinoplasty is Officer Barbrady. Talk to him. (Friend 23) Go inside of Tom's Rhinoplasty. Once inside, look through a drawer to the left of the front desk. You'll find a key. Now, at the front desk, buy a "Beauty Mask". (Friend 24 Mrs. Marsh) Go to the left, and infront of the post office you'll see a women sitting on a bench. (Friend 25 Mrs. Biggle) Once inside the post office, go to the back and grab Mr. Slave's package. Go to the wall with all PO boxes and grab the News office key. Next, go inside the red building at the end using the key. Once inside, talk to the girl sitting down. (Friend 26 Esther)

Return to Mr. Slave's house and give him his package. (Friend 27 Mr. Slave) You'll also see another kindergartner to the left of his house. (2/6) Take the path down from the park. You'll be at Kyle's house. First, break the snowman the kid is making (Friend 28/120) Then talk to the man shoveling the snow. (Friend 29 Mr. Broflovski) To the left is Stan's house. Open his garage, shoot the ladder down, and get some loot.(Clothes Druid Robes) Go in Stan's house. Go upstairs, in his room, and get his underpants. Across the hall is the parents room. Get their underpants aswell. Now, in front of Kyle's house, to the right, you'll see a log in the trees. Smash it and go get the item. (7/30 Chinpokomon Furrycat)

Next stop, Kenny's house. To the right of his house, you'll see a broken down red car and a hobo. Defeat the first hobo camp.(1/7) Right next to him, you'll see some dog bones. Activate this and you'll be in a fight with the dog.(These animals are for Jimbo's quest) Now that that's over, get the key from kenny's house and enter his garage. Now, defeat the meth tweekers. Grab the wife beater in the chest now. (Clothes Wife Beater) Shoot the crack on the ceiling, go up, and get a weapon. (Weapon 5/66 Kenny's bloody club) Don't forget to also put the manbearpig item on the phone line at the top next to the crate. Go inside Kenny's house for two friends (Friend 30 & 31 Karen and Mrs. McCormick) Return to Tweek now. (Friend 32/ Tweek) While still in Tweek Bros, climb the ladder in the back and get some clothes. (Clothes Friar Robes and Friar Gloves)

Go to Token's house now. Remember when you purchased that Gas Mask? Well, equip it now. You have to. Fight the guy at the gate and you'll get his weapon. (Weapon Billy Club of Smiting) Go through the gate, open his garage, climb the ladder, open the chest, and you'll have some new stuff. (Clothes Friar Cap) Shoot the Chinpokomon out from his window and grab it.(Chinpokomon 8/30 Velocirapstar) Talk to Token at the front door now. (Friend 33) Now you'll have to go to Craig's house and learn that he's in detention. Now return to Kupa Keep. You'll learn the Dragon shout. Go to the School now.

Inside the School- Right above the first two gingers, you'll see a silver vent. Shoot it and get a chinpokomon. (Chinpokomon 9/30 Poodlesaurus) After you win the battle and get the Brass key, loot all the ginger bodies. You'll get a weapon. (Weapon Dodgeball) Now, after you kill the hallway monitor boss, loot him, and get his key. Once you have it, go to his locker (It's on the same screen as him, it's the only one that has a yellow locker) and get his weapon (Weapon Mace of Restoration) At the end of this quest, you'll have Craig. (Friend 34 Craig)

The Bard's house- Kill all the elves in the basement and you'll get a weapon. After you defeat the boss elf before going up the stairs, you'll get his clothes.While upstairs, get Jimmy's garage key. Once inside the attic, loot every elf. (Clothes Wood elf gloves) Also, you'll see a chinpokomon in plain site in the attic.(Chinpokomon 10/30 Roidrat) Once you defeat Jimmy, loot him. (Weapon Crutch of Weakness) While in his room, loot the chest. (Clothes Wood elf cap) That's everything here. Talk to Cartman and go to Kupa Keep.

Alien space ship- To the left of Randy is a chest. Open it.(Clothes Alien Helmet) After you fight the first aliens, you'll get a weapon. (Weapon Alien Ray Gun) After you go down the elevator, to the left will be a chest with some items. (Clothes Alien Suit) Be sure to pick up all the audio logs. They are very easy to find. After you cross the light bridge, you'll see 3 aliens. Kill them all and loot them. (Clothes Alien Gloves) Next, you'll see an opening in the next room. There will be a ladder going down. Fight the hobo and get his hat. (Clothes Tinfoil Hat) Once you rescue Randy, he'll add you. (Friend 35 Randy) Once you get the crystal, leave the room where Randy was. In this room, there will be a chest to the left. (Weapon Alien Probe) Once you open the door with the Crystal,in that room, go to the right and you'll see some TV screens of South Park. There is a MISSABLE chinpokomon here! Shoot it down. (Chinpokomon 11/30 Beetlebot) That's it!

