IMC Elite Pilot achievement in Titanfall

IMC Elite Pilot

Win every Campaign level as an IMC pilot

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How to unlock the IMC Elite Pilot achievement

  • kewlnisskewlniss348,369
    12 Mar 2014 13 Mar 2014 23 Mar 2014
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    I created a spreadsheet to help me track which matches I won and to also see what was coming up next so I could plan my Burn Cards accordingly.

    The link below is the file on my public OneDrive (previously SkyDrive) account. I won't be removing the file. It lists each campaign match name and type. It has two columns for IMC and Militia. Each match has a 0 in each of the columns. When you win a match, just change the 0 to a 1 and the tally at the bottom will tell you the number of wins you still need. There are 9 matches in the campaign.

    (You can click File / Save As to download a local copy to your machine)

    The 9 matches you need to complete are as follows:
    The Refueling Raid - Hardpoint Domination
    The Colony - Attrition
    The Odyssey - Attrition
    Get Barker - Attrition
    Assault on the Sentinel - Attrition
    Here Be Dragons - Hardpoint Domination
    The Three Towers - Attrition
    The Battle of Demeter - Hardpoint Domination
    Made Men - Hardpoint Domination

    You do not need to complete them in one sitting. Doing a Quick Match seems to be best way to get the matches you still need. Doing this will most likely be quicker than trying to join a particular level. It was for me anyway. BlinkFandangoII's solution (on Militia Elite Pilot achievement) has information on things to try on that front. I had to do quick matches to get my Militia achievement knocked out after getting the IMC one.

    If you do a quick match and have the rare opportunity to join the match close to the end and get the "Victory" message, that counts even if you didn't play the entire round.

    Some people have said this wasn't the case for them. I thought this was the case for me, but it will be good to mark those "joined late" to redo if the achievement doesn't pop for you.

    Also, look at the comments on Militia Elite Pilot to see that some folks had to exit Titanfall and come back in for the achievement to register.

    Hope this helps

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    Jibbermidget4 times. 4 god damn times I've played through the campaign as IMC, and as soon as I get to "here be dragons" I get switched to militia. The one mission I'm missing as IMC. This entire game is just a fucking disaster.
    Posted by Jibbermidget on 09 Sep 14 at 13:34
    BalarushI'm pretty sure this is no longer obtainable. I've played it for 3 weeks straight now and every time it'll put me on the Militia, regardless of if I've played Militia through the campaign already in that session. Plus, the loading screen will tell you IMC and then switch me to Militia every so often, just to piss me off. It's beyond broken at this point.
    Posted by Balarush on 02 Feb 17 at 22:05
    Captain HeroicNo this working fine, once I found out about the trophy icons on the maps in personal stats / levels, I then just kept looking for the right game (switch regions if your region is not at the right point in the campaign for the maps you need) try and join a map a bit earlier than the one you need and hope you are on a winning team.
    Posted by Captain Heroic on 15 Feb 18 at 09:36
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  • UncaringChaffUncaringChaff84,744
    17 May 2014 17 May 2014 04 Aug 2014
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    If you go into the 'Campaign' tab before you start the game you will see nine squares representing each of the levels in the game. Thanks to the new update there are now trophies in each of these levels to show which levels you have won. In order to complete the two achievements you must have two trophies in each square (one for the IMC and one for the Militia)

    With the new update the way to find out which levels you've passed has changed. Now you need to:

    Main Menu > Personal Stats > Levels.

    From this screen there will be two trophy icons showing which side you have completed the mission for. You need to have two trophies in each picture for all of the campaign missions for this to unlock.
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    this update makes the game much easyer to know which missions ya have to do again
    Posted on 01 Jun 14 at 17:45
    j69plus1Well just when I got the achievement, it was glitched like many spoke about, so when I went to play again hoping it would unlock, the game no longer shows the trophies it just takes you directly into a match. This all after the newest DLC and update.
    Posted by j69plus1 on 03 Aug 14 at 04:58
  • NickHawkeyeNickHawkeye189,836
    08 Mar 2015 24 Feb 2015 01 Apr 2015
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    Note this will work for both achievements
    TitanfallIMC Elite PilotThe IMC Elite Pilot achievement in Titanfall worth 53 pointsWin every Campaign level as an IMC pilot

    TitanfallMilitia Elite PilotThe Militia Elite Pilot achievement in Titanfall worth 51 pointsWin every Campaign level as a Militia pilot

    you will also get these along the way if you just play enough matches as you do not have to win anything to get them, just play the 9 maps from each team once
    TitanfallMilitia PilotThe Militia Pilot achievement in Titanfall worth 73 pointsComplete the Militia campaign

    TitanfallIMC PilotThe IMC Pilot achievement in Titanfall worth 73 pointsComplete the IMC campaign

    to start all my tacking stuff can be found here:

