Grand Prix of Long Beach achievement in Forza Motorsport 5

Grand Prix of Long Beach

Complete a race in the Long Beach Challenge hopper and drive at least 125 miles in the event.

11 Apr 2014 until 14 Apr 2014

Grand Prix of Long Beach
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How to unlock the Grand Prix of Long Beach challenge

  • andiosterfeldandiosterfeld362,475
    11 Apr 2014 11 Apr 2014 12 Apr 2014
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    Hi, this isnt a real solution but maybe it helps you:

    The Long Beach Challenge Event is available in the Hopper Menu. Every race in this event is a 2 hours race (the driver who drove the most miles in the 2 hours wins). So you have 2 hours or 120 minutes to drive the 125 miles / 201 km. I reached this distance after 80 minutest but you are maybe faster. I think everybody is able to reach the distance in the 2 hours cause in my lobby everybody got it. If you want, you can stop driving after you completed 125 miles / 201 km BUT you have to finish the race to get the Challenge.

    The hardest part is to find a race, cause every race take 2 hours. You have to wait a very, very long time until you can drive. I would suggest to watch TV or do something else and go to Forza every 10 minutes to see if the race started.

    English isn't my mother tongue, so maybe there are some language mistakes.

    Thanks to FF7 Bryan who noticed the Challenge is cumulative and it is possible to drive the 125 miles in more than one race.
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    XtowersI found it on the left last night...
    Posted by Xtowers on 12 Apr 14 at 14:44
    FF7 BryanI set the controller down and did something that DIDN'T suck once I got to 125 miles. I drove an extra mile somewhere along the way because I had 126 when it was over. The achievement progress is 99% and is still locked - what a waste of time....

    FYI...I did the exact same. But on a small good note, THE MILES DRIVEN ARE CUMULATIVE. If you race one more time and drive 5 or so more miles, it will unlock. It will take another 2 hours (5 mins of driving), but you don't have to do it all over again.
    Posted by FF7 Bryan on 12 Apr 14 at 19:24
    XtowersThat's good to know.
    Posted by Xtowers on 12 Apr 14 at 19:56
    TG IceStormI managed 185 miles, take note this game is full of people who even try to take you out, when your trying to lap them.
    Posted by TG IceStorm on 13 Apr 14 at 10:33
    LoddosHow long was this challenge available?
    Posted by Loddos on 15 Apr 14 at 12:42
    andiosterfeldsunday 13.04.14 or 04/13/14
    Posted by andiosterfeld on 15 Apr 14 at 13:31
    Paully05This was bullshit, I wasted so much time and could never even get a single race in this hopper.
    Posted by Paully05 on 15 Apr 14 at 19:41
    andiosterfeldyes, this was a big problem. some waited for over 2 hours just to get the race started
    Posted by andiosterfeld on 15 Apr 14 at 19:42
    BC32Falcons513I had no problem getting this challenge but why only give 3 days to complete it?
    Posted by BC32Falcons513 on 17 Apr 14 at 00:39
    Tardiiyeah, I agree. The difficulty to get into a match and very short time it was available don't make sense. I hope there aren't any more challenges like this.
    Posted by Tardii on 18 Apr 14 at 18:57
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