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How to unlock the All The Hardware achievement

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    15 Apr 2014 10 Apr 2014 27 Dec 2014
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    To unlock everything in Titanfall, first you want to complete both sides of the campaign. Doing so will unlock the Ogre and Stryder Titans. The game does not seem to recognize they were unlocked until you actually equip them to a Loadout and drop them in a match.

    Then, you need to be at least Pilot Level 49. After that you will have access to every gadget and weapon. Full list of level unlocks:
    •Custom Pilot Loadout - 5
    •R-97 Compact SMG – 6
    •Arc Grenade, Burn Card Slot – 7
    •Stim – 8
    •Longbow-DMR Sniper, Burn Card Slot – 9
    •Custom Titan Loadout - 10
    •Slaved Warheads, Burn Card Slot – 11
    •Electric Smoke – 12
    •Fast Autoloader – 13
    •Warpfall Transmitter – 14
    •Custom Pilot Loadout - 15
    •Plasma Railgun – 16
    •Satchel Charge – 17
    •G2A4 Rifle – 18
    •Active Radar Pulse – 19
    •Custom Titan Loadout - 20
    •Arc Cannon – 21
    •Mag Launcher Anti-Titan – 22
    •Core Extender – 22
    •Cluster Missile – 24
    •Particle Wall – 26
    •B3 Wingman – 27
    •Triple Threat – 28
    •Hemlok BF-R – 29
    •Custom Pilot Loadout - 30
    •Arc Mine – 31
    •Multi-Target Missile System – 32
    •Charge Rifle Anti-Titan – 33
    •C.A.R.SMG – 34
    •Custom Titan Loadout - 35
    •Run N Gun Kit – 36
    •Dead Man’s Trigger – 37
    •Dash Quickcharger – 38
    •Spitfire LMG – 39
    •Big Punch – 41
    •Quick Reload Kit – 42
    •Icepick – 43
    •Kraber-AP Sniper – 44
    •Tactical Reactor – 46
    •Core Accelerator – 47
    •Stealth Kit – 48
    •Guardian Chip – 49
    •Regeneration - 50
    From there, you need to unlock additional attachments and mods for each of the guns, as follows:
    R-101C Carbine
    •HCOG - Kill 25 Grunts
    •Holosight - Kill 50 Grunts
    •AOG - Kill 200 Enemies
    •Extended Magazine - Kill 25 Spectres
    •Suppressor - Kill 100 Enemies
    R-97 Compact SMG
    •HCOG - Kill 50 Grunts
    •Extended Magazine - Kill 25 Spectres
    •Scatterfire - Kill 15 Pilots
    •Suppressor - Kill 25 Enemies
    Smart Pistol Mk5
    •Enhanced Targeting - Kill 15 Pilots
    •Extended Magazine - Kill 50 Spectres
    •Suppressor - Kill 25 Enemies
    EVA-8 Shotgun
    •High-capacity Drum - Kill 25 Spectres
    •Leadwall - Kill 15 Pilots
    •Suppressor - Kill 25 Enemies
    Longbow-DMR Sniper
    •AOG - Kill 5 Grunts
    •4.5x Zoom Scope - Kill 25 Enemies
    •Extended Magazine - Kill 5 Spectres
    •Suppressor - Kill 10 Enemies
    •Stabilizer - Kill 5 Pilots
    C.A.R. SMG
    •HCOG - Kill 50 Grunts
    •Counterweight - Kill 15 Pilots
    •Extended Magazine - Kill 25 Spectres
    •Suppressor - Kill 25 Enemies
    Spitfire LMG•HCOG - Kill 50 Grunts
    •Holosight - Kill 25 Grunts
    •AOG - Kill 50 Enemies
    •Extended Magazine - Kill 25 Spectres
    •Slammer - Kill 15 Pilots
    G2A4 Rifle•HCOG - Kill 50 Grunts
    •Holosight - Kill 25 Grunts
    •AOG - Kill 50 Enemies
    •Extended Magazine - Kill 25 Spectres
    •Suppressor - Kill 25 Enemies
    •Match Trigger - Kill 15 Pilots
    Hemlok BF-R•Holosight - Kill 50 Grunts
    •AOG - Kill 25 Grunts
    •HCOG - Kill 50 Enemies
    •Extended Magazine - Kill 25 Spectres
    •Starburst - Kill 15 Pilots
    •Suppressor - Kill 25 Enemies
    Krabr-AP Sniper
    •Extended Magazine - Kill 1 Spectre
    •Stabilizer - Kill 1 Pilot
    •Suppressor - Kill 5 Enemies
    •AOG - Kill 5 Grunts
    •4.5X Zoom Scope - Kill 15 Enemies
    Titan 40MM Cannon•Burst Fire - Kill 20 Titans
    •Extended Magazine - Kill 25 Enemies
    Titan XO-16 Chaingun•Accelerator - Kill 20 Titans
    •Extended Magazine - Kill 25 Enemies
    Titan Quad Rocket•Rapid Fire - Kill 20 Titans
    •Extended Magazine - Kill 25 Enemies
    Titan Arc Cannon•Capacitor - Kill 20 Titans
    Titan Plasma Railgun•Instant Shot - Kill 10 Titans
    •Extended Magazine - Kill 15 Enemies
    Titan Triple Threat•Mine Field - Kill 20 Titans
    •Extended Magazine - Kill 25 Enemies

