2.4 Hour D'Endurance achievement in Forza Motorsport 5

2.4 Hour D'Endurance

Complete a race in the 2.4 Hours D'Endurance Hopper and drive 250 miles in the event.

13 Jun 2014 until 17 Jun 2014

2.4 Hour D'Endurance
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How to unlock the 2.4 Hour D'Endurance challenge

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    Hi, this isn't a real solution but maybe it helps you:

    The 2.4 Hour D'Endurance Event is available in the Hopper Menu. Every Race is a 2-class event and takes 2 hours and 40 minutes (!). Its totally random if you get a R-class or a P-class car. In a P-class car it's easier to reach the 250 miles / 402 km but in the R-class its also easy to do.

    You have to finish the race to get the achievement, don't leave the race before it ends, even if you reached the 250 miles / 402 km.

    The hardest part is to find a race, cause every event takes 2 h 40 min. I would suggest searching after lobbys until you find one where the race ends in 30 minutes or less. Stay in the lobby and wait till the others finish their race and you can start. Sometimes you will be lucky enough to enter a lobby thats only a few seconds before the start of the race, but most people wont have this luck.

    Attention: This race is set to simulation so you can get damage and you need to make a pitstop cause otherwise you will ran out of fuel.

    English isn't my mother tongue, so maybe there are some language mistakes.

    Here is a picture of my lobby, you can see everybody was able to get the challenge.
    External image
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    ThatiswhatidoeSWell the piece of shit challenge unlocked after the 4th race. In total I have driven more than 800 miles for this challenge, in my 4th and final race I drove the full 2 hours and 40 mins only pit stopping when needed & got to 315 miles. Finally, now turn 10 needs to fix the other 2 challenges they fucked up and only 1 & 2 people got!!!
    Posted by ThatiswhatidoeS on 16 Jun 14 at 06:28
    andiosterfeldi think they've made a mistake. i think the activated all challenges planned till the end (the release of horizon 2). for shure they will reactivate those challenges when their time has come
    Posted by andiosterfeld on 16 Jun 14 at 06:33
    XtowersThe achievement popped at the end of the race. I drove 250 miles, and then did an extra lap. I had about 1/2 hour to go, so I just decided to get ready for bed. Came back at the end of the race and it popped. I guess I was lucky.

    Came in 4/4, for no medal. Got 60,000 exp and 35,000 cr. Pitiful.
    Posted by Xtowers on 16 Jun 14 at 13:59
    Cpt Kent Jamesive yet to have a lobby where I can get over 20m it normally kicks me and most people I no at around 16-24m and yes we all have good internet con.
    Posted by Cpt Kent James on 16 Jun 14 at 15:18
    Cpt Kent JamesI just got it but only because I was the 2ed player to join the lobby (was full lobby on race start) after it started halfway true lap 1 most people got DC and by lap 4 it was only me and 1 other player left and we both got +300m in GT2 cars and we got the achievement.
    Posted by Cpt Kent James on 16 Jun 14 at 20:37
    FF7 BryanPlayed for 2 hours, and got disconnected. Nope, not doing again.
    Posted by FF7 Bryan on 17 Jun 14 at 03:37
    Cpt Kent James[ Warning ] most servers used for the 2.4h race's are crud if you are not the fist 2-3 people in the lobby you will most likely not Finish the race you will get kicked and yore miles will not count this will no doubt be the same on the next 2.4 Hour challenge.
    Posted by Cpt Kent James on 19 Jun 14 at 21:20
    andiosterfeldAre You shure, in my event 5/7 R-class ans 3/4 p-class drivers finished
    Posted by andiosterfeld on 20 Jun 14 at 06:53
    XtowersYeah, my lobby had 4 P-class finishers, and about the same number of R-Class. A few seemed to have quit out after 10-15 minutes (probably because they saw it was a 2.4 hour race).
    Posted by Xtowers on 20 Jun 14 at 13:43
    Cpt Kent Jamesas I said most of the lobby's used will kick most of people leaving around 2-3 people left but there are some that will work and not kick most of the people.
    Posted by Cpt Kent James on 20 Jun 14 at 16:06
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