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Brickyard Legend

Complete a race in the Indianapolis 500 Hopper and drive 375 miles in the event.

23 May 2014 until 26 May 2014

Brickyard Legend
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Challenge Guide for Brickyard Legend

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    This is a "2h 20m" Race. You need to get at least 150 Laps. To be sure drive 152 Laps (380 Miles). As at the Long Beach Event I did 126 Miles, where 125 Miles was needful and stopped at/in the Pit-Lane (so kept in race), but it said I did 98% after the Event.

    At this Indy 500 Event we had a person who messed up for others in the first 10-15m (and then quit) of the Race, all other Drivers got way enough Miles for the Challenge. I got 201,5 Laps (503,75 Miles).

    -------------- Update: -------------

    When searching for Tunes, put by search always at Environment/Track: "Indianapolis Oval". Off-course search for X-Class. Below some tunes that can be good. Self used the #9 Honda Tune that is standing below.

    #1 Chevy: "Bob Dixon 76", title: "VM Indy" & "ThatGuysAverage", title: "Indy Oval #1".
    #12 Chevy: look if someone in Top 16 of the Rivals Leaderboard have shared their Tune.
    #9 Honda: "ThatGuysAverage", title: "Indy Oval #1".
    #15 Honda: If he has shared for this car the Tune from "Bob Dixon 76". Otherwise there is no great #15 tune.
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