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Death Star II - undefeated.

Complete this level without dying. No Extras should be turned on.

Death Star II - undefeated.-0.2
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How to unlock the Death Star II - undefeated. achievement

  • GameTagwastakenGameTagwastaken371,938
    30 Dec 2008 31 Dec 2008
    67 6 15
    This is the hardest one in the game for a reason. It takes some practice.

    I like to think of this level as five parts: 1) The destroyers 2) The forcefield 3) The missile launchers 4)The core and 5) the escape. This mission is best learning the map with the story playthrough, super story playthrough, and then finally trying for it on freeplay after collecting all the canisters. In the tunnel sections inside the death star, keep firing at all times. If you die, I recommend playing through the level a little farther so you will know how to make it through the next part of the level when you make it through on your next attempt.

    Section 1: The destroyers
    Unlike your previous encounter, the guns on the destroyers cannot be destroyed, so try to approach them from behind to avoid fire. Keep firing ALL THE TIME to take out enemy fighters. You pick up torpedoes by shooting down enemy bombers and collecting the torpedo from them. I like to use the interceptor here for the firepower, but you can also use the y-wing so you can carry around more torpedoes. There are four ships to destroy each with two nodes that must be attacked. Work counterclockwise around the map starting with the ship just to your left as you begin the level. Get two torpedoes and take it down. Get two more torpedoes and take down ship 2. Get two more torpedoes and take down ship 3. Before tackling ship 4, get your health back up to four hearts. There is about a 3 second delay after destroying the ship before the next section loads. Make sure you have 4 hearts of health before taking out that second node.

    Section 2: The Forcefield
    There will be fighters and interceptors coming at you from ahead and behind. I like the interceptor here for the firepower and maneuverability. DO NOT WASTE HEARTS! If you are at full health, try to avoid picking up hearts you can backtrack and pick them up later. When you intend to go past the torpedo dispenser you should have at least two health (preferably more), backtrack and pick up hearts if you need to. After loading up at the torpedo dispenser, you will come upon two fixed gun emplacements on each side and 3 or 4 torpedo targets on pipes. Take out the gun emplacements while avoiding their fire. You do not need to destroy these torpedo targets, proceed into the next room where you will find a forcefield with two targets on each side of it. If you circle the room while unloading your torpedoes into the targets, you will take less enemy fire. Go back to the torpedo dispenser and pick up two or three more torpedoes and take out the last remaining target. Once you proceed through the tunnel that the forcefield was blocking, the next area will load.

    Section 3: The Missile launchers
    Proceed to the right to the torpedo dispenser and reload your torpedoes. Proceed north (up) through the tunnel. As always keep your finger locked on the fire button. Picking up any health boosts you need to get back up to 4 hearts. You will get to a room where the path ahead is blocked and you will see a square barricade on either side. When you approach one of these, it will open up and you will be able to attack the missile launcher behind it with your torpedoes. Here's where your ability to circle comes in handy. If you get too far away, the missile launcher will go back behind its cover. Each missile launcher can launch a missile that will track you around the screen. If you fire a torpedo at the first missile launcher as soon as you can and then fire one the other one as soon as you can get a lock on it after destroying the first one, you will be able to proceed down the tunnel before a missile can catch up to you if you've kept circling.

    Section 4: The core

    Interceptors will attack you to try to keep you from succeeding, but they usually drop hearts when you kill them so you should be able to keep your health up as long as you don't get paralyzed from the EMP pulse from the sections you need to destroy. There are 5 or 6 doors on the wall that hide an EMP unit that will diable you if you get too close and you will watch helplessly as interceptors blow you up. So to attack them safely move your ship down to the core and fire upon the closed door of the EMP you want to kill. Approach slowly and it will open up. Since you're firing on it, you will be able to land a hit on it before it can get all the way out and shock you. Repeat for each of the EMPs. Each EMP will drop a heart so you can replace any hearts that you may have lost while attacking it. There are two torpedoes targets on the west (left) side of the map, you don't need to destroy them to proceed through the level so ignore them. Once all of the EMPs are disabled (there are 1 or 2 on the right side of the tunnel you came in on), the core will be spinning slow enough for you to attack it. You need to shoot the blue part behind the barriers. You can just pick a spot and concentrate your fire and wait for it to open up. Landing a hit will cause the barriers to blast away. Now the core is targetable by your torpedoes if you have any. If you don't have any, you can pick up one of the torpedoes the core sends out one at a time to the north-northwest part of the room (using straight up on the screen as north). Once you have a torpedo target the core. You will be treated to a short cinematic and then the escape section begins.

    Section 5: The escape
    This is arguably the easiest section, but don't get cocky. I almost threw my controller through the TV when I died 2 seconds from the end because I was flying in circles in (premature) celebration. Keep flying down and keep toward the center of the tunnel. Keep firing and you will remove and obstacles in your way before you can run into them. There are no enemies shooting at you, so fly as straight as possible so your guns can take out obstacles before you reach them. There will be several (3-5) times where the game will load another section, so don't be fooled and think you've made it until you hear the beep of the achievement unlocking. This section is pretty easy if you play a couple failed attempts all the way through so you have an idea of when the turns are.

    Best of luck!

