Militia Elite Pilot achievement in Titanfall

Militia Elite Pilot

Win every Campaign level as a Militia pilot

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How to unlock the Militia Elite Pilot achievement

  • kewlnisskewlniss348,195
    13 Mar 2014 13 Mar 2014 23 Jan 2015
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    I created a spreadsheet to help me track which matches I won and to also see what was coming up next so I could plan my Burn Cards accordingly.

    The link below is the file on my public OneDrive (previously SkyDrive) account. I won't be removing the file. It lists each campaign match name and type. It has two columns for IMC and Militia. Each match has a 0 in each of the columns. When you win a match, just change the 0 to a 1 and the tally at the bottom will tell you the number of wins you still need. There are 9 matches in the campaign.

    (You can click File / Save As to download a local copy to your machine)

    The 9 matches you need to complete are as follows:
    The Refueling Raid - Hardpoint Domination
    The Colony - Attrition
    The Odyssey - Attrition
    Get Barker - Attrition
    Assault on the Sentinel - Attrition
    Here Be Dragons - Hardpoint Domination
    The Three Towers - Attrition
    The Battle of Demeter - Hardpoint Domination
    Made Men - Hardpoint Domination

    You do not need to complete them in one sitting. Doing a Quick Match seems to be best way to get the matches you still need. Doing this will most likely be quicker than trying to join a particular level. It was for me anyway. BlinkFandangoII's solution has information on things to try on that front. I had to do quick matches to get my Militia achievement knocked out after getting the IMC one.

    If you do a quick match and have the rare opportunity to join the match close to the end and get the "Victory" message, that counts even if you didn't play the entire round.

    Some people have said this wasn't the case for them. I thought this was the case for me, but it will be good to mark those "joined late" to redo if the achievement doesn't pop for you.

    Also, look at the comments to see that some folks had to exit Titanfall and come back in for the achievement to register.

    Hope this helps

    --Update from Leo Ascendent in Comments:
    New update puts a little trophy icon next to the faction you've won the campaign mission on. Might want to update with that info, pretty helpful in finding what you need to do still.

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    Neeners CleedusDo these missions count towards the multiplayer game type on that particular map as well?
    Posted by Neeners Cleedus on 05 May 14 at 16:22
    Leo AscendentNew update puts a little trophy icon next to the faction you've won the campaign mission on. Might want to update with that info, pretty helpful in finding what you need to do still.
    Posted by Leo Ascendent on 08 Jun 14 at 19:39
    Im Browzzerthanks
    Posted by Im Browzzer on 24 Jul 14 at 23:28
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  • UncaringChaffUncaringChaff84,741
    07 May 2014 17 May 2014 04 Aug 2014
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    If you go into the 'Campaign' tab before you start the game you will see nine squares representing each of the levels in the game. Thanks to the new update there are now trophies in each of these levels to show which levels you have won. In order to complete the two achievements you must have two trophies in each square (one for the IMC and one for the Militia)

    With the new update the way to find out which levels you've passed has changed. Now you need to:

    Main Menu > Personal Stats > Levels.

    From this screen there will be two trophy icons showing which side you have completed the mission for. You need to have two trophies in each picture for all of the campaign missions for this to unlock.
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    rafter84Can this be done in a private game mode? That way you can select the map you need... Right?
    Posted by rafter84 on 29 Oct 16 at 19:45
    UncaringChaffIt's been a while since I've played but I believe that all of the games achievements will only unlock in competitive play. Private game modes don't pop anything I'm afraid.
    Posted by UncaringChaff on 01 Nov 16 at 19:03
    rafter84Ok. Thanks pal.
    Posted by rafter84 on 01 Nov 16 at 19:24
  • BlinkFandangoIIBlinkFandangoII1,218,495
    12 Mar 2014 12 Mar 2014 12 Mar 2014
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    The only way I have found to complete this achievement if you did not get it the first time playing Militia (which honestly depends a lot on your team) is to search for quick match and hope you get on the map you need on the Militia side with a good team, seems entirely luck based. If you do get lucky, stick with the team as long as you keep winning and keep track of your progress. If you lose a round after the first two or three levels, it is much easier to find those maps using quick match, it seems like the first couple of maps are the hard ones to get placed into.

    One thing that might help [I have not verified this to see if it works] is to be a high level when playing the campaign, so level up in classic before heading to multiplayer gives you some unlocks and might help you win the Militia campaign the first time around. I was around level 30 and most of the other guys were really low levels. I felt really bad, but I don't see many other options.

    Hopefully Respawn will patch this so you can choose which side you play on in the campaign.

    Other stuff I tried that DOES NOT WORK:
    I tried just about everything to switch sides. I started as IMC, played through as Militia and then it kept sticking me on IMC on the first mission. I played through IMC again, winning every round or restarting until I won the round and finished IMC a second time. After finishing the IMC a second time I started the first level again from the level select and it put me back on IMC. I tried reselecting level 1 from level select MANY, MANY times and it always put me on IMC.

    I tried searching for a quick game where it put me on Militia, quitting out and trying the first level again via level select, still IMC. I tried playing through whatever level it put me on for Militia (usually the last three) until the end of the campaign again and then selecting the first level, still IMC.
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    ProfessorPlutoI have played 18 times the final mission. I have only once been put on Militia and we lost. I can not be the militia, it is so frustrating! This also does not count the amount if times I have been IMC and not played the match. Is there any way to select Militia or even the mission?
    Posted by ProfessorPluto on 20 Aug 15 at 01:39
    BlinkFandangoIISorry MiserlyPluto459, they used to have an option to do that, but it has since been removed. You can try boosting it, change the country to somewhere in Asia and keep going in and out until you get the right level and team.
    Posted by BlinkFandangoII on 20 Aug 15 at 02:15
    ProfessorPlutoDamn I thought that was the case.
    Posted by ProfessorPluto on 20 Aug 15 at 02:39
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