Day 1 Complete.

Day 2-

Before you start the main quest, go the City Wok. Talk to Mr.Kim and he'll give you a the tower of peace key. Before going in the tower, get the kindergatner behind the light pole in front of it. (3/6) Next, use your fart attack on the fire to un-freeze the chinpokomon.(Chinpokomon 12/30 Brocorri) Now, go in the tower. Fight every enemy you see in the tower. On the second floor, you'll obtain a weapon. (Weapon Mongorian Bow) Next, go to the balcony on the right on the second floor. Shoot the yellow chinpokomon. (Chinpokomon 13/30) Beat the quest like you normally would and go back in City Wok to talk to Mr. Kim. (Friend 36 Mr.Kim) Next, go to Token's house again. You'll see an alien probe at the top of his roof. Teleport to his roof, break the chimney, and loot the chest. (Cothes Squire Armor) Head to the school now.

Once you're at the school, start the goth quest. Then, take the dirt path to Stark's Pond. Place the manbearpig sensor on the sign. Look in the water now. You'll see an alien probe. Teleport to it and get some loot in the crashed UFO (Chinpokomon 14/30 Cosmonewt) To the right of the sign, you'll see another dirt path. This will led you to a bookbag and a kindergartner. (4/6) Now, go to the u-stor-it and buy the goth clothes from the street merchant. (Cothes Gothes Outfit)

After buying the Tweek Bros. coffee for the quest, you'll get ambushed by elves. Don't fight them. Go with them. When you get to the Elven kingdom, Timmy will be your friend. (Friend 37 Timmy) Talk to the merchant (Friend 38 Jason) Now, talk to Stan, Jimmy, and Dogpoo for their quests. For the last item here, go inside the purple tent and loot it. (Weapon Izmel of faithful) Now go into Kyle's house. Go upstairs into his room and get his underpants. Then go to the parents room for the garage key. Inside the garage is a chinpokomon. (Chinpokomon 15/30 Stegmata)

Go to the farm now. Ring the bell, and kill the cow. Now, get the kindergartner in the corner of the stables. (5/6) Then limb the ladder of the barn for the manbearpig sensor. Now, have Jimmy as your buddy and complete the quest. He'll add you. (Friend 39 Jimmy) Now, head to Stan's house and complete the She-Orge quest. (Friend 40 Stan) Now, go back in his house and go to her room. (Friend 41 Shelly Marsh) go to the South Park sign. To the left is a girl sitting on a bench.(Friend 42 Kelly Rutherford) Take the route behind the tree to the left of the sign now to fight hobos. Now, go in Jimmy's garage for some items.(Clothes Jester Cap) After this, complete the easiest quest in the game, "Restoring the Balance". After this, Dogpoo will add you. (Friend 43 Dogpoo) Now, go to Al Gore and get his storage key.

Now, complete the Goth quest up until you have to go into the community center. Before entering, get the Chinpokomon in the basketball court behin it. (Chinpokomon 16/30 Vamporko) After you learn the new fart in the bathroom, go back in it and grab a chinpokomon in the last stool. (Chinpokomon 17/30 Gophermon)

Make your way to the crash site now. Once you get past the first set of guards, teleport to the top of the building for a chest.(Weapon Stone Hammer) After you killed the Nazi zombie inside, loot the Guards for a suit of clothes.(Clothes Swat outfit) MISSABLE CHINPOKOMON! Go into the next room with the big table and chairs. to the left of this is a big file cabinet. Shoot the chinpokomon down and get it. If you miss it, you're screwed. (Chinpokomon 18/30 Gunrilla) Go back to the PTA now. Talk to everyone here. (Friends 44, 45, 46, & 47 Prinical Victoria,Mrs. Broflovski, Mr. Adler, & Mr.Garrison). You should have 46 friends at this point. Talk to Mr.Mackey now and get his key and quest.