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    A 0 UB3RLOZ3RDoes anyone know that if you play it on Xbox one it prevents the freezing
    Posted by A 0 UB3RLOZ3R on 16 Jan at 23:18
    kfuxy0590I don't know why, but i could do it with any other ship, but with slave 1 i did it on my first try
    Posted by kfuxy0590 on 16 Apr at 15:03
    kfuxy0590I don't know why, but i could do it with any other ship, but with slave 1 i did it on my first try
    Posted by kfuxy0590 on 16 Apr at 18:53
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  • Tucky90Tucky90838,494
    18 Sep 2013 18 Sep 2013 13 Apr 2016
    33 0 15
    Hi Guys,

    I normally wouldn't write a guide but due to being stuck on this for what seems like forever and finally getting it, I am a very happy gamer. And hope that this method will help many more.

    Let me start off by saying that this guide is not all of my own finding and has taken tips from other guides that I have read, which includes GameTagwastaken guide and arikmoon from 360a.

    Firstly you will want to lock down your X button so that you do not have to push it. (easily done with a rubber band or tape).

    Using this method took me 3 tries (of which the 2 fails were my own stupidity). The 3 ships that are the key are the Millennium Falcon, the Interceptor and one of the Bombers (i used the Y-wing).

    Part 1 - EASY. (Millennium Falcon & Bomber)

    Using the MF makes this area very simple. As you may know by now it has a 360 rotation turret (very handy). Now you will want to take out the 3 Destroyers on the left first and then one side of the last one on the right. from here you will want to switch to the Bomber collect 5 torpedoes and make sure you have 4 hearts before destroying the last Destroyer.

    Part 2 - HARD. (Bomber).

    Now it gets interesting. stay in the Bomber, you should also have 4 torpedo's from the last section. now you will have to make sure you constantly (and I mean non-stop) barrel roll from side to side until you get to the shield. a bit of luck will play its part but not too much. Now that you have 4 torpedo's you should be able to quickly take out the shield and proceed on.

    Part 3 - HARD. (Bomber)

    Once again stay in the Bomber and barrel roll as much as possible, Pick up a couple torpedo's if you need to and proceed on to the turrets (make sure you have at least 3 hearts for this). Now wait for the turret to open and take it out. should you need to avoid a missile the use the loop maneuver a couple times, I found that this just made the missile blow itself up without hitting you. As with each area try to get back to full health before moving on, you will also want to switch back to the MF as well.

    Part 4 - MEDIUM/HARD. (MF)

    Back to the trusty MF and its auto turret. for this part you will want to go in a counter-clockwise direction staying as close to the zappers as you need to open them. Do not try any maneuvers or slow down (they will result in a needless death). The only time you should stray from your path is to either avoid an enemy or collect a heart. Once the shield is down keep the same path but closer to the core. once the core is fully exposed switch to the interceptor and destroy it.

    Part 5 - EASY (Interceptor)

    Home and Dry (well almost). The only thing that will get you killed on this section is your own stupidity (as It did on my first try). Keep yourself in the middle and use the Interceptor as it has 4 rapid fire guns that have no problem in taking out the blocks.

    And there you have it, As stated using this method took me 3 tries, of which the two fails were a result of me using a maneuver when I shouldn't have.

    I hope this guide will help you obtain this pesky achievement and Good Luck.
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    MeisterPenguinPerfect guide, the other guides are literally just explaining what happens in the mission.. also I completed the last part with the MF with no problems 3 times before trying this achievement.. I got to the end with the interceptor and died on my first attempt, I did it again afterwards using the MF with no problems
    Posted by MeisterPenguin on 08 Feb at 19:46
    BipedFungus484Used this method and got it after trying multiple times using other methods. Thanks.
    Posted by BipedFungus484 on 26 Mar at 15:26
    Deathdealer108This is a great guide. Using the Millennium Falcon in the Core room is what helped me finally get it. +1
    Posted by Deathdealer108 yesterday at 00:04
  • FreaknGeniusFreaknGenius63,924
    18 Jan 2011 18 Jan 2011
    9 3 0
    This level almost drove me nuts but I kept practising and finally got this last achievement!

    The Y-wing fighter or Tie-Bomber are handy in Section 1 with the Destroyers and up to the force field in Section 2 because they can fly with up to 5 torpedoes behind them. But I would definitely swap to the Tie Interceptor once you have under 3 torpedoes.

    Collect all the hearts you can - especially when you reach the Core. As soon as you get hit in this section, just find a heart. And before you fire the torpedo to destroy the core, make sure you have full hearts. Then, like edligh says above, when you escape - just never stop shooting, keep holding down and fly in the middle of the screen (away from the walls)... I died many times in this escape section because I was flying too slow, crashed into something or hit a wall. Very frustrating!
  • Infinite ArtsInfinite Arts224,369
    18 May 2020 18 May 2020 18 May 2020
    0 0 0 New
    I thought I would help out everyone since no one used this trick. This is actually alot easier by using the following method.

    1) Start the game with both players. Make sure player one chooses the snow speeder and the second player chooses the y wing since it holds 5 of those orbs. As soon as the match starts make sure you hit the start button on the 1st player and drop that person out.

    2) Beat the first part and as much of the core with player 2. Once your down to one heart. Sign in player 1 and drop out player 2. This allows you to do this mission with 8 hearts instead of 4 since you are using two different characters/ships. The addition of 4 extra hearts gives you some breathing room.

    I was able to make it all the way to core room with the second player as the y wing since I was able to hold 5 orbs. Once I reached the core room, I switched to my snow speeder and finished the game off. The longer your able to hold the second player alive the better your chances. Just make sure you beat the level with the 1st player since its your main account.

    I hope this helps out future gamers who decide to give this cheevo a try. Also this is my 1st guide so please let me know where I can improve or whether its confusing or not.
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