Pussyfooting Around achievement in Kinectimals Unleashed (Win 8)

Pussyfooting Around

Play a challenge or free play on all locations on Lemuria Island

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How to unlock the Pussyfooting Around achievement

  • CosminiionCosminiion767,698
    17 Jul 2015 15 Jul 2015 15 Jul 2015
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    This guide applies to all 3 of the achievements for which you have to play on all of the locations in the game combined.

    The important issue with these achievements is that half of the locations on each island can be unlocked only with Gems, sometimes a few of them, but most of the times a lot of them. This is how I farmed Gems: I waited until the time when the Pack (Daily) challenge would change to a new one, that would be in the middle of the night and when it did, I would complete it, let the game run and then go to my PC's time and date settings and go back 2 hours in time. Then I went back in the game, paused and hit the Xbox Sign In button. Back at the map, in Pack Challenge, now the current day's challenge will be available again for completion, rewarding you every time with whatever rewards there are that day. Now, you can repeat that challenge as many times as you can (stand) for 2 hours and finally set your PC's time correctly (sync with Windows time server), signing back in again through the Pause menu. I got this idea from Crimson Drifter and varied it a bit. The reason why I set the clock back only 2 hours is because I found that if you set the clock back too many hours in the past, then your pets will appear as being tired and sleeping, even if you have fed your pet a Super Treat. However, you can repeat this process every day when the Pack Challenges change. While doing this, you will also get a ton of Coins through the rewards from the Pack Challenges that you repeat over and over.

    Alright, so when you have enough Gems to unlock all of the locations on the island that costs the most, which is 480, pause the game and upload your save to Cloud.

    Now, unlock all of the locations on one of the 3 islands and play a Free Play session in each zone to get the achievement for that island. After that, you go ahead and download your save from Cloud (through the Pause menu) and repeat this procedure for the 2 other islands. This way, you use the same batch of Gems to individually unlock all the locations on each island and after each of them you'll get the corresponding achievement. Of course that every time you download your save from Cloud, the locations you just unlocked with those Gems will be locked again, but you'll have your gems back and the achievement unlocked.
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    Priest CrowNice guide. But i wonder what i am doing wrong. Played at all the locations on the first island, but no achievement
    Posted by Priest Crow on 22 Jul 15 at 13:01
    CosminiionWell.. I don't know what to say about that, other than really make sure that you have either played a challenge to the end or played a Free Play session in which you got more than 0 xp when you quit it (I chose the latter option for all of the Gem unlocked locations). All of those achievements unlocked with no issues. The are 6 locations in total on the first island in which you must play for the achievement.
    Posted by Cosminiion on 22 Jul 15 at 15:52
    speedygamers90Will it work if I'm trying to do the challenges on the island as well, instead of the really hard stage challenges or do I need to just unlock them without using the same batch of gems for each island?
    Posted by speedygamers90 on 19 Nov 15 at 01:36
    ZalexzyJust to say about that 2 hour thing, for my time new challenges came available 2am which is quite late. But going back worked in morning/day time too, it seems you are allowed to go back in time max 2h before challenge changes. So in 10am I could go back 10 hours and so on.
    Posted by Zalexzy on 28 Dec 15 at 10:40
    HagagagagagagaHey man wondering about some clarification... you say " I would complete it, let the game run and then go to my PC's time and date settings and go back 2 hours in time. Then I went back in the game, paused and hit the Xbox Sign In button."

    But at that point I am Signed In already... my option is Sign Out. When I do, it blanks the game like I just started over again and I can't earn Gems on my "normal" game profile.

    Then you say "finally set your PC's time correctly (sync with Windows time server), signing back in again through the Pause menu."

    So that tells me to Sign In twice without ever pressing Sign Out. I can't get this to work, Signing In or Signing Out. Maybe they have patched this loophole?
    Posted by Hagagagagagaga on 23 Aug 16 at 18:36
    CosminiionIt's been a really long time, but I will try recalling this as well as I can.

    So, when I would change the Windows time, the game would sign me out automatically, hence why I said to hit the Xbox Sign In button in both situations, both going back in time and going forward in time.

    If that doesn't happen in your case, I'm sorry, but I cannot give you a definite solution. Try playing around with changing the time and signing out and back in until you get it to work. Wish you good luck.

    P.S. The game is ancient, so I doubt they patched this procedure.
    Posted by Cosminiion on 23 Aug 16 at 19:31
    HagagagagagagaThanks for getting back to me! That makes more sense now lol
    Posted by Hagagagagagaga on 08 Sep 16 at 13:43
    HagagagagagagaYou're the man! Finally got it to work. I tried already but I was obviously doing something wrong. I also found it did not log me out if I was on the Map screen when I changed time/date. When it logged me out before, it would kick me to the game start screen and "reload" my save, for lack of a better description. Anyway, all good, thank you very much!
    Posted by Hagagagagagaga on 08 Sep 16 at 14:22
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