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Wake Rider

Come first in 50 Wake Race Events. Reward 100,000 Fans

08 Apr 2014 until 22 Apr 2014

Wake Rider
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Challenge Guide for Wake Rider

  • Abel BejaranoAbel Bejarano37,864
    12 Apr 2014 12 Apr 2014
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    This took a while to do with lots of grinding.

    I kept playing the same medium Sapphire Harbor level. This level is great as there are not a lot of mines but a few buoys to avoid. There are quite a few ramps in the level as well. Once you play the level for a few times you get used to the map and can easily dominate the competition. Practice makes perfect. If you have another map that is easier for you then use that and keep grinding those wins.

    I always used a jet ski with the speed boost perk. As I leveled up Wake Racing I kept upgrading my jet ski. You will easily cap out the Wake Racing level at 20 on your way to 50 wins which will unlock the highest speed boost jet ski. Buy this and it will help you out.

    I was getting between 27-35k coins per win and this helped me get the 1 million coins challenge as well. As coins is easy to come by upgrade your jet ski, no point using a low level jet ski.
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