Go to U-Stor-It now. Once you make it to the storage units, go inside "221" first. Inside, shoot down the chinpokomon. (Chinpokomon 19/30 Ferasnarf) Climb his junk and get his PO box key. Leave, and go into number "223" Once inside, talk to the kid. (Friend 48 General Dissaray) Climb the ladder and shoot down the silver chinpokomon. (Chinpokomon 20/30 Roo-star) Climb the ladder to the roof and teleport to the other building in the background for a chest.(Clothes Squire Helmet) Go into "204" and talk to Al Gore. You'll get a new quest. Don't worry about it now though. Return to Mackey now for a friend request. (Friend 49 Mr.Mackey) Before leaving, fight the homless man in the truck out front. Now to the police department.

Police Department- Once your inside, talk to the man with the orange hair. He'll give you a quest you MUST complete this. He is MISSABLE. But let's get everything here first. Go upstairs now. Go to the locker room by going in the vent on the side of it.Once inside, look through every locker for the key. You need this. Next, go through the emergency exit door. Use the alien probe to get to the roof.Here you'll find a friend. (Friend 50/120 Santa) Go to the evidence room now. Get the chinpokomon on the first ladder. (Chinpokomon 21/30 RabbiTech) Press he button to move the ladder to the chest. (Clothes Bling) Go to the the ground floor and go to the cells. Free the cell inmate with the key you got.(Friend 51 Romper Stomper) Now, kill 5 nazi zombies, loot their body for the nazi ring, go back to the man in the police departmant for a friend. This is MISSABLE. Do this now!(Friend 52 Sergant Yates) Go to the Goths now and finish their quest. (Friends 56 Henrietta, Michael, Pete, & Firkle) Return to Kupa Keep now.

Back at the School- As soon as it starts,you'll get a friend. (friend 57 Cartman) Once inside the school, you'll be in the kitchen. You'll see a stove oven with a chinpokomon in it. Turn it on, then fart on it to destroy it.(Chinpokomon 22/30) Once you go to the next screen, you'll see Tweek. Go to the right and loot the dead elf for a weapon.(Weapon Basketball) After that, go all the way to the left (The way you're suppose to go to exit) and the last set of elves has as a piece of clothes. So yeah, just loot everyone and you'll get it. (Clothes Necromancer Gloves) After this, you'll be going to the basement. As soon as you go in, you'll see Cartman and the first set of Nazi Zombie Gingers. Beat them, and you'll get this. (Weapon Holy Hammer of Smiting) In the next room of the basement, these are three more Nazi Gingers. Kill them all and loot there bodies to get an item.(Clothes Necromancer Robes) Next is the boiler room. In here there is a monster you have to kill for Jimbo. Do NOT attempt this now. Yes YOU CAN come back later. We will come back once we hit level 14. Don't worry. This fight is very difficult at this point. Move on to the point that you fight Stan now. After this, you will get his weapon after you defeat him and loot him. HOWEVER, it appears that his weapon does not count on the collectables page. But just get it just in case. Head upstairs now. Before fighting anyone, go all the way to the right and you will notice a locker that can be opened. Once opened, shoot out the Chinpokomon. (Chinpokomon 23/30 Pterdaken) WARNING- There are MANY missable items here. Pay attention. First, kill the group of elves fighting Tweek. Loot their body for clothes. (Clothes Necromancer Hood) Next, you'll see three kids fighting outside the boys bathroom. Fight the elves for two missable friends. (Friends 59 Bill & Fosse) Pay close attention here. On the next screen, you'll see a door that says "Fifth Grade. In here is a friend, and he is a RAT. (Friends 60 Lemmiwinks) (The next screen I fought Kyle BTW)The school is done, besides the creature you must kill for Jimbo, but like I said, we will do that later.

(EVErYTHING is missable when your in gnome form here) After this, you'll have to go home and go to sleep. After this, you'll first encounter the gnomes.Anyway, after your second fight with the gnomes, (When you are small) Loot all the gnomes BEFORE you go in the mouse hole and you'll get some gear.(Clothes Gnome Gloves) As soon as you enter the hole, you'll see a mouse trap. Climb the green/blue wire behind it. Up here are weapons and clothes. (Clothes Gnome Helmet) (Weapons Super Bouncy Ball) Moving on, go to the next section. As soon as you exit the silver vent, climb all the way up the green/blue wire and take a left towards the eletric circuit. On the other side of it is a chest with items in it.(Clothes Gnome Clothes) You'll now come to a part where you'll have to fight a group or rats. After defeating them all, past them will be a chest. (Weapons Gnome Pickaxe) The final piece here is when you are outside and you see your parents having sex in the back. Eventually, three gnomes will climb up and you'll have to battle them. Kill them and lot them for a new item. (Clothes Underpants Hemet) That's everything here. Congratulations, you completed Day 2!

