Ryse: Son of Rome

Ryse: Son of Rome
Ryse: Son of Rome

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Survive for 30 Minutes on Island

14 Apr 2014 until 05 May 2014

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Challenge Guide for Castaway

  • protectmecone09protectmecone09265,675
    26 Apr 2014 27 Apr 2014
    16 2 1
    As mentioned in other solutions, communication is a big part of this challenge. However the way I went about it with my friend was a little differently.

    To start with we both used the swords which gave you 100% Focus gain bonus therefore allowing us to bypass having to use Jupiter as a God. We both used Apollo allowing health bonuses more often so when the time gets higher the countdown is constantly restarting. We also both equipped two revive potions.

    A big problem with staying super close together is that you are constantly hitting the same enemy and killing it before you can execute him to get that little health gain. Also, you want to stay out of the middle of the island due to the arrows constantly getting shot. We found a way around this problem. On 3 sides of the island there is a little section that sticks out where the enemies come from, we each chose our own and held ground there. As long as one chooses the middle and the other chooses one of the sides, you will still be close enough to get to each other and revive each other if/when you go down.

    Took us a few tries however the first few times we did not use that setup. We tried using Jupiter and Apollo, Health and revive potions, and we tried all sorts of fighting styles in the arena, none of which worked. When we finally earned it we lasted just shy of 32 Minutes.

    Hope this helps for the last few hours you have to complete it.
  • FifiRaceRFifiRaceR406,344
    28 Apr 2014
    6 3 1
    Initially planned to finish earlier today, the challenge seems to be extended for 6 more days. Even with fully-equipped tier 6 items, it's a tough challenge to get, but not impossible. With a friend, from 5 minutes when we were level 20 with tier 1 or 2, we reached 28+ minutes after reaching level 130+ and tier 6 equipment.

    Last few minutes are insane, so choose the equipment carefully and save money to get lots of tier 6 gold packs. Stay close enough to your partner to revive him, use every statue you can, carry health potions... and both use Apollo. Do as many executions and double executions as you can, since they protect from arrows and replenish your health. Use rage only when necessary to save it for hard enemies or for going to revive your partner.

    Good luck!
    28 Apr 2014 01 May 2014
    2 1 0
    Yes, using Apollo god powers is imperative and also upgraded armour and weapons (increasing the number of heal capsules you have available) is very important. Also using focus (in Apollo's case sun spot) after 20minutes can be very helpful. Timing an execution for when the arrows are released I'll mean that you cannot take damage while actually in the execution.
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