World's Snazziest Dresser achievement in Batman: Arkham Origins Blackgate Deluxe Edition

World's Snazziest Dresser

Obtain all batsuits attainable through gameplay

World's Snazziest Dresser+1.2
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How to unlock the World's Snazziest Dresser achievement

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    There are 4 suits in the game, and you must collect a cowl, a chestpiece, some gloves, some boots, and a belt for each suit. Here are the suits and where to find each of their pieces.

    Blackest Night (a.k.a. Zombie suit):

    Cowl: Administration. You'll need the tightrope upgrade of the line launcher to access this. It's down in the area with the only fight to get League of Shadows in Batman: Arkham Origins Blackgate Deluxe Edition. From the walkway where that fight takes place, it's directly above it. Grapple up then use the tightrope to move up in the large opening.

    Chest: Cell Blocks. In the large room with the service elevator (where you see Penguin descend very early on), it's in the top left of the room. Grapple up on the right to reach the top right corner, then use the line launcher to get across.

    Gloves: Industrial. When you're in the process of ascending back up the shaft with the vents labelled with A, B, or C, it's just below the A vent. You'll have to scan and blow-up a portion of a large pipe to access it from the left. You can get to this area by passing through the large open rectangular room where 4 armed thugs were holding a guard hostage on a chair.

    Boots: Administration. In the room where you have to block 2 gas-dispensing vents by using the glue gel, then open the Alpha-encrypted door below. When looking at the map, this room is in the left part of Administration.

    Belt: Arkham Wing. While moving through the cells, after dropping through the electrified field, jam the fan in the wall in the background by using the glue gel, then go through and line launch across to access this final part.

    Red Son:

    Cowl: Administration. After acquiring the Line Launcher, use it to get across the electric floor, then grapple up and follow the vent. Line Launch across to get it.

    Chest: Industrial. To the left of where the dead engineer is. Past the Gamma-encrypted door.

    Gloves: Industrial. When looking at the map, it's on the far right. Look for a cluster of 3 alpha encryption panels on the map. It's past the top right of those 3. Blow up the ceiling, tightrope up and follow the path. Remove the vent cover and follow the vents.

    Boots: Industrial. On your way to the secret entrance to the warden's office, past a hidden-panel door.

    Belt: Reward from the last Joker present.

    New 52:

    Cowl: Administration. On the roof above the burning room. Use the Line Launcher to get across.

    Chest: Cell Blocks. Go until the large crates which you bypass via a passage in the wall. In this passage, go all the way left until an Alpha-encrypted barrier. Go past it and past the 2 patrolling armed thugs. Pull off the vent cover and go in to find it.

    Gloves: Cell Blocks. Shortly after passing the large crates and going through a door, drop down and blow up the wall on the left.

    Boots: Industrial. After acquiring the tightrope and going back up the vertical shaft with a waterfall and "HA HA HA" written on the wall, keep going all the way up to the very top.

    Belt: Reward from the box on which the last Penguin hostage was sitting.

    One Million:

    Cowl: Administration. After acquiring the Line Launcher, back in the burning room. In the top right of the room.

    Chest: Administration. In the area under the elevator right next to where you acquire the Shock Batarang.

    Gloves: Industrial. After realising that you need to check the dead engineer's body, go right, up the vent, around the corner after emerging from the vent, through the door, zap the panel, go in the vent then across the electrified water.

    Boots: Cell Blocks. In Cell Block D, in the background, on the far right, near the bottom.

    Belt: Reward from the last of Black Mask's bombs.
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    Paul Zap^Um...? My solution is for the achievement. Since none of the other suits are relevant for the achievement, I didn't mention them. This is an achievement guide, not a wiki.
    Posted by Paul Zap on 17 Feb 15 at 20:24
    EverStoned77Sorry,I did add that they weren't relevant for the achievement,I was just wondering how you would get them all & thinking others might wonder the same this seemed like the most relevant place to post that info,sorry bout any inconvenience this might have caused & just to clarify I think it's a great guide & sure didn't mean to say that this info was missing or any thing like that just thought this would be the best place to post the info about all the bat suits too...
    Have deleted it & again sorry redface
    Posted by EverStoned77 on 19 Feb 15 at 16:42
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