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Buy all scopes.

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How to unlock the Optician achievement

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    11 Jun 2014 11 Jun 2014
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    Firstly you'll want to save up to buy a high powered scope as well as a high caliber rifle as soon as possible. The .7mm Mag or higher. These make hitting vital organs much easier because of their penetrating power. I found the smaller caliber weapons would bounce off rips and other bones too often.

    Secondly, you'll want to get the pro hunts done ASAP as well. As once you get them done they give you a 10x bonus for your clean kills. Double lung shots give the most money at 5200 and are actually the easiest to get.

    Thirdly, beat all other missions (assuming you're a completionist, if not skip this step.) Then buy all weapons and ammo types.

    Fourthly, at this point you'll want to equip the .388 Mag Bolt Action with .338 Mag Polymer Tip ammo, Scent Mask, Moose Call, and the highest powered scope you have.

    Lastly, you'll need to grind out some kills in order to purchase the rest of the items you'll be missing. Go to the Northwest Region and load up Open Hunt on Paddlers Bog. When you start there will be a Moose, possibly female but it doesn't matter, to your left (SW). Crouch and use the Moose call immediately. This will show you exactly where the moose are as well as get the male to walk towards you (again it doesn't matter if it's male or female, but I think the males are the only ones that respond to the call).

    Then once the moose has stopped moving it will turn sideways give you a really nice shot lined up for a double lung shot. Take the shot. Should be double lung every time. In fact, if you're good enough you can actually shoot the moose 4 times in the lungs with two shots. Almost every time you should the moose it will run left before running right. So when it takes off left, just wait for it to loop back around. You don't have to lead it or anything, just make sure the red circle is lined up with the lungs. It's worth 8800 (9600 if you can get the stationary target bonus, but I'm not sure what that is exactly) rather than 5200. However, should you note that if you miss a vital organ or hit the stomach on your second shot, the payout will be less than 5200. So it's your call.
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    29 Mar 2014 28 Mar 2014
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    Just a heads up to anyone playing this. If you try to complete all of the pro hunts as soon as possible you will unlock the pro multiplier that is 10x the gear point for each individual animal score (does not include the mission gear points). Just make sure you make good vital shots and use the biggest weapon and ammunition allowed. I still need 250000 gear points after I completed every campaign mission so this could shave some time off of that.

    I will remove when I or someone else puts up a proper guide.
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    STRAPxASSASSIN1Took me about 2 hours of grinding. After I completed all of the hunts and had the pro multiplier, what I did was load up the northeast area and go to the bear den location at 10:00. I used the .338. There are either a herd of caribou and down in the valley either a black bear or some moose. I would try to shoot 2 caribou or combination of moose/bear caribou. With a single kill shot to the vitals you can get 5200. You can even get a couple thousand points by shooting females if there areno male animals. Just make sure to hit the vitals. Once you retrieve one or two trophies just restart the hunt
    Posted by STRAPxASSASSIN1 On 30 Mar 14 at 13:00
    IL1971There is a open hunt in the Northwest area ( I will post the exact location later) where you literally have to turn the camera to the right and a moose spawns every single time. Just double lung shot and with 10x you should get around 5200 points.Takes 30 seconds and then you have to factor in the loading time. Best way I found if you need to grind as you don't need to go chasing around trying to find animals.
    Posted by IL1971 On 04 Apr 14 at 17:36
    IL1971Location name is paddlers bog. With loading times it takes about a minute. So you should be able to make 200-250k in about an hour.
    Posted by IL1971 On 05 Apr 14 at 23:59
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