    Buy the 9 Titan OS voices in the black market.
    If the achievement does not pop: go into a match and complete a challenge.

    For Grunt kills, play the campaign mission, Chapter 4: Get Barker. Spectre kills, use the campaign mission, Chapter 9: Made Men. Pilots, Pilot Hunter/defense on CTF. Titans, Last Titan Standing.

    DO NOT Regenerate until you have unlocked this achievement! Regenerating will reset all of your unlocks, causing lots of rework,

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    Thunder RollingThis one had me really frustrated when I had searched all forums that I could find anywhere and followed all their tips, I bought all OS voices and still no POP. So in a last ditch effort before I gave up and just regenerated, I looked at GENERAL challenges and completed my very last one to hack 150 spectres - then BOOM it WORKED! SO relieved @:)))
    Posted by Thunder Rolling on 17 Apr 16 at 19:52
    darkavenger786Great solution. I have taken the liberty of creating an excel spreadsheet with lists of all the unlocks required for the achievement. Simply download it to your computer/laptop or print it off and check them off as you unlock them
    Posted by darkavenger786 on 28 Jun 17 at 12:05
    wagnerasaThanks for the guide. Ogre and stryder titans are available from start by now, even without play campaign. toast
    Posted by wagnerasa on 24 Dec 18 at 07:21
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  • EhrenfriedEhrenfried170,873
    06 Jul 2014 08 Jan 2015 07 Apr 2015
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    All the guides up there are accurate but the miss a little thing to add.

    Just a note regarding this achievement

    With the addition of the Frontier Defense mode,
    unlocking the weapon attachments became a lot easier BUT there is a downside.
    If you have to kill x amount spectres for unlocking an attachment,
    ONLY normal spectres count! Sniper & Suicide spectres don't count!


    After i unlocked this achievement 3 times (I played 3 times to Gen10) i found the easiest solution on how to unlock this achievement.

    1: Unlocking the voices through playing and earning the credits as normal.

    2: Weapon attachments that require Pilotkills can be boosted here over TA
    or if you play the campaign mode against "easy Gen1 targets".

