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You bastards!

Have Kenny Die 10 times in battle over the course of the game.

You bastards!0
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  • Kaiser679Kaiser679136,039
    07 Mar 2014 04 Mar 2014 08 Mar 2014
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    The above solution works too, but if you want to make it even quicker and easier, when you use Kenny in a combat, have him (her?) use his second ability, Furry Friends. If you don't do the "shaking off" it shows, this move will still damage the enemy, but will also kill Kenny. What I'll typically do is save it until there's only one enemy left, use this move, not "shake them off", let Kenny die and finish the fight myself.

    Edit: This also works for his third ability, Unicorn Stampede. Just don't hit the buttons that come up. Like the rats it will still hit your opponent, but kill Kenny in the process.
  • macnvettesmacnvettes40,323
    26 Oct 2014 26 Oct 2014
    13 0 1
    Just a quick note, this achievement can be gotten after the main story line ends. Cancel out of the end of game credits by pressing "B", then go to your in game menu and select Kenny your buddy and take him to the woods to fight the dogs.
  • Vermillion HazeVermillion Haze178,073
    10 Mar 2014 10 Mar 2014 10 Mar 2014
    11 1 0
    You can get this in just 2-3 battles if your lucky.

    I went to the Forrest area where you find packs of wolves. These wolves are unique in that they can howl and call more wolves into the fight. This is invaluable as you can keep killing Kenny by spamming his suicide moves. The Wolves do a good job of calling reinforcements and giving you more chances to kill Kenny in the process.

    A way you can spam Kenny's special moves quicker without items is swapping out him for Butters then swapping again. Kenny will have a fresh mana bar when he returns.
  • Reefer420ATKReefer420ATK261,804 261,804 GamerScore
    05 Mar 2014 04 Mar 2014
    7 1 7
    After you complete the "Calling all Banners" quest. Princess Kenny will join you as a buddy. Then you can summon Kenny to aid you and then just let him die when he's targeted by whatever enemy your fighting. Once he dies, rats will eat and take him away. After a couple move's, he comes back and you can continue the same process until he's been killed 10 times
  • X8BIT ScorpionXX8BIT ScorpionX112,464
    16 Feb 2017 17 Jun 2017 19 Dec 2017
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