General McCallister achievement in Kingdoms & Lords (Windows)

General McCallister

Defeat General McCallister.

General McCallister0
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Pos Gamer Gamer Date Won
1USA Funeral3773 Funeral3773All the Funeral look, without that Funeral Taste. 07 April 2014
2 fangludi fangludi 08 April 2014
3France MeuLeu MeuLeuVon Coin app referral code ; FO9RUM 10 April 2014
4Wales Chunkeh Munkeh Chunkeh MunkehBean dives are so much longer now with how big games are...spending half my time installing 12 April 2014
5Ukraine Davidov Vl Davidov Vl 12 April 2014
6England DAZTK DAZTK2016 GTASC Team Runner Up: The N4k3d Midgets 12 April 2014
7Australia Adamavich Adamavich 13 April 2014
8Poland Dalthon74 Dalthon747777 achievements in 777 games! 13 April 2014
9Canada Ace Phoenyx Ace PhoenyxI have returned... 14 April 2014
10Germany dieotze74 dieotze74 15 April 2014
11USA Integrate Dan Integrate DanRibbit 15 April 2014
12Poland Flapjack waldi Flapjack waldi 15 April 2014
13Australia daktoor daktoor. 15 April 2014
14USA RadicalSniper99 RadicalSniper99After a year away, I’m going back to the office today. Weird to feel like it’s a big deal, but that’s just the times sadly. Hoping for better days! 16 April 2014
15Germany sarahoi sarahoiI want to deactivate the Daeanguard dlc in Skyrim Special Edition. Annoying spawning vampires :/ 16 April 2014
16England x RepoUK x x RepoUK x 16 April 2014
17England Razza69 Razza69Being skanked by holiday arcade games!! 17 April 2014
18England Fosgran Fosgran 17 April 2014
19Netherlands Van Uden Van UdenDare to ask: does anyone have access to Uxie raids in Pokemon Go? Me and a few friends are still looking for a few 18 April 2014
20USA Bears Scare Me Bears Scare Me 18 April 2014
21USA Catmajik101 Catmajik101 18 April 2014
22England Campo Campo 18 April 2014
23Russian Federation Casper 51rus Casper 51rus 18 April 2014
24Sweden Awoo AwooSeems like they overlooked this in the beta site... 19 April 2014
25Ireland Dirk Omnivore Dirk OmnivorePeople like you don't like people like me. 19 April 2014
26England Hurricane Ham Hurricane HamMeow? 20 April 2014
27 Skogarmaorr Skogarmaorr 20 April 2014
28Belgium Manhoef112359 Manhoef112359 21 April 2014
29USA Opto Jock Opto Jock 21 April 2014
30USA SG Steelhead SG SteelheadHave you checked out Gamertag Nation yet? 21 April 2014
31Austria RexAssassin x RexAssassin x 21 April 2014
32USA I am JeffRay90 I am JeffRay90 21 April 2014
33USA Padre Prime Padre Prime‘‘Tis the season to grind for achievements! 21 April 2014
34USA mDoolin14 mDoolin14 21 April 2014
35USA Axtrica AxtricaRawR 21 April 2014
36 LOON n FRIENDS LOON n FRIENDS 22 April 2014
37 YuanmingLi YuanmingLi 22 April 2014
38USA Zulghinlour Zulghinlour 23 April 2014
39Australia Razor8674 Razor8674 23 April 2014
40Belgium DEN EDDY DEN EDDY 23 April 2014
41Canada VIGILANTE 14 VIGILANTE 14 23 April 2014
42USA eohjay eohjay 23 April 2014
43USA Black Buff Black Buff 23 April 2014
44Italy Kyusei Kyuseiadorare il punto G..... o i punti G.....cazzo di dilemma! nel dubbio entrambi :) 24 April 2014
45Belgium Ellinas Warrior Ellinas Warrior 24 April 2014
46New Zealand deutschZuid deutschZuidThe new TA interface looks fantastic! 25 April 2014
47USA acedawg4 acedawg4Just heard the saddest of news just now! RIP to my brother BigNev44! You will surely be missed homie! Thoughts and prayers to the family! 25 April 2014
48 wismoon20 wismoon20 25 April 2014
49 The Last Azn The Last Azn 25 April 2014
50USA mosin360 mosin360Avengers, Cyperpunk, and the new Xbox; lets just get these things and close out this awful year. 26 April 2014