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Boost Engineer

Use every Booster and Assist in the game

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How to unlock the Boost Engineer achievement

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    Here's the short solution:

    Play up through Level 53 and do not use any of the free boosters or assists that are provided. Once you have all the boosters and assists go back and replay two levels and use all the boosts/assists possible. One level needs to be a typical fragment removal and another needs to be a timed level. These two levels need to be completed in the same session. Once you've completed the 2nd level the achievement will pop.

    If for some reason you used all the free boosters/assists, there are ways to earn this without purchasing anything. You can switch to airplane mode or just turn off wi-fi so your game does not sync. You'll have to start all over from Level 1, but it allows you to unlock the achievement this way.


    The following are older notes from the original solution.

    This is a adapted from my solution to the Win 8 version of this achievement:

    3/31/14 Update: At this point this achievement is definitely obtainable, but please see below for details on how to unlock this as there are still several issues and care must be taken to properly unlock this achievement. It appears that you must pay for the boost/assist as there is currently no way to acquire this by any other means. If this changes in the future I will amend this solution. It has been shown that no payments are required, but you must use all the boosts and assists in one sitting.

    See the following comment from Chad and Jessie

    "Using K4rn4ge's suggestions, I started up an anomaly/score/fragment level (level 10), selected all 5 available boosts and proceeded to use assists in the level. I used Hex Breaker, Free Rotate, and Shuffle...which is when the achievement unlocked for me. Yesterday I had purchased the 5 Extra Moves thinking it would be my last one, but it didn't unlock."

    Lastly, Chris8875 wrote another comment that further explains the issues unlocking this achievement:

    "If, like me, you have used all your "free" assists and boosts already as you played through this game on Win 8, simply purchasing the 2 outstanding boosts - the +15 seconds and +5 moves - WILL NOT unlock this achievement.

    I believe there is a glitch here in that you have to actually have the assists and boosts in place in your inventory for the achievement to unlock.

    This issue, as far as I can tell, is common to both the Win8 and WP versions of the game.

    bottom line - I'd seriously hesitate about purchasing these other two boosts because you may simply be wasting your money. I have used all boosts in both versions and have not got the boost engineer achievement in either.

    Other Ocean are yet to get back to me after my complaint/email/tweet. I am not holding my breath."


    3/30/14 Update: K4rn4ge has posted the following comment.

    "After playing and using them all in the WP version I used them all again on this version and it unlocked! The key might be using all boosts at the same time. Obviously you can't use the same boosts/assists in the time based levels but what I did was equip all boosts/assists for the time based levels and after I beat that level, did a anomoly/score/fragment level with the other boosts/assists equipped. Some are passive and some you have to manually use during the game so don't forget to equip all powerups available before the level starts and then use all the other powerups during gameplay. Hopefully that helps everyone :)"


    3/29/14 Update: The official release has happened and with it players can now purchase the final boosts/assists and the thought was this would make this achievement obtainable but according to Chris8875 this is still not unlocking properly even after spending real money on the boosts/assists

    Chris8875 has reached out to Other Ocean to determine if this is a known issue.


    There are several boosts and assists in the game, but at least two of them cannot be earned for free. You have to progress in the game to gradually unlock them. Unlocking each one gives you a few as a sample, with some exceptions. You have to purchase them with real money after you've used all your samples.

    The Facebook share feature does not exist in the WP version, only the Win 8 version has this feature.

    1. Hex Breaker - Remove one hex of your choice permanently. Acquired after level 7.
    2. 5 Extra moves. Acquired after level 8. However, you don't get any free samples. Watching the ad after a failed level does not count. I have not found a way to acquire this unless you pay for them.
    3. Free Rotate - Make a rotation without needing to make a match. Acquired after level 12.
    4. Shuffle - Shuffle all the hexes around. Acquired after level 22.
    5. Extra Time - 15 More seconds to help you win the level. Acquired after level 27. However, you don't get any free samples. Watching the ad after a failed level does not seem to count. I have not found a way to acquire this unless you pay for them.

    1. Color Clear - Start with a Color Clear in play. Acquired after level 10.
    2. Defrag - Match the defrags to zap some pesky Dark Fragments. Acquired after level 15
    3. Extra Moves - Start the level with 3 extra moves. Acquired after level 19
    4. Extra Time - Start the level with 10 extra seconds. Acquired after level 31.
    5. Line Clear - Start with 3 Line Clears in play. Acquired after level 38.
    6. Time Freeze - Time runs slowly while hexes are matching. Acquired after level 42.
    7. Flower Bomb - Start with a flower bomb in play. Acquired after level 53.
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    PointySpred^^ I think on win8 tab you can unlock achievements offline. WP you can not.
    Posted by PointySpred On 31 Jan 15 at 00:58
    AgentZachMorganBullshit this works. I saved all my boosts and assists, got upto level 94 and thought I would try this now. Played level 21 and 27 in 1 sitting, used everything 3 times over, no crashes, and nothing. Fuck this piece of shit garbage.
    Posted by AgentZachMorgan On 04 Feb 15 at 19:02
    AgentZachMorganI finally unlocked this via the flight mode method. I did 21 and 27 AGAIN but this time not connected to my xbox account and it popped as soon as I started 27 with the remaining boosts.

    It also never crashed once whilst playing offline.
    Posted by AgentZachMorgan On 07 Feb 15 at 18:13
    main elementI unlocked this OFFLINE on WP. It IS possible. I saw the green toast notif. then finished the level. Closed Hexic. Turned off airplane mode and started Hexic up again. Checked it was unlocked in-game. Closed game, went to TA, request update...It's there!! This took me a lot of time since I had to start over twice after losing my progress.
    Posted by main element On 18 May 15 at 20:30
    Sambawebunobtainable for me if not done in offline mode. You CAN buy the +5 turns but you DID NOT GET THEM stupid shit!
    Posted by Sambaweb On 10 Jun 15 at 16:47
    Gameboy679I did it in offline mode on WP with theEVOL1 method :)
    Posted by Gameboy679 On 31 Dec 15 at 10:37
    LvxI can confirm buying boosts DOES allow this to be unlocked. Just did level 21 and 27 offline (after buying the boosts), and it popped on the first try.
    Posted by Lvx On 11 Oct 16 at 10:26
    SiguardiusCan you do it in any way without buying boosts (5 extra moves and 15 extra seconds)?
    Posted by Siguardius On 23 Dec 16 at 10:24
    Buying method is discontinued. Game was removed from Microsoft Store.
    Posted on 28 Oct 17 at 08:42
    OsseblokPerfect solution, just used it to get the achievement and complete the game. :D
    Posted by Osseblok On 09 Jun 18 at 08:01
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