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The One!

Win a total of 100 online matches!

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How to unlock the The One! achievement

  • HaPPy RoNiN NZHaPPy RoNiN NZ568,035
    28 Jul 2010 12 May 2009 15 Dec 2010
    31 2 27
    Finding someone to play online these days is half the battle. Boosting with a friend is an option, however if you go for this legit then here are a few tips.

    CRUCIAL POINT: Every three correct answers provides you with a bonus "card" which you can use to swap with one of your existing cards. You should swap it with your EXISTING BONUS card as this will maximize your potential score. You earn no points when playing a bonus card. Answering the brain challenges is the key to earning points. If you find a n00b who swaps the bonus for a question card you will beat them every time providing you answer all your questions correctly even if done slowly. Swapping for a question card has cost them around 200-300 points.

    Balance going for the online achievement with your offline progress so you are getting some practice and can perform well online.

    Play at a skill level you are comfortable with.

    Update: Just adding that some people have had issues with this unlocking at 100 wins and had to play a few more games to unlock. WraithTDK in the other solution required 111 wins.

    Personally I got mine bang on 100 wins but if you don't, keep playing a few more.

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    I Donpachio IAnyone wanna boost this? Gamertag: I Donpachio I
    Posted by I Donpachio I on 17 Jun 16 at 19:30
    ACrtnShadeOfR3dJust a tip (and a bit of fortune) to boost this solo without trading wins! If you have your old 360, an XBONE and an old code for Xbox Live Gold (I found a 48 hour trial code!), start the trial on a spare account on your 360 and then make sure the game is on both consoles and the game was downloaded under your regular account. It let me play multiplayer without having to buy the game on my spare account! Saves a lot of time!
    Posted by ACrtnShadeOfR3d on 11 Sep 20 at 06:13
    The GlobalizerActually, you shouldn't need a code for Gold if you're using shared gold, as long as the X1 is your home console. You log into your 360 with your main (achievement) account, log into the X1 with your alt, and both can access multiplayer. (True of any BC games.)

    I've had a few instances of having to reload the game on the alt because the shared Gold wasn't immediately recognized but I've self-boosted a number of games this way.
    Posted by The Globalizer on 11 Sep 20 at 06:57
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  • Crimson DrifterCrimson Drifter853,843
    10 Mar 2011 25 Feb 2011 12 Mar 2011
    17 0 2
    Easy, but time consuming to boost.

    You will only need 1 other person to boost this.

    Once you have your partner, make sure you are both in a LIVE party.

    Have one person dedicated to making the games. Create a player match on Easy difficulty (make sure you make 3 private slots by hitting RB a few times). Once in the room hit Y to bring up your party menu and select "Invite Party to Game"

    Once in the actual game, whoever is winning make sure and answer all your questions correctly. Once you answer 3 in a row you will get to trade out for another bonus card ( I usually traded the blue gear card as it has that stupid wheel game).

    After you get your extra bonus card play them both on your next rounds as sometimes the bonus card will be a -1 or -2 to your cards which will end the round even faster.

    Whoever is losing just mash on some buttons to answer as soon as the question comes up.

    Then just rinse and repeat, you can take turns or win multiple times in chunks, whatever floats your boat.

    If you are keeping up the pace you should be able to get 15 wins for each person per hour.

    So you are looking at a good 7-8+ hours for this cheevo.

    I wouldn't recommend boosting this more than a few hours at a time as its VERY BORING, you've been warned! :)

    You can check your current wins on the in-game leaderboards, also in some instances it may take over 100 to get the cheevo to pop, so just keep at it!

    Note: Mine popped right on 100 wins.
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    ShaneKarmaExcellent solution. I am going to try this tonight.
    Posted by ShaneKarma on 16 May 12 at 21:04
  • Skelebone XVISkelebone XVI206,255
    24 Jun 2013 24 Jun 2013
    2 0 0
    Since the online play for this is a wasteland, you're really only going to get this by setting up with a boosting partner. Here are some suggestions to shave off some of the per-game time to speed up the boosting.

    1) I set my boosting sessions for two sets of 10, one set for the first boosting partner, then one set for the second. Partner A gets 10 wins in a row, then B does as well. This helps others out by getting the 10-in-a-row achievement. and breaks up the game into blocks of 10. Boosting 20 games in this way takes 40-50 minutes.

    2) As the winning player, be sure to get three correct in a row to get another bonus card. Bonus cards play "faster" than other cards because there is no puzzle to solve, only an effect to be applied. Bonus cards are also very beneficial (see 3), Depending on what my hand looks like, I typically swap out a yellow card for the bonus card (see 4). Missing puzzles also gets you a card to replace, which adds time to the game.

    3) As winning player, be sure to use your bonus cards. Bonus cards have ten effects, and two of those are to remove cards from that player's hand, and one is to play another card which speeds the end of the match. It might not seem like much, but shaving 20-40 seconds off of several games adds up over time. My typical use is to play out my hand strategically to get a second bonus card, then play both bonus cards on the chance that they will clear my hand.

    4) If you can help it, don't play any yellow cards. These are observational puzzles and require you to watch an animation before you answer. As the winning player I would avoid these cards and try to get them at the "top" of my hand. Then, if I could get the "cards -1" or "cards -2", those would be the cards removed. Again, this might not seem like much, but shaving seconds off per game over 100-200 games (depending on how you are boosting) adds up over time.

    5) As losing player, hit a button as soon as the puzzle comes up. If you aren't playing yellow cards, most puzzles should allow for an immediate answer. You can try to choose the wrong answers, but the questions should bear out that you get 1/2 - 3/4 of them wrong immediately. So long as the winning player is answering puzzles correctly, there should be no issue of accidentally winning.

    6) As losing player, don't play any bonus cards. Two card effects add cards to the other player's hand, and this prolongs the game.

    At 100 2-3 minute games, this is a minimum of 3.5-5 hours for the achievement, and you can double that if you're trading wins with a boosting partner. Perhaps not the most tedious slog toward an achievement, but it's up there.
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