    Titankill requirements for a Titan weapon attachment can be unlocked by playing the Frontier Defense mode by killing all kinds of Titans, they all count!
    If you kill 15 titans per FD Game you will have all attachments for the titanweapons
    unlocked in no time (approx. 10 matches)

    You will need a lot of Spectre and Grunt (S&G from now on) kills for most of the attachments for the Pilot weapons and here is the easy/lazy solution which you can do all by yourself!
    (Ghost Squad or Double Agent Burn Card highly recommended)

    This is how you do it:

    First make pilot classes, one for each weapon you need S&G kills for!
    Then choose the burn cards i recommend and go into the Frontier Defense mode
    and choose "Custom Game" and the map "Fracture" and set it to NON public!
    Start the game, there will be alot of waiting until you're actually in the game but you will.
    Then stick around the harvester, remember that there are 2 ammo crates close by to change your loadout if one weapon has been completed with S&G kills.
    (I made a list of what weapons and the amount of S&G kills needed)

    The first round there will be grunts, and then spectres and 1 titan.
    Kill them with the weapon you need S&G kills for, if done change the loadout and continue.
    Eventually they will destroy the harvester, but you have 3 tries, so there is plenty of S&G to kill for.
    After the tries you will get a defeat message and will be brought back to the menu.
    Rinse and repeat.

    I had to unlock all weapon attachments and with this method, after i got the hang of it, where the enemies will spawn and stay to shoot at the harvester, and time required to change the loadout, it took me around 2 hours to unlock everything.
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    AirNathThanks for the burncard tip,made the spectre kills easy.
    Posted by AirNath on 29 Apr 15 at 21:05
  • NonKosherSaltNonKosherSalt463,195
    06 Jan 2016 07 Jan 2016 17 Feb 2018
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    The solutions posted here for this achievement are all good but I was hoping for a much more simple checklist of what actually had to be done and so I compiled the following:

    Pilot Weapons:
    For each weapon listed, you need to kill a certain number of enemy types:

    R-101C needs
    ~ Kill 50 Grunts
    ~ Kill 25 Spectres

    EVA-8 Shotgun needs
    ~ Kill 25 Spectres
    ~ Kill 15 Pilots

    Smart Pistal MK5 needs
    ~ Kill 50 Spectres
    ~ Kill 15 Pilots

    R-97 Compact SMG, G2A4 Rifle, Hemlock BF-R, C.A.R. SMG and the Spitfile LMG each need
    ~ Kill 50 Grunts
    ~ Kill 25 Spectres
    ~ Kill 15 Pilots

    Longbow DMR Sniper needs
    ~ Kill 15 Grunts
    ~ Kill 5 Spectres
    ~ Kill 5 Pilots

    Kraber-AP Sniper needs
    ~ Kill 13 Grunts
    ~ Kill 1 Spectres
    ~ Kill 1 Pilots

    PLEASE NOTE: Some weapons have enemy kill requirements that exceeded the other kill types combined. I accounted for that by padding the Grunt number.
    Titan Weapons:
    For each weapon listed, you need to kill a certain number of enemy types:

    40mm Cannon, Quad Rocket and the XO-16 Chaingun each need
    ~ Kill 25 Enemies
    ~ Kill 20 Titans

    Plasma Railgun and Triple Threat each need
    ~ Kill 15 Enemies
    ~ Kill 10 Titans

    ARC Cannon
    ~ Kill 20 Titans
    Achievements Required:
    You will need to achieve the following achievements:

    Militia Pilot in Titanfall (Xbox 360) ** - Complete the Militia campaign
    IMC Pilot in Titanfall (Xbox 360) ** - Complete the IMC campaign
    The Voices Are in My Head in Titanfall (Xbox 360) - Purchase all Titan OS Voice Packs

    ** Now not required.
    "You'll still be able to unlock the Stryder and Ogre chassis by playing Campaign, but you can also unlock them in normal MP modes. The Stryder will unlock at level 15 and the Ogre at level 30." -

    Attain Level 49

    Many items unlock by simply attaining certain levels. The last unlocks at level 49. Don't worry about this as it will happen naturally in GEN 8 as you work through the list above.
    I believe it is best to go for this achievement right as you hit GEN 8. Many activities performed count toward GEN 8 requirements. I should mention, however, that this achievement may be obtained during any GEN as long as all the requirements above are met.


