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High-5 Hundred achievement in Wordament Snap Attack (Windows)

High-5 Hundred

Complete 500 full games

High-5 Hundred0
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How to unlock the High-5 Hundred achievement

  • XtowersXtowers
    02 Jul 2014 12 May 2014 29 May 2014
    UPDATE: There's been reports recently that the game will be updated, and to complete the game with the addict achievement you'll need to score 2.5 million points total. That means, if you want to get 2.5 million points within 500 games, you'll need to score 5,000 points per game average (doable). Therefore I recommend you actually play the game as it was intended and try to score as many points as possible. See the other incredibly helpful solutions for "Addict". If you aren't going for Addict, and just want to get 500 games played with as little effort as possible, read on...

    Hi there! I wanted to share some information with you regarding this monumental grind of an achievement. This will likely be the last achievement you earn in this game (aside from the glitched achievement upon the game's release).

    You need to complete 500 full games on the same language to earn this achievement. To count as a full game you need to fulfill 2 requirements:

    1. You must remain on the puzzle board for the full 2 minutes and 30 seconds. No joining late or exiting early allowed. Once you get to the results screen you should be able to safely exit for the full game to count.
    2. You have to score at least one snap. You can score 4 points or 4000, just place at least one scoring tile on the board.

    Time-required: Each game takes 2.5 minutes with 45 seconds of post-game screens. That means each full game will take 3.25 minutes. 500 x 3.25 = 1,625 minutes. Total time required: 27-28 hours

    Cross-platform synchronization: Your game stats and leaderboard positions sync between the Windows Phone and Windows 8 platforms (and should also sync for the Android and iPhone versions when they're released). That means if you already have the 500 games achievement for the Windows Phone:

    Wordament Snap Attack (WP)High-5 HundredThe High-5 Hundred achievement in Wordament Snap Attack (WP) worth 48 pointsComplete 500 full games

    then you should also be able to unlock the 500 games achievement on the Windows 8 version. However, non-stat achievements will not be unlocked automatically on a version if you have it unlocked on the other version. Achievements like 'Bingo' 'Get in Shape' and 'CH a CH ING' have to be unlocked exclusively on each version of the game.

    Recommended method for getting 500 games:

    First, (assuming you're going for the full completion of the game) get all the other achievements you can from all versions of the game. Depending on your skill this may take you as little as 100 games, or as many as 300, but you're likely going to need to complete a couple hundred games after you've earned everything else. The leaderboard achievement in particular may require a little bit of dedication to get yourself in to the top 250:

    Wordament Snap Attack (WP)World ChampThe World Champ achievement in Wordament Snap Attack (WP) worth 113 pointsAchieved "Sore Fingers" and "Addict" and placed in the top 250 of the “Top Player” leaderboards

    Wordament Snap Attack (Windows)World ChampThe World Champ achievement in Wordament Snap Attack (Windows) worth 88 pointsAchieved "Sore Fingers" and "Addict" and placed in the top 250 of the “Top Player” leaderboards

    Then, you can simply let the game run while you're at work, watching a movie, or doing whatever. Just place 1 scoring tile down each game and let it run. Be sure you don't let your screen time out. The beauty of this game is that stats transfer across to all platforms, so if you don't bring your tablet with you everywhere you can play the game on your phone, or vice versa.

    Special notes:
    1. Worth repeating: 500 full games must be done on the same language. You can switch between languages freely, but the cumulative total is for one language only.
    2. You can check your progress on the main screen stats (thankfully; this would be horrible without progress tracking).

    I hope that helps! Please leave your questions or comments below, and a thumbs up will always warm my heart! ^_^
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    jkmyoungThis unlocked with my stats at only 475 or so Full Games. Seems like some partial games count.
    Posted by jkmyoung On 27 Jun 14 at 13:50
    XtowersInteresting. I'll confirm this soon.
    Posted by Xtowers On 27 Jun 14 at 14:08
    XtowersMy achievement unlocked at 500 exactly. My guess is your stats were not updated when you popped it.
    Posted by Xtowers On 02 Jul 14 at 16:09
    XtowersMine actually said 499 from my WP, but then it updated when I checked on my Win 8 device and said 500 even.
    Posted by Xtowers On 02 Jul 14 at 16:10
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