Through the Looking Glass achievement in Child of Light

Through the Looking Glass

Send Oculi to a friend.

Through the Looking Glass0
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How to unlock the Through the Looking Glass achievement

  • thegoodnatethegoodnate273,896
    30 Apr 2014 01 May 2014 12 Jan 2015
    87 17 33
    An easy achievement that can be obtained very early on.

    Wait until you have an oculi you don't really want/need, or one you have a surplus of.
    From the Menu select Oculi, then select a piece of equipment (as though you were going to add an oculi to it).

    Highlight the oculi you wish to send to a friend, it can be anything; even the lowest level ones. Hit X while highlighting your chosen oculi, and a pop up will appear containing a list of your xbox live friends. Simply select a friend to receive the gift and confirm when prompted.

    NOTE: The recipient does NOT need to be playing, or even own child of light. You can literally send it to anyone on your list.

    The achievement will pop immediately after sending the gift.

    UPDATE: previous bug where having 100+ friends seemed to break in the in game functionality to send gifts appears to be fixed.

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    EverStoned77Doubt that will ever happen but there should at least be some minimum of time that an achievement should be kept available, some of EA's games have been delisted in 1-2yrs, personally I was soooo p!ssed when I realized that a DLC in Army of two (one that even was still being sold) was the only thing that stood between me & 100% ... stupid Evil A-holes wave
    Posted by EverStoned77 on 21 Jun at 20:47
    I ASK NO ONEScrew EA. I get the sports games losing the servers, but these guys shutting down servers on other games that should be kept up if they are posting online only achievements is absolute BS. I don't buy into their crap anymore. That's why EA will never be #1. Go Rockstar 👌
    Posted by I ASK NO ONE on 02 Aug at 03:28
    ScarfaceRemedyYou mean Ubisoft, right?
    Posted by ScarfaceRemedy on 02 Aug at 06:19
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  • Facial La FleurFacial La Fleur1,148,022
    13 Jan 2020 13 Jan 2020 28 Feb 2020
    37 0 37
    EDIT: As of mid-February 2020, the following method has seemingly ceased to work as described. It is unknown at this time what has changed to prevent it, but the "Sending Gift..." dialogue no longer pops up as before, it just goes straight to the notification of the servers being offline. I'll leave this solution up for now in case this is somehow only a temporary issue and people want to give it a try again later. If some months down the road it still isn't working, I'll delete it then. Sorry, everyone.

    It's been recently discovered that this achievement is obtainable once again by utilizing a simple workaround to trick the game into believing you've successfully contacted the now closed Ubisoft servers.

    There is no need to remove friends or block followers, as stated by the other solutions. Once you've played a short time, and have acquired some Oculi through looting a few chests, you're ready to begin. Follow the steps below exactly and you shouldn't have any problems unlocking this achievement.

    1. Press the cn_start button and select Oculi from the options.
    2. Choose any of the three equipment slots to see your available Oculi.
    3. Highlight the Oculi you wish to give away and press cn_X to Gift it.
    4. Choose a friend to send the chosen Oculi to and press cn_A to Confirm.
    5. Be ready to pull your network cable from the back of your console and press cn_A to Confirm once again.
    6. Immediately upon seeing the "Sending Gift..." dialogue box, pull the network cable and wait until the process completes.
    7. On the next confirmation box, press cn_A once more to acknowledge your Oculi was sent.
    8. Plug your network cable back in to your console and the achievement will unlock.

    Per jGuiiLe this can be done with a wireless connection as well. In step 6, power off your router when "Sending Gift..." displays and power it back on in step 8.

    If anything seems unclear, please comment and I will try to elaborate. Good luck.

    Note: If you're starting a new game and don't want to hunt down any chests, you can purchase some Oculi from the uPlay app if you have any points to spare. You get 3 for 10 points, so you'll have 3 effortless attempts at this achievement.
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    EarthboundXI wonder what they did to stop this from working? The game was never patched, so it must have been something server side?

    I could have gotten this pretty much the first day it was discovered, but I wanted to see how Ubisoft or Microsoft felt about this method first, since it feels pretty exploity as it were. I even asked the Xbox Support Twitter, but they never got back to me. This might be my answer. Hopefully nobody gets in trouble for unlocking it this way.
    Posted by EarthboundX on 12 Mar at 12:14
    Ginn0rzUgh ffs, I held off on buying this the first time it became unobtainable, you came up with this helpful work-around, I bought it, then the damn thing is unobtainable again.
    Posted by Ginn0rz on 12 Mar at 13:21
    Honeycut1Here’s hoping this starts working again
    Posted by Honeycut1 on 30 Jul at 00:39
  • rolobolocoroloboloco1,064,275
    02 May 2014 02 May 2014
    23 5 30
    For those of you like me who have over 100+ friends and don't want to delete them.