    If you perfer to use pen and paper:
    Printable PDF Checklist

    If you prefer a digital menthod of tracking you can find the sheet here:
    Google sheet

    The easiest way is to play the campaign straight though and win every match....good luck with that winkwink

    As for the majority of us just start playing and print or write down the list so you can mark off what you got. If you already played some matches then have no fear because one of the updates now allows you to see your progress in a way.
    from the main menu go to Personal Stats ==> Levels
    you will notice all levels are listed alphabetically by map name which does not show up while playing the actual campaign so I took the time to play though the campaign and line up the map title or "Level" with the Campaign level name that you see on the splash screen while the level is loading. They are easy enough to recognize while you are playing but might not be so easy when you are just looking at the map in the menu. Check out the documents I shared for an easy print at home use. But here is the meat of it.

    Campaign Title: Map name or "Level" in the stats page - Game type
    1.) The Refueling Raid: Fracture - Hardpoint Domination
    2.) The Colony: Colony - Attrition
    3.) The Odyssey: Relic - Attrition
    4.) Get Barker: Angel City - Attrition
    5.) Assault on the Sentinel: Outpost 207 - Attrition
    6.) Here Be Dragons: Boneyard - Hardpoint Domination
    7.) The Three Towers: Airbase - Attrition
    8.) The Battle of Demeter: Demeter - Hardpoint Domination
    9.) Made Men: Corporate - Hardpoint Domination

    On each level in the stats page you should be able to see campaign trophy icons on the levels that the campaign runs though, As you can see in this shot I already have a Militia win on the level but I still need an IMC win:
    3.) The Odyssey: Relic - Attrition
    External image

    where as I already have both IMC and Militia wins on this level so I do not need to worry about this map as much when it comes up in the rotation
    9.) Made Men: Corporate - Hardpoint Domination
    External image

    Here is a short video of how to navigate the menu to the levels screen and you can see the trophies in the top let corner of the map pictures

    If you keep playing and are going for other achievements this will come in time but to speed things up it helps to know which levels you need to focus on. for example in my situation where the last level "corporate" I already had both wins I was able to focus on my different weapon kills like kill 25 sepcters with the SMART pistol. then when you get to a map you need (the last one I needed was an IMC win on Relic so when that opportunity came up I just did the best I could to help get the win... i.e. used my best weapon focused on scoring team points and not the method of the kills, I also noticed if I got the MVP then more often then not my team won so it jsut makes sense the better team player you are (killing grunts/pilots on Attrition and constantly capturing hardpoints on hardpoint) the more likely you are to win the match. It does help to have a group that is constantly communicating... i.e. have at least one person responsible for each hard point and the rest free roam to which ever point needs assistance. I completed it by myself with randoms that did not talk but I'm sure it would have went smoother with a group because you can tell the teams that even have a few people coordinating because some of the matches can get lopsided quickly.

    It shouldn't be a big deal if you do not win right away as you need to play at least 50 campaign matches anyway if you want the achievement for playing 50 of these matches
    TitanfallFrequent FlyerThe Frequent Flyer achievement in Titanfall worth 100 pointsPlay 50 Campaign matches

    Just in general it is usually more fun if you get with a group of people you know or people that talk and communicate and while it is tempting to work on unlocks and stuff remember you need wins so don't sit and camp out trying to get satchel or sniper kills when you could be capturing hardpoints you will usually only be hurting your team but hopefully you can judge that.

    Don't be afraid to use your Burncards!!! when I first started playing I thought I should hold onto the valuable ones for later but soon you will have more than you can hold. maybe save the good ones for the maps you still need wins on but don't hold out if you are going for the win. an extra titan drop or permanent radar pulse can mean the difference between wining and losing some times. that said if you are new and are not good in the titans yet do not drop them all over the place in an Atrrition match because if your titan keeps getting killed you are just offering up free points to the opposing team, if you are not that good then best thing to do is to stay away from the titans and use your minion detector and start hunting those down because +1 is better for you than giving the other team 4 or 5 points for knocking out your titan
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    KingWillVIIs there a way to select a specific level? I just need a win in boneyard with the imc and i'm done with campaign, but i swear to God that this game doesn't want to play that level as imc.
    Posted by KingWillVI on 24 Feb 15 at 21:07
    NickHawkeyeunfortunately none that I know of angry when you hit cn_A on the level in the stats page it makes a click sound and I heard that you used to be able to select the level from there and it was just luck if you got IMC/Militia but that did not work for me. If I find a solid way I'll post it and I invite anyone who finds something to post and let us know as well
    Posted by NickHawkeye on 24 Feb 15 at 22:16
    NickHawkeyeI have not been able to do it yet because I haven't gotten a session with enough people but seems like the best way to match up would be for people to join into 2 different parties and match up that way, if you join from the same lobby your team wont get split up at least and should be able to trade off
    Posted by NickHawkeye on 02 Mar 15 at 14:55
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