Day 2 Complete.

Day 3- Once you completed the Gnomes part, you'll notice that a Gnome will be in your room. Talk to him, and if you followed this correctly, the quest will already be complete for him. (Friends 61 Underpants Gnomes) (You also should of got the achievement for befriending half of south park!) Go downstairs now and talk to Mom and Dad. They will add you now. (Friends 63 Mom & Dad) Before going to Kyle's house, we are going to get some more stuff.

First, go to Jimmy's house (The Bard's house. It will have a giant hole instead of a front door) Here there will be a hole in the fence to the left of his house. Shrink using the Gnome dust and grab the item in it. (Clothes Witch Gloves) (The key is not important) Go to the school now. To the left of it you'll see two dirt roads. Take the one heading to the forest. You'll see a log. Shrink down inside and get the hardest piece of clothing to find IMO. (Clothes Witch Robes) Now, go to the South Park Gazette located four building down from Tom's Rhinoplasty. Go inside, and break the vent by shrinking down for a chinpokomon. (Chinpokomon 24/30 Accountafish) Then climb the ladder in the pipe and get a friend on the roof. (Friends 64 Leroy Mullens) Next, go to the post office and talk to the girl inside. (Friends 65 Lola) Next, teleport on top of the bank. While here, teleport to the top of Tom's Rhinoplasty for a chest. (Clothes Squire Gloves) Next stop, Tweek Bros. Once there, shrink down under the bench and get more stuff. (Chinpokomon 25/30 Terribovine) (Clothes Witch Hat) Now, go to Kyle's backyard. After the cutscene, Cartman and Kyle are now available for buddies. You'll get Kyle as a friend.(Friends 66 Kyle) Then, talk to the blonde haired boy in his backyard. (Friends 67 Chris Donnely) Also, while going to the left from Kyle's house, you'll see a boy hiding behind some bushes. Shrink down and talk to him. (Friends 68Bradley) Now, go to Cartman's house and into his room. Talk to the doll on his bed (Cartman MUST be your buddy) and you'll have a new friend (Friends 69 Polly Prissypants) Time to continue the main quest!

Go down to Town Hall to meet the girls. Now, you'll be tasked to go to the park. Once here, you'll have to fight Monica's boyfriend. After he's defeated, you'll have a new friend. (Friends 70 Monica) After you get turned into a girl, you'll have another friend. (Friends 71 Jessie Rodriguez) Now, go inside Unplanned Parenthood. Once here, go through "Patients Only" door. Missable weapon here. Before going in the operation room, go in the cabinet that has a wheelchair next to it for a nasty weapon.(Weapons Poison Grenade) Enter the room now. After breaking the machine, go behind the operating chair and get the surgical suit. (Clothes Surgical Scrubs outfit) After this, you'll shrink and go through a mouse hole in the file room. Once there, go up until you see the Nazi gnomes. In front of them is a chest you can open. (Weapons Master Razor) The next important part is when you get to the turret. There is a chinpokomon here. In order to get it you must shoot the grenade out of the soliders hand then fart to make it explode. A hole will be made in the picture frame. Go through here for another collectable.(Chinpokomon 26/30 Fetuswami) That's everything here! Head to Kyle's backyard now.

