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Seduce Randval

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How to unlock the Chivalrandy achievement

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    Randval's availability to be romanced is slightly different that the other members.

    Like with the other, all the side quests involving him must be completed. However, unlike the other characters, there are a few conversations that MUST be completed too. These conversations can be completed at anytime up to the point in Act 3 where you are about to give Lyestas the crystals as part of the main quest, if Randval is in the party then you can give the crystals to Lyestas and still finish the conversations before reaching the fire where everyone else is gathered around.

    During the conversation with Mathras around the fire, you MUST allow Randval to accompany you. Saying yes to Randval at this point should spark another flirtatious banter between you two about Happy and Live being in the same sentence. Mathras will evertually interrupt telling you to get on with it.
    -If you choose Randval and the next dialouge comes from Edwen or Rhelmar then you did something wrong and you will not be able to romance Randval

    Even if you say yes to more than one person to go with you, as long as you get the extra dialogue form Randval, you can pick Randval up after the meet and go on to kill the Concubine with no problems getting the romance option.

    Randval MUST be present at each of the Concubine fights. Stalker, Watcher, Creator, and Guardian. You can still take Randval to kill the Creator, return to camp to get Rhelmar's final quest complete, then pick up Randval to finish the rest of the Concubines and you will still get the chance to romance him.
    -If you decide to romance Rhelmar, save before freeing the Prince's souls, then reload after and pass on Rhelmar. You can only romance 1 person per save file.

    Here are the two conversation topics which need to be correctly finsihed before Act 3 Chapter 2.

    1. The first topic, “What is the Order of the Emberknights?”
    a. “Stick with me, And you’ll get your wish.” – Leads to possible romance.
    b. “Well don’t expect me to help you.” – Fail, unable to romance later.

    2. The last topic, “So what did you abandon when you entered into the order of the Emberknights?”
    a. “I won’t ask you again.” - Fail, unable to romance later.
    b. “This could be the last chance you get to talk about it.” Leads to possible romance.
    c. “And you want me to trust you?” - lead to the previous two choices, possibly results in a failure to romance. (best to not even try this one then.)

    Here are the side quests.
    You can answer no to some of Randval's quests in Act 1, and still be able to complete them. You should NOT do this because it may cause an issue later when trying to get the option to romance him.

    Act 1
    The duel - beat Randval in a one on one battle.
    The recruitment of Randval - speak to Captain about a possible new recruit.

    Act 2
    Randval the loner - Allow Randval to recon. After he returns you will need to take him with the attack an enemy caravan (its the bridge to the SW near the watch tower. Any deviation from this quest once it is accepted will result in failing.)
    Randval potion - this is only available to the Demon path, if you get it you might as well complete it just to be safe. Find the plants to loot for the items to return to Randval.

    Act 3
    Knight in distress - Find Randval in the Southern section of Blackfrost's Domain, called the East Wing.

    You will also get
    Bound by FlameWithout fear, without reproachThe Without fear, without reproach achievement in Bound by Flame worth 53 pointsAccomplish all of Randval's personal quests
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    To seduce Randval you have to be a female character and do all his side quests. Also, just to be on the safe side, ask him any question you can every time you have the chance.

    Act 1
    -The duel
    -The recruitment of Randval

    Act 2
    -Randval the loner (Allow him to do his recon and SAVE the moment you get this mission, because if you choose a wrong path to attack the convoy you will fail the quest)
    -Randval potion (IMPORTANT! This quest is not needed to seduce him!)

    Act 3
    -Knight in distress

    Once you do all these quests take him with you when you plan your final attack to fight ALL the concubines (select him when your companions plan their assault in front of the bonfire).
    When you defeat the last one (the Guardian) in front of the Palace, he will say that he likes you. just choose the first option and you will get the achievement.
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    DIMEBOYI did all this and he never spoke to me after the concubines were destroyed.
    Posted by DIMEBOY on 30 Jul 14 at 22:47
    FalconGR LIVEDIMEBOY did you had him with you in the party while you were killing every concubine? Also, just to be on the safe side, talk to him every time you can! worked first time on my playthrough :S
    Posted by FalconGR LIVE on 30 Jul 14 at 23:12
    I Like DrinkinHow odd. This one popped for me despite not doing his quests beyond act 1.
    Posted by I Like Drinkin on 19 May 20 at 20:47
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