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Gen 10

Reach the highest Pilot generation

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How to unlock the Gen 10 achievement

  • EurydaceEurydace612,389
    09 Sep 2014 12 Mar 2014 04 Nov 2014
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    I made this solution since I saw a lot of misinformation floating around.

    Leveling seems easy, and it is. Getting to Gen 10 is not so easy as leveling up 441 times.

    External image

    Please leave a comment if you want to know something specific. Also I welcome any comments involving strategies for anything listed below.

    Generation In-Game Tags

    Requirements to Regen
    Hit Level 50 and complete every challenge required for each generation.

    There is an experience modifier you gain for each generation, making the leveling up process faster. This will help with getting your unlocks back faster and remedies some of the issue people have with Prestige and other mechanics. The modifier for each generation is:

    Gen 2 = 110%
    Gen 3 = 120%
    Gen 4 = 130%
    Gen 5 = 150%
    Gen 6 = 180%
    Gen 7 = 210%
    Gen 8 = 250%
    Gen 9 = 290%
    Gen 10 = 350% (Not that this rank matters as you don't need to get level 50 in Gen 10)

    Challenges Required
    The challenges are the tough part. You need to do all of the following for each generation. Take note that not every challenge requires you to kill pilots.

    You must do these challenges during each generation as challenges reset when you regen. You can't try to do all the challenges in gen 1 and then just level up. You'll need to earn the challenges while in the current generation.

    To view current progress on the required challenges, open the challenges menu (available at level 4) and scroll down to the bottom where it says regen requirements. You need to max out all the challenges listed there.

    When killing titans for challenges, dooming a titan is enough to receive credit in general. However, you don't actually get that credit until the titan is destroyed. If you doom the titan and then another player destroys it with his weapons while its critical, he'll get credit instead of you.

    You may skip a challenge. In the black market, you can buy a Forged Certification for 100,000 credits. Doing so will then allow you to go into the challenge menu and complete a challenge automatically. This sounds great! Beware, doing so will permanently void another achievement. It will be impossible (even by deleting a save) to unlock:

    TitanfallToo Legit to QuitThe Too Legit to Quit achievement in Titanfall worth 0 pointsEarn Gen 10 without using a Forged Certification on a regen challenge

    In lieu of listing the challenge names for the weapons over and over, I'm just going to list how many kills you need to get.

    The challenges are:

    Generation 1 to 2
    No Challenges Required

    Generation 2 to 3
    EVA-8 Shotgun (Pilot Weapon)
    Kill 200 enemies
    Kill 75 Pilots

    40mm Cannon (Titan Weapon)
    Kill 200 enemies
    Kill 50 Titans

    Generation 3 to 4
    R-97 Compact SMG (Pilot Weapon)
    Kill 200 enemies
    Kill 75 Pilots

    Plasma Railgun (Titan Weapon)
    Kill 100 enemies
    Kill 50 Titans
    Strategy: Wait for a Titan to get extremely low, then hit them with a critical. This can be frustrating.

    No Hitter (Challenge)
    Kill 50 Pilots with Satchel Charge
    Strategy: Battle for Demeter in the campaign. Put a satchel charge in the middle of B and wait for someone to run in, then blow it up. Put a new one and wait some more.
    Dead Man's Trigger (Tier 2 Kit) is also nice. Throw a satchel at an enemy before you die and it almost always kills them.
    CTF defending the flag also works, and will give you a good amount of XP as well if you let the enemy grab the flag before you blow it up (you get lots of bonuses for killing the flag carrier and returning the flag).

    Generation 4 to 5
    Longbow-DMR Sniper (Pilot Weapon)
    Kill 150 enemies
    Kill 50 Pilots
    Strategy: If, like me, you are terrible with snipers this can be a bit of a problem. I had the greatest success running around with an ACOG scope and a suppressor. It's a slow grind and you'll lose most of your games if you aren't any good with it (I won 10 out of 58 games this Gen - previously I had a 78% win ratio), but you'll eventually get all the kills you need.

    Quad Rocket (Titan Weapon)
    Kill 200 enemies
    Kill 50 Titans

    RE-45 Auto Pistol (Pilot Sidearm)
    Kill 50 Pilots

    Charge Rifle (Pilot Anti-Titan Weapon)
    Get 30 critical hits
    Strategy: See Youtube video below.

