World Champ achievement in Wordament Snap Attack (WP)

World Champ

Achieved "Sore Fingers" and "Addict" and placed in the top 250 of the “Top Player” leaderboards

World Champ+0.4
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How to unlock the World Champ achievement

  • MMMDIMMMDI1,067,132
    23 May 2014 23 May 2014 07 Aug 2014
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    1) Complete 100 full games (loading screen to loading screen).
    2) Achieve 2,500,000 points.
    3) Place in the top 250 of any of the "top" leaderboards (top players today, weekly, monthly, all time).

    #1 and #3 have to be done on the same language. So, if you completed 100 games in English, you can't use Italian for the leaderboard part (unless you do another 100 games in Italian).

    Also, if you are in the top 250 of any of the leaderboards before you hit 100 full games, and you then hit 100 full games while in the top 250, you will have to drop out of the 250 and re-enter it.

    Plus, keep in mind that the leaderboards are not updated in real time. It may take up to an hour for your scores to count and your position to update... you can scroll all the way to the bottom to see when the leaderboard was last updated.

    Finally, this achievement seems to be glitchy in that it may not pop when it's supposed to. You may have to completely exit the game and reload it, and it may pop when it gets past the "connecting to Wordament" part. This is not a guarantee though, it may simply not pop at all.

    If you are positive that you have met the requirements, and you are aware of everything that I put here, exit the game and reload until the achievement finally decides to pop. Personally, I had to reload about 50 times over the course of three days before it decided to pop. I have heard of people having no problems, and I have heard of people who can't get it to unlock at all... this is simply what worked for me.

    I ranked in the "top weekly" leaderboard in addition to the "top daily" one. Not sure if it matters, but that's how much I had to screw around with it to get this to unlock.

    Also note that if you pop this on one version of the game (WP / Win 8 / Android), it will unlock in the others even if you have fell out of the leaderboard. I would assume iOS is included in that list, but I haven't played that version and can't confirm.
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    MomentousFlea4Nice! I'm relieved to hear that. Did you have to do the shape one on all of the devices as well? Thanks for your help by the way, the only other friend I have who has this isn't that far.
    Posted by MomentousFlea4 On 10 Aug 14 at 20:42
    MMMDIYeah, you have to redo all of the shapes... that's the only part that makes it a huge pain to stack.
    Posted by MMMDI On 10 Aug 14 at 20:45
    MMMDIAlso, I don't know if it was a fluke or what, but the shapes reset on Android when I closed it out, so I had to do them all in one run. Might want to test before you get too far into it.
    Posted by MMMDI On 10 Aug 14 at 20:48
    MomentousFlea4Ah, good point. Maybe I'll avoid Android if that is the case.
    Posted by MomentousFlea4 On 11 Aug 14 at 04:42
    KinectKid333Shouldn't this achievement be Buggy- then?
    Posted by KinectKid333 On 31 Oct 14 at 03:17
    yossarianoMy experience similar to MMMDI, World Champ popped just now yet I popped Addict three days ago on Nov 30.

    When I popped Addict I was ranked in the top ten for the day, week and month yet World Champ didn't pop immediately.

    I kept starting the app up over the course of the three days and it popped with me at number 3592 for the day, 83 for the week and month.

    Maybe it only re-evaluates the achievement when you leave or enter the top 250 of one of the qualifying leaderboards. Who knows.
    Posted by yossariano On 03 Dec 14 at 15:45
    KilledThricedI had popped all other achievements months ago but this one would not pop. I finally got back on and got onto the daily leader board 3 days in a row making sure just to open the game every once in a while and it finally popped. Don't really know what causes it but good luck to everyone else.
    Posted by KilledThriced On 21 Feb 15 at 02:56
    PlanesWalker 97yah, i cant seem to pop mine even though ive meet all the requirements
    Posted by PlanesWalker 97 On 17 May 15 at 01:46
    ZSquared8080Thought I'd chime in since I'm struggling with this one too. I just popped addict (2.5 mil, didn't jump in early enough to only do 250k...), and I'm currently 38 in the Top Players Daily, and ~150 in the Top Players Weekly.

    The solution says that you don't have to drop out and come back in to the leaderboards for this to pop after getting Addict, and I am waaaay past 100 games. So I'll try exiting / returning over the next couple days, getting back in the leaderboard, etc. and post back here what happens. Hopefully it pops... really want to get 100% on this!
    Posted by ZSquared8080 On 24 Apr 16 at 03:10
    ZSquared8080OK, this popped for me a few hours later. I didn't have to drop out of Top 250 and come back, it just took some time to pop. I closed and opened the app, signed out and signed in a few times, but I'm not sure if that made any difference.

    I can also confirm that iOS behaves similarly to the others, World Champ pops on first sign in once you have it on another platform.
    Posted by ZSquared8080 On 24 Apr 16 at 05:56
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