    I finagled my achievement while I used a second account to transfer over Gems to my main account. At one point my gems were not getting sent to main account so I hard reset my xbox by holding the power button on console until it shuts itself off.

    I tried transferring more gems with secondary account and having my main account signed on as well while doing this the achievement popped for my main account.

    Hope this helps...
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    Devil InsideNothing yet
    Posted by Devil Inside on 19 May 14 at 18:52
    SuperTigerWoodsWorks! +1 from me! toast
    Posted by SuperTigerWoods on 24 May 14 at 00:25
    ReaboWorked for me! +1, Made a video for anyone who wants a visual too. Gave you credit,

    feel free to include in the guide. :)
    Posted by Reabo on 01 Apr 15 at 23:37
  • CyberneticHFXCyberneticHFX516,092
    13 Jul 2014 13 Jul 2014 13 Jul 2014
    15 3 0
    Problem fixed! Child Of Light (Xbox One), has now been relatively patched. Thus, the relative Xbox Achievement can be unlocked without any problem, from now on. Thanks to Ubi Soft!

    How to do: While inside Child Of Light's game world, hit Menu, then select Oculi, press down one time, press A, and there you have to choose an Uculi that you can gift away - to continue with your gifting progress, press X. Then you get to select between Uplay Friends of yours, for a gift receiver. Confirm with A once, and then a second time (A) afterwards you have chosen, the quantity that you intend to gift, of the relative Oculi. Your gift(s) will be sent towards your desired Xbox fellow - another screen notifies you of the concluded gifting transmission - the relative Xbox Achievement will be unlocked for your Xbox LIVE Gamertag after a few more seconds have passed.
  • EuGeNeVtEuGeNeVt93,562
    15 Jan 2020 11 Jan 2020 18 Jan 2020
    7 3 8
    As per Ubisoft the server was turned off, but you can however get the achievement still if you are using an ethernet connection. If you pull out the ethernet cable at the right time while sending a Oculi to one of your friends it will trick the game into thinking that it was successful and the achievement will still unlock. Once unlocked simply put the cable back in and play as normal.

    Thank you to @Wendsoy for the solution, after speaking to Ubisoft they unlocked the uplay points initially but said the achievement is un-achievable. So glad it was not the case.
  • Maveric 360Maveric 3601,336,047
    03 May 2014 03 May 2014
    12 9 3
    Delete as many friends and followers as you can. You Need to be under 100 friends and followers together. Followers must be blocked. You can Change it after you got the achievement... thx to ubisoft.... Really perfekt programming and Game testing.... save the Money for testing.....
  • Suped225Suped22593,768
    01 Aug 2020 01 Aug 2020
    0 0 0 New
    To add on to Facial La Fleur’s post I found that you can at least get the “sending gift” message to appear. However it just goes in an endless spiral no matter how much I try to get the confirmation message. So I’m here to tell you guys how to get the sending gift message as well as see what you guys can do with it

    1. You need a wired connection
    2. Press the start button
    3. Go to the oculi menu
    4. Chose one of three oculi slots
    5. Press X on of of the oculi
    6. Select any one of your friends

    This should bring you to the last confirmation message

    7. You need to unplug your Ethernet cable for 3 seconds
    8. Plug it back in for another 5 seconds

    Once the 5 seconds pass you need to

    9. Press A to confirm the final confirmation message

    Now you should see a “connecting” message pop up. This next step needs to be done fairly fast.

    10. Sign in with another profile

    Once the profile is signed in it should automatically bring you back to the game and show you a “Press A on any Xbox One wireless controller to continue prompt”

    12. Wait 10 seconds
    13. Press A on the prompt

    Now you should be seeing the “Sending Gift” message

    Do with this what you will. It took me a long time to get that far. I figured once I got the message to appear it would be easy sailing after that. However I wasn’t able to figure out how to get the final message to appear (The one that says you’ve sent the oculi). So I’m hoping you guys could have some luck and could post it here. Or maybe you’ll have no luck like me. Anyways, good luck lol
  • WOODY2211WOODY22111,157,246
    09 May 2014 10 May 2014
    6 8 0
    I know there are already solutions on here but i was having trouble getting this!! I dropped my friends and followers down to 100 but still no luck! What i ended up doing was this:-

    Go into your friends list
    Go down to My profile
    Here you MUSThave your Friends AND Followers UNDER 100 total.

    So that i didnt loose who was on my friends list i opened up and went to Friends then held down ctrl and clicked on there name, this will open up a new tab with your friend in. Once you have done this enough times so that you think it will take you under 100 then i went through every tab and clicked unfriend. once going through all tabs i turned my xbox off and on again then went to friends and checked that Friends and Followers total was under 100 then loaded up the game, continued my game, pressed start and went to Oculi, down to one of the equipments, hovered over a stone and pressed X, pick someone on your friends list and once it is sent then the achievement will pop!!

    I hope this helps.

    If something does not make sense let me know and i will update.
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