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World Cup

Play 64 games of Kung Foot

03 Apr 2014 until 09 Apr 2014

World Cup
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  • regretregret780,855
    04 Apr 2014 04 Apr 2014 04 Apr 2014
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    Typical Ubisoft, if it isn't completely broken and glitched for everyone like a bunch of other challenges from them (which they "don't know how to fix") then it's absurdly time-consuming.

    This can ONLY be gotten by playing the entire two minute match until the end, in which you should receive the option to play again.

    You NEED to have two controllers, just like many other Rayman challenges. There is no online Kung Foot multiplayer.

    Sounds easy, right? Just restart every two minutes and do something else while you wait rinse repeat? WRONG. For some reason, when the second player idles and doesnt move for 25-30secs, he disappears and the match is over. I tried doing that for 4-5 times thinking it will add to the achievement ticker but it DOES NOT. Letting the match end completely, however, DOES.

    THE TRICK: use a rubberband on the second controller. I didn't have any around me so I just used one of my daughters hair scrungees. Same ****, works just as well. I made mine walk to the right, where he hugs a wall. Even though he is idle when he reaches the wall, the game still registers him as not being idle. He should automatically move at the start of every round.

    YOU MUST SCORE A GOAL! If you do not, and time runs out, then you will go to overtime, in which you must score a goal... man, dejavu. So at the beginning of the round, just score a quick goal and let time run out.

    This way you dont have to stare at the screen for two hours and you can multitask. Browse TA, eat, snap Netflix/TV, whatever. I'm currently over 50% done according to my achievement ticker and if I don't die from boredom this should pop soon.

    Edit: Finally got it.
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