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Animal Cruelty

Fart on animals 25 times.

Animal Cruelty0
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  • MikeProcuratorMikeProcurator1,017,511
    02 Mar 2014 02 Mar 2014 11 Aug 2014
    25 3 2
    you can do this 25x to one animal. There are cats walking all over the town, you can usually find one in front of city hall. After you get the fart ability just find one and fart, repeat 24x

    Edit: Apparently does not work on cows, however any other animal works.
  • DeonarisDeonaris261,832
    05 Mar 2014 05 Mar 2014 05 Mar 2014
    11 0 1
    You can fart from the very beginning of the game, simply by pressing the right analog up. (thanks Kaiser679 for pointing that out) In Kupa Keep(Cartman's House) Mr. Kitty is in the stables, simply fart on him til the achievement pops. He's penned in so not only will he not run away, it fits the achievement.
  • Epsilon ThetaEpsilon Theta702,630
    09 Mar 2014 09 Mar 2014 25 Sep 2014
    7 0 5
    What is this fart I hear of?
    Farting is done with cn_RSu. While you will learn special farts over the course of the game, this achievement as all other fart related achievements, can be gotten without learning the improvements first. For this achievement it is even recommended you do not use the ability related farts as it will make most animals keel over such that you cannot fart on them more than once.

    What do I need to do?
    Simply stand in front of an animal and push cn_RSu. Your character will turn around and let loose. Do this 25 times and the achievement is yours.

    Where can I find animals?
    Cartman's cat can be found at the "stables" in Kupa Keep in the penned of area. A few cats and rats are wandering the streets but the highest density of enemies can be found in the sewers. Once you gain entry to them later in the game, you can usually find two to three rats per screen.

    Review 25 September 2014: Added button icons.
  • EnAN0 ERSEnAN0 ERS241,929
    05 Mar 2014 05 Mar 2014
    4 1 0
    When you first get your farting ability, you will be in cartmans backyard. Towards the middle his cat will be inside a fence. Go towards the cat and fart on him 25 times. He will make a noise when you have farted on him.
  • Dr RubdyDr Rubdy198,215
    06 Mar 2014 08 Mar 2014
    2 1 0
    Fart on the same animal, cows in the farm didnt work so i went to the cat in front of city hall and did it quick. Also you can fart on Mr. Kitty right after you learn the fart ability.
  • GdinutGdinut385,219
    16 Mar 2014 16 Mar 2014
    1 1 0
    Usually when you fart on a animal it will go unconscious and you have to go back an forth to have enough animals to fart on. I found that in the fortress at the end of the game while you are moving up you will get to a room in which there is some animals locked in cages. you can fart 25 times in a row to one of these. they dont get knocked out when you fart on them.
  • Dandaman2468343Dandaman246834346,951
    29 May 2014 07 Jun 2014 07 Jun 2014
    1 1 0
    Once you first learn the fart ability, you will find, in Cartman's backyard, a cat in the stables on the left. Get as close as you can to the cat and fart on it by pushing the right thumbstick up. You will know if it was a successful fart because it will jump and make a noise. Do this 25 times and the achievement is yours.
  • ph03nixrizinph03nixrizin319,592
    18 Mar 2014 24 Jan 2015
    1 1 0
    This can be done by farting on the same animal 25 times.

    NOTE: This does not work on cows.
    21 Mar 2018
  • sm182sm182736,993
    03 May 2014 27 Jul 2019
    0 0 0

    This can be done after completing the battle tutorial at Kupa Keep.

    Press UP on the right stick when next to the cat to do a fart. Repeat 24 more times on the same cat to unlock the achievement.
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