The Collector achievement in Batman: Arkham Origins Blackgate Deluxe Edition

The Collector

Find every pickup and detective case

The Collector+0.6
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How to unlock the The Collector achievement

  • MarioTooMarioToo589,450 589,450 GamerScore
    07 Apr 2014 01 Apr 2014
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    The description is a little misleading. Not only will you have to find every upgrade and every detective case clue, you'll also have to aquire every Bat Suit piece, 3 of which are only attainable depending on how you play the game. There are 3 main bosses in the game, and you'll have to play through the game a minimum of 3 times, each time saving a different boss for last. I would recommend saving Penguin for last on your first playthrough, and assuming you've collected all the bat Suit pieces available to that point, you'll unlock the Blackest Night suit, which makes you impervious to damage. The last piece is obtained in The Arkham Wing shortly before the final boss is revealed. Saving Penguin for last will net you the New 52 suit, defeating Joker last will grant the Red Son suit, and Black Mask's path will bring One Million Suit goodness your way. All detective cases and suit pieces carry over from one playthrough to the next, but upgrades, sadly, do not, so you'll have to search those out again each time. You can, however, save the detective cases for your third playthrough if you like, since you have to play through 3 times anyway. It's a bit tedious, but if you played through on Vita like I did you may find this a tad easier with the much improved 3D map. But, once you have them, the satisfaction of those last few achievements popping is ectasy.

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    FL trooper beAwesome bro. Thats great news. Glad i can ignore them on my last run. Might end up with most of them anyway lol. Atually gonna start my 4th run cuz i did the hard run same as the 1st cuz im just stupid ;). Should have checked here before. :(
    Posted by FL trooper be on 29 May 14 at 21:42
    spyroboDo I have to play on hard difficulty for any of this?
    Posted by spyrobo on 07 Oct 14 at 18:46
    Posted by MarioToo on 08 Oct 14 at 00:56
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  • TrueHelpTrueHelp446,024
    19 Apr 2014 19 Apr 2014 19 Apr 2014
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    I am posting this, because this might happen to you just like to happened to me. If you have collected all the detective cases and suits and got both the cases, and it says for secrets you have 29/30 in the Industrial then your probably missing the upgrade that does not appear on the map for most people such as myself. It is the last upgrade for the gel launcher the proximity upgrade. It is located on the left above the door into the big room where you need to shut down the three generators to be able to enter the room where Black Mask is located. It is a long cap between surfaces and to get across you need to use your line launcher. Above the cap where there is a big opening in the ceiling is where you need to go. To get up there you need to get the line launcher tight top upgrade in which you pick up through gameplay (story.) Once you get up there is a gate that you need to scan and once you open it with your bat claw you can go in it where there is the gel launcher upgrade and jets that shoot fire. I hope this helps and this is the piece you were missing. I never thought that was the piece I was missing and never had a clue to go up there for some reason. It is all thanks to MarioToo for helping me with this and telling about this upgrade.
  • NwO KavinskyNwO Kavinsky641,805
    20 Apr 2019 19 Apr 2019 15 Oct 2022
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    First off, why the game requires you to play through the game a minimum of three times I have no idea. Whoever at Armature thought that was a good idea, you suck dude.

    Anyway, your first playthrough I would recommend the following:

    Play through the game as normal and follow the guide for the Blackest Night Suit (Zombie Suit) so you can utilise this on your next two playthroughs. The suit stops you taking any damage including bosses and Joker gas meaning your playthrough won’t be slowed down by conventional deaths (you can still fail on things like bombs exploding or hostages dying).

    Whatever boss you choose for last really doesn’t matter, just make sure that you collect all pieces of the Blackest Night suit before completing this playthrough, although choosing Penguin last means you naturally end up outside the Arkham Wing entrance after defeating him but regardless, the order doesn’t technically matter.

    Note: Just remember to pick up the Batsuit Cowl piece after finishing the last boss-specific collectable (Junction Box, Hostage, Present). Batsuit pieces carry over playthroughs so only need to collect it once.

    Note Part 2: You’ll probably find the "easy" collectables like Joker Teeth, Bird Cages, and Black Masks just by going through the entirety of each area, but these can all be saved for the big final playthrough if you miss any.

    Second Playthrough

    This playthrough is all about speed. Finish the game as quickly as possible. You can equip the Blackest Night Suit immediately (on the rooftops while you’re chasing Catwoman) so make use of it. To end fights as quickly as possible, use the beatdown combo (B, spam X) and counter whenever necessary (normally you can get pulled into the finishing animation before anyone actually hits you).

    Don’t concern yourself with anything in this run other than just completing the story. To be on the safe side, aim to beat the boss first in this playthrough the one you defeated last in your first playthrough.

    Final (Big) Playthrough

    Okay so now this is where the work comes in. To be able to find all the collectables, you’ll need 99% of all the upgrades. To ensure you don’t need a fourth playthrough, map out your route to defeat your remaining boss and get your final Batsuit cowl piece. It’s worth waiting until you’re ready to end the game (I.E before you go beat your final boss or go to the lighthouse area) to go round collecting everything.

    I’d also recommend searching by area (Admin, Industrial, Cell Blocks) rather than by collectable type. That way you’re not running back and forth between the areas (fast travelling would make this game way easier).

    A guide for all the Batsuit pieces is here:

    A guide for all Gauntlet upgrades is here:
    Cell Blocks = 0:05 (need to be chasing Penguin after defeating Bronze Tiger and have Batclaw)
    Admin = 1:02 (Need Line Launcher and Tightrope upgrade)
    Industrial = 2:12 (need Batclaw and Shock Batarang upgrade)

    A guide for all Armor pieces is here:
    Cell Blocks = 0:06
    Industrial = 1:19
    Admin = 3:25

    A guide for all RUSH upgrades is here:
    Cell Blocks = 0:06
    Industrial = 1:01
    Admin = 1:33

    A guide for all case files is here:
    Cell Blocks

    As posted by TrueHelp, there is one random upgrade for the Gel Launcher called Proximity that you can find just before going into the room with the 3 big generators you need to shut down to fight Black Mask. If there’s one thing you’re missing, this is more than likely it.

    You won’t grab your final collectable until you’ve got the last of the boss-specific collectables done and got your final Batsuit cowl piece.

    I just wanted to write this all down because I lost a lot of time on this game backtracking and wasting time on my first playthrough.
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