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Naval Strike

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Naval Strike

Killing Me Softly achievement in Battlefield 4

Killing Me Softly

Get a kill in the ACV

Killing Me Softly0
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How to unlock the Killing Me Softly achievement

  • Big Killa CBig Killa C
    28 Mar 2014 28 Mar 2014 28 Mar 2014
    The ACV is a 2 person hovercraft vehicle available only in the Naval Strike DLC.

    The only way to get a kill with it is to get a roadkill. The good thing is that the ACV can glide over land as well as water.

    I recommend that you play LOST ISLANDS on CARRIER ASSAULT LARGE as the map is fairly flat and it is easy to control the ACV. Keep circling until you find some poor soul stuck in the water running at half speed.... and SPLAT run his ass over.

    *Note 1 - On Carrier Assault Large the ACV is available on Lost Islands, Operation Mortar, and Nansha Strike, NOT on Wave Breaker*

    **Note 2 - I can confirm that getting a kill while riding as a passenger on the ACV DOES NOT get you the achievement**
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    drownedLTspeirsI got a couple roadkills in the ACV as well as at least one kill as a passenger with my rifle and this achievement never popped :(
    Posted by drownedLTspeirs On 30 Jul 14 at 23:48
    Big Killa C@drownedLTspeirs - I can confirm that shooting someone with your rifle WILL NOT get you the achievement. Not sure why roadkilling someone isn't working for you. Some BF4 achievements are buggy, but as far as I knew, this isn't one of them. Just keep trying and it should pop. Good luck.
    Posted by Big Killa C On 01 Aug 14 at 15:53
    MustangNox3 roadkills today, no achievement. Maybe XBL issues.
    Posted by MustangNox On 01 Aug 14 at 21:17
    Big Killa CI wonder if something screwy is going on lately. It appears the achievement has been unlocked today... This is the first trouble people have had with this achievement since it came out.
    Posted by Big Killa C On 01 Aug 14 at 22:17
    TimmayI have run over 2 people 1 today and 1 a few days ago. No Ach
    Posted by Timmay On 06 Aug 14 at 02:45
    drownedLTspeirsSo I was watching a show on Netflix just now, and the notification for this achievement popped up. Apparently it was an xbox issue, because the time stamp says I unlocked it on August 4th, even though I actually should have got it when I made my original post. Anyways, I'm just glad it did unlock, even if it was buggy. Good luck to everyone else.
    Posted by drownedLTspeirs On 08 Aug 14 at 00:18
    MustangNoxI never got the notification on my console, but apparently unlocked mine on August 4h as well.
    Posted by MustangNox On 02 Sep 14 at 12:19
    Rivalmasoudadd my for boosting achievo
    Posted by Rivalmasoud On 22 Jun 16 at 20:36
    J ROLL 1998Need help

    Gt; J The Altruist
    Posted by J ROLL 1998 On 01 Jan 21 at 14:49
    GenfordYou CAN NOT shoot someone a get the achievement!

    *Just unlocked the achievement by getting a roadkill!*
    Posted by Genford On 08 Nov 21 at 00:35
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