After going to Photo Dojo and defeating the pedophile, you'll get a passport and now you're off to...Canada! There are many important things there. Once on the Canada map, go to the spider web. This is a monster you MUST fight for Jimbo. Killing the spider will give you an item.(Clothes Barbarian Gloves) Go to Ottawa now. Once here, go to the shop and buy ALL wepons.(You need Canadian money here. Sell all your clothes/weapons/junk/flair/weapon strap ons/equipment patches. This will NOT affect your achievements in any way. Besides the selling achievement, obviously) Anyway these are the weapons (Weapons Claymore of the warrior & Canadian Helberd) talk to the Prince here. Now your off to Winnipeg. Again, go to this shop here and buy the weapons.(Weapons Flamberge Rapier) Now, after deafeating the Dire bears in the village, The Earl of Winnipeg will be your friend. (Friends 72 Earl of Winnipeg) Return to the prince and he'll ask you to go to Banff to meet the bishop. While in Banff, go to the room with the Bishop in it (The big guy wearing gold) and go to the room with the two vases. Break the vase on the right and press the button. This will open the treasure chest room. Open it. (Weapons Discus of Bleeding) Now fight the bishop. After beating him, select "Take dire pig testicles" if you don't pick this, he will die and he will become a missed friend. Spare his life. (Friends 73 Bishop of Banff) Before leaving, buy all the Equipment(Clothes) and weapons from the shop. (Weapons Holy Mossad Knife and Dire Sceptar) (Clothes Bishop Mitre, Bishop Gloves, and Bishop Vestments) Now, return to the Prince for a new friend. (Friends 74 Prince of Canada) Now fo to Vancouver. First, go to the shop and buy all the weapons. (Weapons Archmage's Wand) Now, go to top and talk to the Duke of Vancouver. (Friends 75 Duke of Vancouver) Now go to the left of him. You will notice a crack in the wall. Break it down, and get the chest. (Weapons Seratted Axe of Rending) (Clothes Barbarian Helmet) While still in Vancouver, go to the bottom of the town and visit Terrance and Phillip. After learning the Nagasaki, they will add you. (Friends 76 & 77 Terrance & Phillip) Go to the caves now. After defeating the group of animals in the cave, open the chest in the room with the minister. (Clothes Barbarian Armor) Now, talk to the Minister. (Friends 78 & 79 Minist of Montreal and Princess of Canada) Canada is complete!

Before talking to Millie, we are going to complete everything else in South Park now. First, go to the street merchant infront of U-Stor-It and get the remaining equipment. (Clothes Du Rag, Sweaty Headband, & Training Gloves) Next, go to Jimbo's Guns. Buy all of his weapons. (Weapons Warrior's Longsworrd, Sweet Katana, Wooden Crossbow, & Crossbow of Impalement) (Equip the Sweet Katana. BEST weapon in the game!) Now go to the Community Center and buy everything from Mr.Mackey. (Weapons 34 & 35/66 Rod of Major Boobage & Batdadarang) (Clothes 50/87 Cheese Outfit) Go to Kupa Keep now. There are 12 weapons.Buy them all. Next, buy all thew equipment here. There is 7. Now, go to Kyle's backyard. There is 7 weapons in the shop Now buy all the equipment. There is 9. Remember that monster in the school I said we would go back to? Well, now we are going because we have the Sweet Katana. Go to South Park Elementary and go back to the boiler room (Must use the entrance near the Goth kids, not the front door) and defeat the monster for Jimbo. Time to go in the sewers.

The Sewers- Enter the manhole infront of the South Park Gazeette. Once in the sewers, you will see the final kindergartner. **Please note, NOTHING is missable in the sewers. However, because i'm writing this, it's very difficult to explain where everything is here. For the most part though, the sewers are extremely easy to find everything**. First things first, put the censor on the machine for the Manbearpig quest, located after the first ladder down. Next screen is Mr, Hanky's house. Open it and you'll find a chinpokomon. (Chinpokomon 27/30 Gerbitoad) Now talk to Mr Hankey in his house. This will activate a quest. His kids are very easy to find. And while finding them, you'll get the remaining hobo camps. Eventually in the sewers, you'll find a three ladders. Take to second one going down. This will lead to Cornwallis and a hobo camp. Defeat and loot the hobos for a weapon (Weapons Broken Bottle) Now, go back to the three ladder and take the one going up. This will lead to another one of the creatures Jimbo needs. It's the penis mouse. Now take the ladder going down. This will lead to a chest. (Weapons Rod of Waste) Continue going to fight another hobo fight. After this shoot the ladder down and climb it. Go all the way to the left to save simon. Complete the puzzle which should take you all the way to the right to a ladder going down. Up ahead will be the final hobo camp. Continue forward and you should be at a tunnel with a red light above it. Enter it. This will lead you to a ladder going down. Here is the crab caves. Once here, you'll find a huge boulder. You must use the Nagasaki to destory it. Destory it and you'll find a bunch of stuff. (Chinpokomon 28/30 Biebersaurous) a friend (Friends 80Crab Person) and clothes. (Clothes Crab Outfit) Before leaving, break the rock across from the ladder. This will lead to the last monster Jimbo needs! Go back to Mr. Hankey for a bunch of friends. (Friends 81. 82, 83,84, 85 Mr. Hankey, Mrs. Hankey, Amber, Cornwallis, and Simon.) The Sewers are now complete!