    Generation 5 to 6
    R-101C Carbine (Pilot Weapon)
    Kill 200 enemies
    Kill 75 Pilots

    Arc Cannon (Titan Weapon)
    Kill 200 enemies
    Kill 50 Titans

    Sidewinder (Pilot Anti-Titan Weapon)
    Kill 10 Titans

    Gooser (THIS IS THE WORST THING EVER) (Challenge)
    Kill a Pilot who is ejecting 5 time(s)
    Strategy: Last Titan Standing. Chaingun with extended mag in your Titan. Try to keep a distance so you can clearly make out the enemy. Reload often, but not to often. I had issues at first reloading quickly until I realized I had only used 1/3 of the mag when I thought I was almost done. You'll want 30-40 bullets to kill a pilot in the air.
    When fighting, don't attack after the Titan goes critical. Some players are a bit slow in ejecting. On the flip side, make sure you don't use auto-eject and do use survivor. I got at least 5 of my 50 kills while doomed.
    If they cloak when they eject, keep an eye out for their boost pack. You can see it on some maps (depends on the sky color). It's always worth it to spray and pray anyway - got a few kills doing that.
    Most importantly, BE AGGRESSIVE. I can't stress how important this is. I see Gen 5 people all the time just sitting in the back hoping someone ejects. These people are stuck at level 50 for ages. You get far more ejections if you're not making it essentially a 5v6 every round and losing the game for your team. I was top scorer in over half my games (pretty easy when everyone else runs around with garbage weapons trying to get regen requirements done).

    Generation 6 to 7
    Spitfire LMG (Pilot Weapon)
    Kill 200 enemies
    Kill 75 Pilots

    Triple Threat (Titan Weapon)
    Kill 200 enemies
    Kill 50 Titans

    Mag Launcher (Pilot Anti-Titan Weapon)
    Kill 10 Titans

    Brain Surgeon (Challenge)
    Kill 50 Titans by rodeo
    Strategy: You can use the Spitfire LMG with the Slammer add-on to kill fast. The ONLY sure way to get a Rodeo kill is to doom the Titan with your weapon and then have the pilot eject.
    Supposedly, you can do this on Auto-Titans but you must make sure you get the kill. To ensure this, stay on the Titan even after you doom it and shoot it until you see you get credit for the kill on the right side of the screen. You can also jump on already doomed auto-titans and get credit. However, I tried MANY times and could never get this to work so I cannot confirm it. Multiple people in the comments have said it does, in fact, work.
    It will not count if you see on the side of the screen you killed the Titan with a weapon (it must say "Player [Rodeo] X's Auto Titan" instead of [Spitfire LMG]).

    Generation 7 to 8
    G2A4 Rifle (Pilot Weapon)
    Kill 200 enemies
    Kill 75 Pilots

    XO-16 Chaingun (Titan Weapon)
    Kill 200 enemies
    Kill 50 Titans

    Charge Rifle (Pilot Anti-Titan Weapon)
    Kill 10 Titans
    Strategy: The Charge Rifle burn card is borderline overpowered. You'll get a few on your way up. Otherwise, the only tip I can really give is to learn to feather your trigger to keep it near a full charge, so you only need to pop out for a split second to shoot the enemy. Cloaking while charging will emit a bright orange light, so don't count on that.

    Fresh Squeezed (Challenge)
    Get 25 execution kill(s) as a Stryder Titan
    Strategy: You can execute by melee'ing when a Titan has gone critical.

    Generation 8 to 9
    C.A.R. SMG (Pilot Weapon)
    Kill 200 enemies
    Kill 75 Pilots

    Archer Heavy Rocket (Pilot Anti-Titan Weapon)
    Kill 10 Titans

    40mm Cannon (Titan Weapon)
    Get 75 critical hits
    Strategy: See the Youtube video below. Use burst fire to get off more shots at once.

    Executioner (Challenge)
    Get 25 execution kill(s) as an Atlas Titan
    Strategy: You can execute by melee'ing when a Titan has gone critical.

    All I Do Is Win (Challenge)
    Win 100 matches

    Look Out Below! (Challenge)
    Get 50 kill(s) by dropping your Titan on the enemy
    Strategy: Works against grunts and spectres. This is your best bet.

