Eagle Eye achievement in Cabela's Big Game Hunter: Pro Hunts

Eagle Eye

Hunt any big game from more than 200 yards with any 2x scope.

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How to unlock the Eagle Eye achievement

  • BADMAX2801BADMAX2801138,717
    16 May 2014 16 May 2014 16 May 2014
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    This one seems glitchy as I shot several times from more as 200 yards with a 2x scope at bear, moose and even pronghorn without getting the achievement. Maybe it did not work because of the clean double lung shots I had or maybe it was really just the location, I don't know.

    Thanks to Womi for what, finally worked for me...

    Go to the southwest in a free hunt and get on a stand. Use your binoculars to spot a Pronghorn at 200 yards or more and shoot it. I don't know if it's just the location or the fact that I did a poor shot to the head and had to wait for a bleed out but so it just worked for me after many tries that also should had worked.

    I used the .338 with polymer tip and standard 2x scope for this, took down a female pronghorn. The achievement will pop up after the bleed out, so you will have to wait a time after your shot.

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    BLUEBERRYPETEI got it on the NW, on a female moose, did not use a stand. Like BADMAX said, this is super buggy. From Silvertip Pass, I was actually able to hit the moose from 400 yards
    Posted by BLUEBERRYPETE on 09 Jun 14 at 15:45
    AGGT002same for me, shot at bears in the NW and nothing, tried the SW and it popped right away. thanks
    Posted by AGGT002 on 12 Mar 16 at 20:45
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  • HolyWarr27HolyWarr27680,572
    07 Jan 2015 07 Jan 2015 07 Jan 2015
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    The South West region is definitely the best place to get this as well as the SNIPER achievement. Why not get both at the same time?

    This region is relatively flat and not so condensed with trees that block your view. I used the Durango Springs Open Hunt area to start, there is a tall hunting stand ahead of you once you start this area. This stand can help you get up high enough to thoroughly scan you surrounding area. Either way, the Southern portion of the hunting area is more barren of vegetation, so it's easier to spot game and get a good shot.

    You should use the .338 Mag rifle with the Polymer Tips bullets and of course, a 2x scope.
    Once you start the hunt, find an area that is higher in elevation then most around you, like the hunting stand directly in front of you or the hill (Bedding Area) just to the East. Now, use your binoculars to scan the area to see if you can spot anything off in the distance. If you can mark it, be sure to do so, if the target is too far away you won't get any info on the animal - that's at about 270 with the 5x binoculars.

    - If you are having a hard time with the binoculars, then you can run around to get an indicator of a nearby animal. Then mark it and backtrack until you are at 200+ yrds from it.

    Either way, be sure you are at least 200 yrds from the animal and have a clear shot at it. Be sure to hold your breath as you are aiming.
    - You may have a hard time seeing the target with the 2x scope so try to pick out the color change, (the pronghorns are easier to spot). Try to aim towards the front of the animal while it is showing its side, makes for a bigger target. The scope dot will highlight red when you are close to or aimed right on the target.

    Once you hit the target, give it some time. The target may die even if you shot it in the hind leg, you never know. Any organ hit will cause the animal to die given enough time. Mine was a gut shot from about 310 yrds, took a little longer for it to die but it did. I simply stood still until the notification popped up saying "Claim the Trophy"

    The achievement unlocked as soon as the animal dropped. I only hit it once. I also unlocked the SNIPER achievement with the same shot. I am unsure if you can hunt a female animal and still get the achievement, I would imagine you can since it is still a big game animal. If anyone can verify whether or not a female counts, please leave a comment.
  • HighT3chR3dn3ckHighT3chR3dn3ck1,694,845
    10 Jun 2014 10 Jun 2014
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    For this achievement I loaded up the Northwest Region, Paddlers Bog area, open hunt. (Also a great place to grind out some moose kills to unlock the moose hunt.)

    Equip the 2x scope on the .338 Mag with the Polymer Tip (ammo you have to purchase), Scent Mask, Moose Call, and 10x Binoculars (or greater if you have them.)

    Start the game and use your moose call when facing N/NE to check for a moose. If there is one then you are in good shape. You may need to use your moose call to lure it over the ledge a bit. Then mark it Default (A). Once you have just start heading in the opposite direction until you can spot the moose from 200 yard out. I would spot it out to 205 just to be safe. Don't worry about spooking the moose that are south of you as they should not effect the moose you're hunting. Make sure you hit your vital of choice.

    Hopefully a male moose (can be any big game, but have never seen any other big game types at this spawn, also not sure if it can be a female or not), will spawn North/Northeast of your position.

    You can try the same trick the moose that spawns to the South, it may be easier. I was able to line up a shot for over 205 yards, but I still had to call the Moose a little bit. I would probably try this one as this one first as this Moose always seems to spawn.
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