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Achieve an online rating of 1200 in any type of chess.

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  • Dat Boi TreezyDat Boi Treezy626,826
    25 Jun 2009 07 Oct 2010 08 Mar 2013
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    This achieve is difficult to boost and to do normally. For your rating to go up you need to win matches against human opponents with good ratings. But if you boost this with just one person you wont get that far because your rank will increase at a good rate to begin with, but as the other person loses more and more his rating goes too low. Meaning that each time you win your rating only goes up 1 or 2 points eventually not going up at all!

    So basically you need to have a few people boosting, it may take a while to get the first person up to 1200 but once they have reached the target the lower rated players will be able to win matches against them making their rating increase significantly!

    Patience is the key here, even when boosting it can be a little confusing on who is supposed to beat who. So try to have plan ready to avoid chaos and possibly 5 or 6 people all going crazy at once.

    If this is hard to understand then just leave a comment and i will try to answer any questions. Thanks!

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    KinectKid333I just got this one right now. I'm so headspin glad I got it done. Now I'll never have to look at the game ever again. XD
    Posted by KinectKid333 on 10 Aug 14 at 19:39
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  • Salty Old DogSalty Old Dog318,597
    18 Jan 2011 25 Sep 2012
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    Forget about multiple boosting partners and/or having friends with ELOs over 1200. I have a solution that will make you virtually unbeatable against anyone on XBL, and it's 100% legal by both XBox and TA standards. That said, it's 100% unethical, and I do not condone this sort of activity. I feel compelled to make the TA community aware of this option as a means of completing the game's achievement requirements but also to be alert to its potential being used against you in casual play... I'm only aware of this strategy as it was successfully used against me earlier today, and there's been some discussion of it recently in the chess universe as a growing epidemic.

    You will need a computer (similar to the one you're looking at right now). Do an internet search for free chess engines and download one (there are hundreds and any of them will work just fine for this). Pull up a new game on your computer. Now on the XBox, create or join a ranked game as the black side (you probably could use either side, but it's easier to setup this method and more opponents will join and start a game with you if they get to be white and go first) and any timer EXCEPT HOURGLASS (I'll explain later, I prefer the 5 min Fischer clock when I'm playing). Whenever an opponent joins, he will be on the white side and will go first. Whatever move he makes, enter that on your computer as your move in your game against the chess engine. Whatever move your computer responds with will then be your move on the XBox. However your XBox opponent plays is then your next move against the chess engine. Repeat, repeat, repeat... All you're doing is relaying how the computer would play against your human opponent, and it will win almost all the time. Not even almost; like ALL the time.

    Now, the only reason why I caught this guy was that it was taking the same 7-8 seconds/move for my opponent no matter if he was at a critical crossroads or if he had a free piece available that was a no-brainer move. Unbeknownst to him, he was using some very advanced strategies against me but executing them at an extremely suspicious pace. If you think about it, you will have to input your opponents' move, get your move from your chess engine, and then input your XBox move on every turn- there's a certain regularity to the pacing of those same actions regardless of the game's circumstances. So, I'd say you should vary the amount of time it takes you to make your moves so as to not be discovered. Otherwise, you'll have to learn tips as you go.

    Hourglass matches will break this method since you won't be able to input the moves fast enough to keep up with the time. However, there's still plenty of players like me who enjoy competitive chess but not at crystal-meth-addict speed, so you should have no problem creating or joining other games than hourglass and beating up on unsuspecting nerds like myself.
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    M1 462People using chess software to beat you online? Next you're going to tell us people use fans instead of acutally exercising on Kinect fitness games...
    Posted by M1 462 on 27 Sep 12 at 03:50
  • FafhrddFafhrdd246,843
    11 Oct 2011 12 Oct 2011 12 Oct 2011
    5 2 1
    There is a much easier way to get this achievement.

    I typically don't post solutions on achievements with good solutions but this is a much better solution, if you can get the right people. This solution is not a fix all but just another way to do it. You can obtain this achievement just by winning 2 games and you then have the ability to pass this on to someone else.

    To get the achievement using this method all you need is two boosters: 1. The person getting the achievement and (the hard part) 2. Getting someone with over 1200 ELO rating in a type of chess that you have 0 wins and 0 loses on.

    With the leaderboard reset this should not be an issue for most people to have 0 wins and 0 loses, I had all 5 chess types with 0 wins and 0 loses.

    There are 5 chess types (Classic Chess, Dark chess, Losing Chess, Extinction Chess, and Progressive Chess) you can pick from.

    The hardest part is finding someone with a 1200 or more ELO rating. The first place to check is the leaderboards in the game, I was surprised to have 5 friends with a rating of over 1200 rating in several different game types. If that does not work try the leaderboard and message some random people or try to post in some of the gaming forums (I know 360Voice has a trading thread for this game at the time of this posting).

    Once you have your boosting partner with a rating of 1200 or more the achievement is easy to get (less then 3 minutes):

    1. The person with the 1200+ ELO rating will host a game in the game type that has the 1200 rating.

    2. You will find and join his game.

    3. After the host makes a move. The host will quit/resign the game.

    4. You will gain a massive amount of rating.

    5. Rinse and repeat one more time and the achievement will be yours! Sometimes it may take 3 total games but it is rare.

    6. Please remember to pass this achievement on to someone else!

    If you have any questions let me know. I no longer have a 1200 ELO rating because I have passed this achievement on to the next person.
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    PattyPoo13Do you know anyone who does, I am trying to knock this out and haven't found anyone in the last couple of months.
    Posted by PattyPoo13 on 31 Mar 16 at 23:03
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