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Ultimate Spider-Man achievement in The Amazing Spider-Man 2

Ultimate Spider-Man

Reach maximum levels for all suits

Ultimate Spider-Man0
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How to unlock the Ultimate Spider-Man achievement

  • Ecko3351Ecko3351357,140
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    Maximum Carnage! level. Use seismic blast and restart the checkpoint once you get the XP. Make sure not to enter the green circle after killing all the enemies. It will trigger a cut scene.

    You should get around 2500xp each time.

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    vexer6OK I managed to do this in one playthrough by some divine miracle, here's what I did- leveled up each suit one at a time, making sure not to switch until a suit was maxed out(and I never swapped between maxed out suits either, basically once I maxed out a suit, I never switched back to it, not even for combat challenges). When doing the Russian hideouts, I NEVER once auto-switched the suits when given the option after completing the missions(even if the suit I was currently wearing was maxed out). Following these steps I was able to get the achievement to pop right after I maxed out the final suit(last one I maxed out was the suit you get for beating the final mission).

    So if you want this cheevo, maybe try those steps and see if it helps. Fastest and most efficient way to do this is to keep on doing the "Deadlock" scenarios on the map, as those give you over 1000 XP for finishing them, plus a few hundred XP for each enemy you take down, and there can be as many as 12 bad guys(plus sometimes after you defeat the grunts, you might end up having to face a leader or 3, which is usually either brutes or speedy's and they give you even more XP) so it adds up fairly quickly. After I finished the game I had about 5-6 suits maxed out and it took me a few hours to finish leveling up the rest, I muted the game and put on some podcasts in the background to help keep my attention.

    Also i'd very strongly recommend doing this on the easiest difficulty (Human mode) for the sake of your own sanity.
    Posted by vexer6 on 29 Oct 18 at 05:00
    A DEAD B0DY MANYa I had to start new game at 97% did two costumes and then black one,comic hero( I think) gave me 1% few more nothing then alt ego gave me last two when I got that too 8 a second time.. .
    Thanks to STARINFLAMES21 and EmeraldEmissary, I got stuck at 98% for this achievement. I started a new game and once I fully upgraded the starting costume, it unlocked for me.
    Posted by FullMetal#4406 on 17 May 14 at 13:50
    Posted by A DEAD B0DY MAN on 25 Sep at 01:55
    A DEAD B0DY MANAlso way faster to do petty crime and helicopter dead lock or whatever at 3 star hero . Stealth kill and web to ground seems to add up too
    Posted by A DEAD B0DY MAN on 25 Sep at 01:57
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  • sm182sm182790,580
    07 Mar 2016 08 Mar 2016
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    Not only is this achievement the most grindy in the game but it also has a tendancy to glitch (it appears to be a problem with the achievement tracker app) so here are some helpful tips to save you from having to do a 2nd playthrough:

    - Stick to one suit at a time until it's fully levelled up (Max level is 8).

    - Have the achievement tracker app snapped to the side of the game. Everytime you level up and glow green the app should increase 1% (sometimes 2%). If it does not go up at all then that level of the suit has glitched and you will need to do something about it.

    What I did was everytime I levelled up I paused the game so that it wouldn't auto-save. If you notice that there was no percentage increase (it happened to me on my last level of the Scarlet Spider & Big Time suits) then hold the guide button and turn the console off straight away.

    After restarting it should show the correct percentage but if it shows the wrong percentage then you will need to level up the suit again. You should be the level you were before the glitch occured.

    - To help keep track of what percentage you should be at here is a list of what they should be when each suit is maxed out:

    1st Suit: 7%
    2nd Suit: 15%
    3rd Suit: 23%
    4th Suit: 30%
    5th Suit: 38%
    6th Suit: 46%
    7th Suit: 53%
    8th Suit: 61%
    9th Suit: 69%
    10th Suit: 76%
    11th Suit: 84%
    12th Suit: 92%
    13th Suit: 100%

    - Occasionally the achivement tracker app would, instead of going up, will go down a suits worth of progress (i.e. I would be at 69% and then it would drop to 46%, 23% and even once 0%). If this happens then pause and restart the console. It should fix itself.

    That's about it; use the guide posted by Ecko3351 (it took me about 40 minutes per suit personally) to boost those levels and I wish you all good luck with this achievement.
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    Marx0rI kept this in mind while going for mine, but at the end of it I got cocky and stopped paying attention and sure enough the last suit bugged out on me two nights ago. I was left at 98%. I shelved the game for a bit and started playing something else, and not 5 minutes ago the achievement popped while my console was paused on Shadow of Mordor and I was eating breakfast.

    I would suggest that you add the following to your guide:

    "If you do get stuck in a glitch, before resetting your progress just leave the game alone for a few days and play something else. It may fix itself and unlock randomly."
    Posted by Marx0r on 06 Nov 16 at 13:57
    KANKURO KUDOmay also be helpful to know that the difficultly affects the amount of points you get by doing this method so you have changed the setting to an easier level you wont get as many points as the easiest setting nets you about 1500 per each fight.
    Posted by KANKURO KUDO on 01 Aug 18 at 13:19
    A DEAD B0DY MANYa I did all in order or to level 8. I'm at 97% grrr. Lol...
    Trying all suits in again and one side mission. Hope that works
    Posted by A DEAD B0DY MAN on 24 Sep at 01:41
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