    • Enemy Kills

    ~ Private Frontier Defense on Fracture for Grunts
    ~ Private Frontier Defense on Outpost 107 for Spectres

    Since the introduction of Frontier Defense, obtaining enemy kills has become quite easy.
    [UPDATE]Please note that you may have to play three public matches before you can conduct a private match. Thanks to Mobius Evalon for pointing this out.[End EDIT]

    In both cases, hangout by the Harvester where the required enemy will stand in droves. Don't worry too much about loosing the Harvester for it only gives you another chance to accumulate kills. Equip the Suppressor when available or employ a Ghost Squad Burncard - particularily for the Spectres. Otherwise, you can drop in a Titan to guard the Harvester extending its life slightly. Unfortunately, kills by your Auto-Titan do not count toward this achievement.

    Since there are plenty of enemies in the the two maps (Fracture and Outpost), I would on occasion drop in a Titan and get the kills for those weapons as well. Be sure to drop the Titan on a group of enemies for credit toward the Look out Below GEN 8 Required Challenge. If necessary, you can obtain Titans early by using Atlas Refurb, Reserve Ogre or Spare Stryder Burncards.

    • Pilot Kills

    For the Pilot kills with each weapon, it is best to buddy-up and exchange kills. Agree to meet at a certain spot in a public match. If necessary, you can set up a session here on TA and play pilot hunter. As of Jan 2016, the Asian servers for this game are empty so you and your buddy can hang out by yourselves. The initial screen for TitanFall allows you to select a server by pressing "X".

    You may also play public Hardpoint or Capture the Flag Matches and camp at a point under attack - the Pilots come to you. Campaign matches may prove easier in this regard since players are usually less experienced.

    Suggestion by someone who wishes to remain anonymous :
    "Set up different Pilot loadouts before jumping into the frontier defense games. Then players can just run over to the ammo box after finishing with one weapon and switch loadouts mid-game without having to die or restart the match.

    Also include a note that they can leave a few enemies living and allow the harvester to get destroyed on the first round, so they get a fresh wave of grunts/spectres on the retry. "

    • Titan Kills

    ~ Public Frontier Defense on Demeter for Titan on Titan Kills

    With Titans being funneled through a passageway one at a time and stationary Mortar Titans, there are plenty of kills to be had. Work on Titan Kills after the enemy kills above so that you can equip the Big Punch, Electric Smoke and Cluster Missiles. As you approach a Titan, hit it with the Missiles. Finish them off with your needed weapon. If necessary, punch them. You need your required weapon to push the Titan into "doomed" status for a kill to count. This combination is ruthless on Titans especially with the 40mm. GEN 8 has a requirement for 75 critical hits (hits on the red highlighted area) with the 40mm. This is a good time to do that. Use the Electric Smoke to deal with rodeo riding enemies. Employing the Double Agent Burncard proved very helpful.

    You may also pair up with someone and play Last Titan Standing. Again, as of Jan 2016, the Asian servers are good for this. Shoot each other simultaneously a couple times with your Titan weapon and then both eject. You will each get a kill credit against the weapon used.

    MUCHO IMPORTANTE: Do not Regenerate (move to next GEN) until you have popped this achievement. Although achievements carry over from one GEN to the next, kill counts do not. You will have to restart the process.
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    FoolsAndKingsThe best guide by far. Clear and Precise as to what needs to be done +1
    Posted by FoolsAndKings on 22 Apr 18 at 13:07
    NonKosherSaltThanks, FoolsAndKings. Sometimes the simplest approach is the best.
    Posted by NonKosherSalt on 23 Apr 18 at 14:44
    SarcasticJokerVery thorough as always. Thanks Kosher!
    Posted by SarcasticJoker on 22 Dec 21 at 03:41
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