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I Killed Them All

Kill all pilots during the evacuation single-handedly

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How to unlock the I Killed Them All achievement

  • Strategy OneStrategy One672,485
    12 Mar 2014 13 Mar 2014 03 Feb 2015
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    I Killed Them All

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    To unlock this achievement you must kill ALL (Minimum of 1 person) enemy pilots upon evacuation. The losing team is the team who has to evacuate by getting to the given location (Losing team cannot achieve this achievement at the end of the match). This can be quite hard but, I have a couple of methods on how to unlock this achievement.

    I know a lot of people are posting that they want to boost in my comments, but this website has a boosting session category that people will meet up and work towards this achievement. I joined the first boosting session for this game and got this achievement first attempt.

    Follow my guide and unlock the achievement for yourself!

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    I was playing with a friend who got this and she destroyed the evacuation ship. If you are with a group of 6 people you can always work together to have 1 person get the achievement by letting them get all the kill and being decoys and assisting in a titan. Just make sure to let that 1 person who's getting the achievement destroy the Evacuation ship. (Note: You do not need to kill 6 people, if there is any more than less on the enemy team when the evacuation starts, as long as you kill those pilots, you will get the achievement, I would recommend playing late at night on a week day to have this possibility)

    An even better method of running into less people is by changing your server in the menu, the less people on the server the higher the chances you run into a game with much fewer people. FOR INSTANCE if you find a game with 2v2 on a different server your chances of obtaining this achievement have greatly increased.

    Don't be discouraged about getting this achievement, eventually if you try hard enough you will get it, luck must be on your side, keep looking for games with few people and try having friends help you out. If you keep playing with few people and friends at your side assisting you, you will get this achievement!

    Boosting Method:

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    Useful tips:

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    To the best of luck for everyone going for this achievement, any questions or concerns please comment or message me. toast

    Video: Those to who that don't want to boost here is a great video by Cog Incorparated.

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    D Mob x360adoesnt work 1 v 1 I have done it twice now and nothing.
    Posted by D Mob x360a on 22 Mar 15 at 03:23
    NeonI was hoping to try and get this if there is anyone here who could help or also needs the achieve? Be more then happy to help others, my Gamertag is the same. Just message me if you are willing to go for this acheievement at all.
    Posted by Neon on 19 Nov 15 at 10:24
    NeonStill looking to boost this if anyone else is down? gt: XONeonTiger
    Posted by Neon on 22 Feb 16 at 09:08
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    18 Jul 2014 18 Jul 2014
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    Malific is right that it does not need to be a full enemy team, but it doesnt need to be four or more. I did it last night by killing the sole remaining member of the enemy team. We were dominating in attrition and all but one person on enemy team had rage quit before the epilogue sequence. I killed that one remaining guy and the chevo popped.
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    Strategy OneI stated that in my solution thanks for repeating though.
    Posted by Strategy One on 30 Jul 14 at 23:53
    Neeners CleedusI just killed the last 2 enemy players in a game and it did not unlock. I don't know if it's because there wasn't enough players or perhaps it was because of all these problems lately with achievements unlocking. :/
    Posted by Neeners Cleedus on 04 Aug 14 at 16:45
    DeeecoThis is what happened to me today, two left, I killed them both and it worked. Never thought i'd get this chievo legit
    Posted by Deeeco on 07 Jan 15 at 11:00
  • MalificMalific173,950
    07 May 2014 07 May 2014
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    A couple tips for attempting this in random matches:

    1) It doesn't have to be a full team of 6 enemies, if there are only 4 players on the enemy team it will still count as long as you get all 4 yourself.

    2) Getting credit for killing a drop ship with entire enemy team is one of the main ways to get this in a non-boosted game with a bunch of randoms, the trouble is getting the 'kill shot' on the dropship. Here's a method I found works very well.

    Be in a Titan, use the Chaingun with the Accelerator unlock. This gives you a massive amount of ammo, and very high damage output and incredible rate of fire. When the drop ship lands, hold your fire till about half the drop ship's pick-up time is over (or half it's shields are gone if your team is letting loose and killing it fast). Then just hold down the trigger.

    This makes it so most of your team is reloading their Titan weapons while you're whittling off the last little bit of the ship's life.

    But mainly, the extremely high rate of fire means you're hitting the ship dozens of times for every one shot by your teammates and it's HIGHLY likely the 'kill shot' will be one of the hundred bullets you're letting loose. Getting so many little hits so rapidly makes it much more likely your constant stream will score the winning hit between the impacts of your teammates slower firing weapons.... Of course the entire enemy team needs to be in the drop ship when it blows.
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    Bandicoot V2I nearly had this other night using 40mm with burst fire and cluster missile, I killed 1 then got kill on evac ship, that gave me 5 kills but as it clicked in there was 1 guy left behind me and when I turned around to kill him the match ended was like ahhhh
    Posted by Bandicoot V2 on 10 May 14 at 08:16
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