Go to City Hall now. Go to the mayor and tell her the hobos are now all gone. (Friends 86Mayor McDaniels) Go to Jimbo's Guns now. Talk to him and press "Big Game Hunter" for 2 new friends. (Friends 87 & 88 Jimbo & Ned) Now that you have Jimbo's Key, use the teleporter above the sword on the wall in the store to get to the chest (Weapons Axe of the underworld) Go in the forest now. Take paths in this order- Right, up, right, down, right. This will take you to secret group of animals. Talk to the bear and select "Accept the true lord" for 12 friends. (Friends 89,90,91,92,93,94,95,96, Go to the basketball park now. Talk to the kindergartners for 6 friends.(Friends 101,102,103,104,105,106) Now go to Al Gore's U-Stor-it garage and talk to him. After this, you'll have to wait for Al Gore's new quest. In the meantime, go to City Hall and talk to Annie. Go to the girls and talk to everyone in the room. (Friends 107.108,109,110,111,112,113) now buy all the weapons from the store.A nd equipment. Next to the chest is a chinpokomon. (Chinpokomon 29/30 Mouse-Tik) Now, open the chest for the valkyrie outfit. (Clothes 80/87 Valykrie outfit)

***At this point you should be missing only 5 costume pieces and 4 weapons****

At this point, you should have a new quest from Al Gore. Go to his U-Stor-It and defeat him. You'll get his key. Enter the door to the left using this key. Open the chest in this room.(Weapon Super Cereal ManBearPig Club) Now you're gonna have to wait for another quest from Al Gore. So let's get another friend in the meantime. Head over to Photo Dojo. To the left of it is the pink building. Shoot the window of it and anal probe your way up there. In here will be another friend. (Friend 114-Douglas) Now wait until you have the Defeat Manbearbig quest. It should take like 5 minutes. Once you have it, go to the Church and fight him. After you defeat him, loot his body. (Weapon- Manbearpig Claw) Congratulations, EVERYTHING in the town of South Park is collected!

Now go to Kyle's backyard. Talk to Kyle to start the final quest. Clyde's Fortress! Once here, Nagasaki fart the statues and go all the way to the right. You will see a mouse hole you can shrink into. Once in the hole, take the exit that you can climb up. Once outside, fight the cyclops kids then loot their bodies. (Clothes- Knight Gauntlets) Now shoot the ladder down and open the chest. (Weapons- Lawn Darts) Go up the laddeer now. Now, you'll be in a room filled with Nazi zombies and animals. Nothing important here. Go up the ladder from here. Now you'll be at the top of Clyde's fortress. As soon as you come up, fart on the rocket next to Ike. Ike is MISSABLE so be sure to do this.(Friends 115 Ike) Next, go to the right. Here will be a chest behind an enemy. In it is a piece of clothing. (Clothes Knight Helmet) The last chinpokomon is here aswell. Use your alien probe to get to the first window. Now, use it again to get to the level above it. (Chinpokomon 30/30 Shoe) Achievement Unlocked- Chinpokolypse! Also, a friend. (Friends 116 Chinpokomon Toy Corpooration) Everything is collected ouside now. Go inside now. Once inside, you'll fight Craig. Beat him and climb the ladder here. To the left is a chest. Open it!! (Clothes- Knight Armor) Now go up the stairs.

Mr. Slaves Ass- This is it. Everything else you need is here! Progress through this part as you normally would. You will get another friend automatically. Cannot be missed. (Friends 117 Mr. Hat) Shortly after this, you will see an Iphone ringing on the next screen. Approach it and press A for a friend (Friends 118 Big Gay Al) Right next to the phone is an enemy. Kill it and loot it for your final weapon. (Weapons- Vibroblade) Continue onward until you turn on the flashlight and the bat moves out of the way. A chest will be where the bat previously was. Open it. (Clothes-Condom Cap) Complete the rest of this as you normally would. Nothing else is here. After you exit, you get the Crown of Anal Pleasure (CLothes) and your last three friends (Catafish, Sparrow Prince, & Frog King)

And.........That's it!! You should have just popped these achievements-

75G- More Popular than John Lennon
75G-Clothes Whore
15G-Full Arsenal

Thanks for reading!! Hope it helped! smile
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