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  • ZildingZilding150,421
    09 May 2009 19 May 2009
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    This means an A+ in all games at all three difficulties (20 games * 3 difficulties == 60 A+s). An A+ is achieved by getting 1000+ points in that particular game.

    I'm not entirely clear on how they all unlock. It seems you can only unlock 2 per day (they unlock after the 'brain test' used to get the '100% brain usage), but they also depend on hitting certain brain usage levels (that is, my last one didn't unlock until I was at 100%).

    Some of the games you can 'cheat' by taking a picture (or in the case of some of the math ones, just remembering the problem), and then pausing the game while you solve, and unpausing to put in the answer. Some just require lots of practice and being quick. Try using the D-pad instead of the left stick for the games where you have to enter values. Also, some games (Traveler and Ascending, for example) allow you to use A/B/X/Y instead of a stick, which may help you.

    As a general rule, to get A+ you need 100% correct, as you'll need to answer 3-4 'extra' correct to offset an incorrect answer. On 'Easy' you generally need to be getting each answer 'Fast!' which can sometimes mean answering up to 55 correct during the 90 seconds. On hard it's just about getting them right without being 'Slow!' for most games.

    I have noticed that sometimes your A+'s won't save correctly. This happens if you open your guide and exit to the dashboard, or turn off your 360 while still in the 'training' menu. I'm not sure how far you actually need to back out, but after losing A+'s once, I always hit 'B' repeatedly to go to the main menu and hit 'Return to Arcade', and I haven't had it happen again.

    I'm still a few away at this point but I take a few minutes hacking at one of them every day... All 60 will fall eventually.

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    KinectKid333As of the next morning, I'm up to
    Magic Rule: Medium Hard
    Impression: Hard

    Trout Route: Medium Hard

    Memory: All A+'s Complete

    Visual: Ascending: Medium Hard
    Reflection: Easy Medium Hard

    Focus: All A+'s Complete!
    Posted by KinectKid333 on 07 Sep 14 at 15:24
    KinectKid333FINALLY!!! All that hard work paid off! I just got it

    Now for the online achievements.
    Posted by KinectKid333 on 10 Sep 14 at 00:35
    liner bronsonIf anyone is still struggling with bouncing balls on easy, I leave you this.

    liner bronson playing Brain Challenge

    It seems to me that you have to get 55 right, streaks are irrelevant. This took me hundreds of tries, but bear in mind that I am a middle aged man with the reflexes of a slug. So, if I can do it, literally anyone can.

    And notice at the end, I am far from perfect. Get one wrong, and take ages on the next, so this is very doable.
    Posted by liner bronson on 24 Aug 18 at 23:05
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  • The BiodreamerThe Biodreamer250,699
    26 Dec 2011 26 Dec 2011
    25 1 3
    To sum up all the comments and add some details on the diffrent subgames. Unlock the games by playing daily brain challenge. I had them all unlocked when I reach 100% but I reached 97% before I started "cheating". so I had them all unlocked.

    Tools recommended: Paper and pencil and a digital camera or mobile phone with camera.


    Balance: Select the heaviest item ignore what they look like, but make sure you notice the scale isn't boolean, ie the height will help solve some of the combinations. Taking photos makes this game a breach but just pausing while thinking will be enough to beat it.

    Magic Rule: Look at the three rules, to find the solution of the fourth. Photos makes this easy but pausing and thinking will take you through it.

    Impression: Count the impressions and focus on weird shapes position and you can do this by pausing and thinking. Photos will as usual make it very easy.

    Combinations: You can basically ignore the "signs" and only focus on the changes. Pausing and focusing on atleast two corners will solve almost all combos in a single pause. photos remove all challenge.

    MATH: You shouldn't need a calculator use one if you want

    Troute Route: Pause calculate,unpause move, remember to move directly if their is only one possible path. and you will solve it without the need of photos.Photos will improve your score.

    Arithmetic: Be carefull when you pause or you will be unable to move. pause, calculate,unpause feed in the answear, quick look, pause... No use of photos.

    Tick Tock: Look on first watch , pause, note it down, unpause look att second watch, pause Note it down, calculate diffrence,unpause feed the answear in. You can use photos instead of a note pad, this will give you time to watch the options and you might not need to calculate and instead rule out the wrong answears.

    Match Stick: Photos is the best option here, but you can solve them with a notepad and the pause button aswell. Easy doesn't require either.


    Traveling: Just follow the path, this is the easiest game of them all. If you just remember that the path never cross itself you can figure out how the path went on the fast one even if it's just flashing quickly on the screen.

    Hocus Pocus: Focus on the colours and order, not the shapes. and you will solve them by pause and notes. photos will makes it easy.

    Order:, Pause and note down the color and shape on paper then just feed in the answear. Photos are not a good option here.

    Garage: Look, pause,calculate,unpause, look, pause, sum on the Hard difficulty. easy and medium can be done without pausing.


    I solve this one on easy without pausing, but i recommend Photos on all difficulties. It's just hard to see the diffrence between 9,10,11,13 blocks of diffrent colors if they are nested. You can do this with pausing and thinking aswell.

    Mosaic: One of the easy once that doesn't require any cheating. just feed in the shapes and don't be bothered about the "slow" you get on the big ones. Photos will improve your results.

    Reflection: Photos are the best option here, you can probably handle Easy without it.

    Face: Is a child game on easy and quite easy on Medium if you remember to look at the characters cheek shape. But photos really help on Hard so you can find the minor diffrences between the characters without stress.


    Bouncing Balls:
    Select the fastest moving and highest jumping ball. This one is hardest of the games if you use "cheats" because you can't cheat in it. But if you wouldn't cheat this one is quite easy in comparison with many others.

    Numbers: Easy and medium is not hard without cheating. Hard is easy with a photo so you can look at the options in peace and not the diffrences. you can then unpause and look for the "diffrence" or you can pause/unpause while noting down the numbers on a paper.

    Ninja: My favorite Game. You solve them easily on all difficulties by just looking and pick the right answear. however if your brain can't keep up with the flashing ninjas, make sure your not tired and practise.

    Frog: Photos makes this one easy. Pausing and thinking will do, if you can solve Easy with one pause per pattern. Medium and Hard is solvable with several pause/unpause.
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    ShaneKarmaNinja is my favorite too : ) Gonna give this another honest attempt. I may have some questions for ya in the end but I will save them until I am closer to completion.
    Posted by ShaneKarma on 01 Jun 12 at 00:16
    The BiodreamerFirst time i read the description of this one, I just thought, I will never beable to do this one, but with a camera in the mobile it was a breach. take a few each day and you will get it in the end. Taking photos usually drain the battery on the mobile so you will need to stop playing once in a while even if you don't get bored. Just Post any question you endup with here and I will reply next time I drop in.
    Posted by The Biodreamer on 01 Jun 12 at 15:45
    Crimson DrifterTo be honest this achievement is a breeze if you have a camera phone, pen and paper, and a lot of patience, I A+'d everything over the course of a week without a hitch.
    Posted by Crimson Drifter on 01 Aug 12 at 04:23
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