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Labouring in the villages of Men in LEGO The Hobbit (Xbox 360)

Labouring in the villages of Men48 (30)

Collect all Schematics. (Single Player Only)

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Story Level Schematics Locations
Mithril Mirror Armour (Greatest Kingdom):
Down in the mining area, look for arrow slots on the wall. Switch to an elf and shoot both slots, then use the arrows to jump up to the high ledge you couldn’t reach before in Story Mode. The schematic is on the wooden platform.

Mithril Tornado Axe (Unexpected Party): While in Bilbo’s house, smash the mithril lock down the hall to reach the back yard area. Outside the house, place a character on the belly-bounce pad and feed him to jump up and reach a schematic in the tree above.

Mithril Warhammer (Azog the Defiler): During the battle section of the level, enter the dark cloudy cave in the back of the craggy rock area. The schematic is right at the back of the cave.

Mithril Fishing Pole (Roast Mutton): At the start of the level, look to the right for a black chest. Smash it open with the right character and schematic item to get the fishing pole.

Mithril Skeleton Crank (The Troll Hoard): In the first area of the level, travel forward through the cave until you reach a dark alcove. On the dirt there’s a mound to dig, revealing the crank schematic.

Mithril Flail (Over Hill and Under Hill): Once again, right at the start switch to an elf and shoot arrows into the yellow slots on the cliffs. Jump up and swing to the high wooden ledge to grab the schematic.

Mithril Claws (Goblin Town): During the escape section of the level, break the bricks to the left to find a slingshot target on the wall above. Switch to a slingshot character and shoot the target three times. The schematic will appear on the ground below.

Mithril Music Kit (Out of the Frying Pan): When the party needs to climb a tree, to the right of the area for a cracked white brick wall. Smash it and get the hand crank by digging the loose ground near the left corner in the foreground. Insert the crank into the gold machinery in the revealed cave and turn it to get the schematic.

Mithril Bomb Blade (Flies and Spiders): Climb up the high ledge with an Elf and fight the Lego spider. Break open the cracked wall next to the captured dwarf to find the first schematic.

Mithril Multi-Bow (Queer Lodgings): Once outside the little house, while one of the pals is hanging from the gate, look for the black and purple marker to save an animal with the wizard.

Mithril Pickaxe (Barrels Out of Bond): In the first area where Bilbo and Gandalf have to prepare the barrels, look to the left for a keg with Mithril bricks attached. Pull off the gold handle brick and destroy the mithril to find the schematic.

Mithril Booty Blade (Warm Welcome): In the armory area near the start of the level, move right through town until you find a high rope leading into the rafters. Use an elf to jump to the rope and climb into the rafters where the schematic is waiting.

Mithril Giddy-Up Staff (Looking for Proof): In the extremely dark stairwell, continue down until you find a Lego brick goblin wall. Climb it with a goblin to find a schematic up there.

Mithril Wraith Armour (The Necromancer): Right as you start, turn around and move back down the bridge to look up at a huge spooky tree. Use an elf to shoot all three arrow slots, then jump up to the schematic.

Mithril Hammerhands (On the Doorstep): In the second section of the level, where you can push a large turn-style to raise a lift platform, put an elf on the list to get to the upper section. Get the elf across the platforms to the right. Before jumping into the alcove, there are arrow slots above. Shoot them and jump across to get another schematic.

Mithril Firework Bow (Inside Information): During the final section of the last level, you can easily reach the schematic sitting in a pile of breakable Lego bricks. Smash them, then put on the Ring with Bilbo to collect the schematic.

Free Roam Schematics Locations
Mithril Megapult:
In the center of the Hobbiton area, use the sling-shot catapult on a door with three colored targets. Hit green, blue, then red to open the door. Inside the cave, smash the grey bricks in the back to discover the schematic.

Mithril Stud Spade: Travel to the creak on the western edge of Hobbiton, near the camp ground. Fish in the water to get a little crank, then jump across and run into the little hut up the hill. Insert the crank and turn it to unlock the door where the schematic is locked away.