    Generation 9 to 10
    Smart Pistol Mk5 (Pilot Weapon)
    Kill 75 Pilots

    Hemlock BF-R (Pilot Weapon)
    Kill 75 Pilots

    Kraber-AP Sniper (Pilot Weapon)
    Kill 25 Pilots

    Plasma Railgun (Titan Weapon)
    Get 50 Critical Hits
    Strategy: See Youtube video below.

    XO-16 Chaingun (Titan Weapon)
    Get 400 Critical Hits
    Strategy: See Youtube below.

    Disarmed (Challenge)
    Get 25 execution kill(s) as an Ogre Titan
    Strategy: You can execute by melee'ing when a Titan has gone critical.

    MVP (Challenge)
    Be the player with the highest score on your team 50 time(s)
    Strategy: Play CTF and try to capture the flags. If you learn some good flag paths, it's fairly easy. The person with the most flag caps on the team is always first. In the event of a tie, flag returns are the tie-breaker. You don't need to actually win to get MVP - just first on your team. If you aren't good at CTF, try constantly attacking at Hardpoint - playing defense was patched to be extremely ineffective for purposes of points.
    You also might have some success playing campaign, where the players are generally a bit worse.

    Deadly Apparition (Challenge)
    Get 200 kill(s) whilst being cloaked
    Strategy: You can get these on minions. Using ordnance (satchel charges and arc grenades are both especially good) and jump kicking minions will net you lots of kills as they don't break the cloak. Ghost Squad or any infinite ordnance burn card are all excellent as well. With a burn card, you can easily get close to 50 kills in a game.

    Death Reincarnate (Challenge)
    Get a kill while ejecting 75 times
    Strategy: Use Nuclear Explosion. It does work against minions.

    Finally, a lot of people have left comments and messages to make this solution better - too many to list. It's more of a community solution than it is mine. So thank you and keep up the good work. If you guys think anything should be added just let me know!

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    EurydaceThe walkthrough is updated for it. I figure most just use that. This is definitely not optimal laugh
    Posted by Eurydace on 02 Jul 16 at 21:29
    Segendary TyIsn't it on EA pass that will be included in the ultimate gamepass?
    Posted by Segendary Ty on 16 Oct 20 at 09:21
    ImQueenBooIf you guys like to achievement boosts or just as a hobby here is the discord link
    Posted by ImQueenBoo on 27 Dec 21 at 05:52
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  • SammyDySammyDy732,981
    31 Oct 2015 31 Oct 2015 14 Apr 2016
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    The best way to BOOST MVP (Challenge) is with 3 players total.
    It doesn't matter if you win the game or not.

    This is how we did it:

    I was on my team by myself and invited 2 guys to be on the other team. I needed MVP's and they needed WIN's so what we did was

    - Go on Japan servers and
    - Play last titan standing

    I ejected all the time and they were just sitting there and i got the MVP every game even that i was alone on my team and they got their WIN. It took like 3 hours for 50 MVP's/WIN's.

    Happy Ejecting!

    # Kanchanaburi "It should be noted that as long as ONE of the other players from the two sided gets at least one kill he will also get an MVP!"

    # magiccigam "The ingame squadleader (who invites the other one before searching) will be the mvp as well by doing nothing at all. Since he is the leader, he will always be on top of the scoreboard. There is no message shown at the end of the match saying so, but it counts towards the challenge progress"
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    magiccigamJust wanted to add that the ingame squadleader (who invites the other one before searching) will be the mvp as well by doing nothing at all.
    Since he is the leader, he will always be on top of the scoreboard.
    There is no message shown at the end of the match saying so, but it counts towards the challenge progress
    Posted by magiccigam on 25 Feb 16 at 18:12
    el tebyThanks! Worked like a charm!!
    Posted by el teby on 29 Jul 16 at 03:36
    SkinstakovicJust an update for you, but the comment from magiccigam is not accurate. We tried the same thing tonight and although I was party and group leader I consistently did not get MVP. I don't know how it is decided, maybe alphabetical (my GT starts with an 'S' and the other guy on my team started with an 'A')?

    To get around this have the person on the team of 2 get one kill first, then have the guy on their own eject the other three times. That way you can control who gets MVP and only took 15-30 seconds longer.

    Can be confirmed by Akire 93 and TheReaperWaitsx
    Posted by Skinstakovic on 24 Dec 16 at 00:02
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