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Hoth Battle - undefeated.

Complete this level without dying. No Extras should be turned on.

Hoth Battle - undefeated.+3.0
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    I'm betting most of you are Star War fans or have played this game enough to pick up the terms. But I'll define a few of the vehicle names used throughout this solution

    Snow Speeder - this is the rebel fighter used in the Story Mode of the game. Pretty much the smallest looking fighter and the only one that has a "cable" to hook onto bombs and tie up AT-AT's.
    Drone - This small, annoying enemy that is way too accurate and somehow has a cable in its small body to grab at your bombs and mess you up. Kill them before they slow you down.
    AT-ST - These are the smaller, two-legged walkers. You can kill them by just shooting at them. Don't waste your time trying to drag them over
    AT-AT - These are the massive, four-legged walkers. There armor can't be hurt by your bullets. You have to use the snow speeder to cable their legs, circle them several times to bring them to their knees. Then drag a bomb to them to kill them.

    General hits:

    1) Practice, Practice, Practice
    I know you've seen this on every other guide you read. For good measure I'll add "have patience" as well.
    2) Know where you are going
    Even if you die, keep going the first two times or so. Refresh yourself on the level, know it inside and out. Most importantly know where the bomb stations are on each stage, especially the last one.
    3) Don't let shinny things distract you
    Don't go after studs, mini-kits, red bricks, anything else but your goal. Don't try to get any other achievements during this run. Odds are this is one of the last achievements you are going for, but I have the warning all the same.
    4) Watch your fire
    In pretty much every other flying level, you will just hold the fire button. In Hoth, "watch your fire". There are several surfaces that bounce your bullets and you can end up killing yourself faster than the AI. Watch the white barriers and especially the AT-AT's. You need to find the balance of "fire at will" so you get the enemies before they hit you, and "friendly-fire" where you've ended up hitting yourself.
    5) Keep your heart counter full
    This is obvious but still important. With everything else going on in the level, make sure you know where you stand on hearts. While it would be great to always have 4 hearts, there are sometimes going for a heart will cause more trouble than it’s worth - learn to see these situations. If you just blew the cave entrance and are at three hearts, don't go backwards looking for one. There is fresh area ahead with hearts for you.
    5) AT-AT Strategy
    I'm assuming you've played the level once or twice [grin] and so you know how to drop an AT-AT. As you approach one, be careful of your fire. But once you’re hooked it, fire away. You need to keep the drones and AT-ST's at bay so they don't hit you. Work on finding that perfect arc on your rotation. You want a big enough circle to keep yourself from hitting the AT-AT and so you can hit the maximum number of other enemies. But not so big you break the cable.
    6) Two fighters are better than one
    Plan on using two fighters in the level - your snow speeder (for the bombs and AT-ATs) and a faster, more powerful fighter. I preferred the Tie Interceptor (what Vader flow in a new hope), but your favorite will work. I've read plenty of forums debating "the best". I don't think the Y-wing is a help here, b/c you don't need torpedoes. It is best to get your two choices "next" to each other in the rotation. Last thing you want to do is sit there switching fighters until you find you speeder again. To do this, go into the level select with two controllers logged in. This way you can select the speeder and your favorite fighter. When the level loads, drop out the second controller. No you can easily switch between both.
    7) Avoid the story
    Don't try this in story mode. One you will get sick of the intro cut scene, and two you will be stuck in your snow speeder. Like any of the undefeated achievements you can (and should) use Free Play
    8) Rip the game
    Last thing you need is a disk read error or the game to freeze right before you win. While I can't guarantee the game not freezing - I've had much better luck running the game off of the HD vs the DVD. Use the NXE feature of ripping to help you out here.
    9) No extras
    This is written in the achievement description, but make double sure you have not turned on any extras. Even extra that don't "help" you, like X2 Score, will void this achievement. Best way is to do this right after booting the game and selecting a save. When you star the game, there are extras turned on by default.

    Level Walkthrough

    1st Stage

    Use your non-speeder to clear a path to the cave entrance. You goal is to clear away the black/gray barriers, not the white ones - those can only be destroyed by bombs. The AT-ST's are a plus, but they will most likely respawn anyway. On your way back switch to the speeder and grab your bomb. Careful to avoid the white barriers (esp. at the end) and blow the cave door.

    2nd Stage
    Take out the nearest AT-AT as your first task. Then move and take out the second one. Now grab your bomb and blow the first barrier. Like in stage 1, I like to clear out the barriers before trying to get the second bomb. This stage is a little harder as you have to guide the bomb down that central ridge. Practice is the best, but if you have problems here are a few tips.

    - If you start to fall off but the bomb is still on course, let it go. Don't take it down with you and hope that either its momentum will carry it to the barrier, or it will come to rest on the ridge and you can grab it again.
    - It can be easier if you resign yourself to another bombing run and use your first bomb to clear away the white barrier in front of the bridge. This will allow a straighter approach.
    - Practice :)

    3rd Stage
    Switch to your non-speeder and use it against the first two waves. Here you can fire without too much worry of the bullets bouncing. Your barrel rolls and loops (A-button) are effective here. I'm not sure if really helped, but I would always travel in a clockwise manner and come back around to missed targets (until maybe the last one or two). I found not trying to go back and forth kept me from getting hit as often.

    When you finish the second wave you have a few seconds before the third one starts. Use this time to switch to your speeder and ready yourself for the AT-AT's. Make sure you review my tips on AT-AT's (watch your fire). Keep mental note of where you are in relation to the bomb stations - you don't want to head off the wrong way and take an unneeded hit, or worse have the AT-AT get back up.

    On the 4th wave you have all three types of enemies on your hit list. Go after the AT-AT first! During your pass around and around him, you are likely to wipe out most of your drones and some of your AT-ST's..... use the "clockwise method" to finish off the rest.

    IMPORTANT: Don't let your guard down on any one of the waves after you clear your quota. There are a few seconds before either the next wave comes, or the game ends... don't let yourself get hit or killed in during this.

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