Mithril Mushroom Crown: Up a path in the northeast section outside of Hobbiton, there’s a dirt hill with a tiny cave entrance underneath. Crawl in with a Hobbit and grab the key across the board. Jump down and smash the bricks over the collapsed mine entrance to find another tiny doorway. Crawl in and unlock the chest to find the schematic.

Mithril Skull Cap: South of Rivendell you’ll find Trollshaws. On one of the paths up the mountains, there’s a wizard platform to use to open the doors. At the end of the path, use Gandalf to activate more Lego objects until the schematic is revealed.

Mithril Shadow Blade: South and slightly east of Bree, look for large yellow and purple sign post arrows. Follow the yellow arrows, if you find a purple arrow, go the opposite direction to find the next yellow arrow. If you go the right way, two yellow arrows will appear above loose dirt. Dig it up to find a key, then jump over to a special altar. Feed it some crafting items, which can be purchased in Erebor, to discover the schematic.

Mithril Dance Boots: Further east in Rivendell, follow the ornate bridge into a door against the cliff wall. Inside the training cave, us an elf to climb the acrobatic ropes and jump to three switches. Hit all three, and the cage on the ground will open.

Mithril Rhythm Stick: In the town of Rivendell, jump down below a bridge near the lake to find a boat on a hidden dock. Paddle to the spire in the middle of the lake, and throw an explosive weapon at the mithril chest to get the schematic.

Mithril Horse Shoes: Still in Rivendell, go north to a large elf building suspended over the water. Stick to the left wall to find stepping stones in the water. Jump across to find a leafy door. Go in to find a puzzle stone. Stones appear in a clock formation. Hit the stone at 12, then 4, then 6, then the last one is hiding behind a tree in the background. More will appear right, hit the one above the rest. Next, hit the stone in the grass to the right. More colored stones appear to the left, smack the green one. Hit them all and the schematic will appear.

Mithril Beanstalk: Far south of Rivendell, in the snowy Pass of Caradhras, there’s a cave covered with mithril rocks. Find it near a snow man. Smash open the rocks to find the schematic inside.

Mithril Catchphrase Mallet: Further east of Rivendell near the High Pass, there’s a little locked chest across the water from a camp. Smash the mithril lock to get the schematic.

Mithril Slippers: Through the pass, move south to find a puzzle on a narrow creek. Look for a small Lego tower on the water with a mithril chest on top. To reach it, use a hammer character to smack the large Lego object, then fish at the fishing hole, grab the crank and use it on the machine. Now an elf can jump up and reach the chest. Smash it to get your schematic.

Mithril Candle Staff: South of Dol Guldur in the forest, look for sparkling wooden bricks covering a cave entrance. Use the ring with Bilbo and destroy the planks. Inside, there’s a locked altar requiring three hidden keys. Dig up the loose dirt on the right, shoot the target under the owl in the tree to the left, and break the bricks in the foreground left to find the third key. Use all three keys to find the schematic.

Mithril Construction Hat: On the road between Dol Guldur and Rhovanion, find the goblin wall and climb up with a goblin character. Jump the platforms and plant a flower to reach the budding jump pads above. On the mountain path, run to the cave entrance. Solve the puzzle by moving the large block to the high ledge. Set a fire and smash the chest to get the hat.

Mithril Snowapult: From Esgaroth, travel to the southern section of town to find a high goblin ledge. Climb up and destroy the red flag to start a mini-game. Destroy each red flag in sequence before the timer runs out, and the schematic will appear.

Mithril Bandit Gloves: In Esgaroth, look for a building you can enter near the center of town with a basement. There’s a cage inside and a hook point to the right. Use the hook point, grab the crank, and attach it to the mechanism to the left of the stairs. Crank it and step on the pressure pad behind the raised cage. That reveals a target. Shoot the first target with an elf, then shoot the second target with a slingshot three times. Once the second gate opens up, slingshot the targets so the left is red and the right is blue. A chest with a key will appear. Grab the key and put it in the chest to finish this sequence, nabbing you another schematic.

Mithril Falcon: At a tower outside Dale, look for a platform allowing the dwarves to stand on each other. Get up and swing on the two hook points to reach the roof. Smash all the blocks to finally find the last schematic.

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