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Top Gun achievement in World of Tanks: Valor (Xbox 360)

Top Gun

Destroy more enemy vehicles than any player in your team during the battle (at least 6). MP only.

Top Gun0
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How to unlock the Top Gun achievement

  • Geordie ScoutGeordie Scout227,088
    08 May 2014 09 May 2014 09 May 2014
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    I managed to get this using the German Marder II Tank Destroyer (Tier III) on the Cliff map. If you spawn at the bottom side of the map you can hide in some bushes in the bottom left corner (grid G1 or H1) and ambush the enemy as they come through the bottleneck in the cliffs in front of you (grid E1 & E2).

    If your Marder II is fully upgraded and has a camouflage net this will help as you can usually one shot kill other Tier III or lower tanks before they even see you. I'm sure other TD's will do the job as well but I think choosing a Tier III is key as you generally get good matchmaking (i.e. you are the highest Tier in match).

    Other maps which I've got close to this were Prokhorovka, Malinovka and Mines but anywhere you can setup a good ambush on a bottleneck or see large open areas, from cover of bushes, work well. Remember to stay out of sight as the Marder has poor armour - but it's massive gun (for Tier III) makes up for that!

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    TSGTDRAGONGreat solution, but still struggling to get this one. I have many matches with 5 kills but either the match ends by capture or somone takes my kills!! Very frustrating!!
    Posted by TSGTDRAGON on 12 Nov 14 at 21:10
    Geordie ScoutThanks, I could do with updating this a bit as I've got a bit more experienced with the game. Generally any fully upgraded TD or Heavy with a gun that's higher than the tier your tank is classed overall will work well.

    With good matchmaking and a bit of luck you'll have it in no time.
    Posted by Geordie Scout on 12 Nov 14 at 22:38
    x RepoUK x@shepbar - did you check the other team as it's not just the kills on your team that counts? I thought I just got it with 6 kills on Fisherman's Bay with 6 kills with an AT-8. Unfortunately on double checking an opposing force player got 8 kills in a KV-1S cry
    Posted by x RepoUK x on 16 Feb 15 at 14:49
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  • APOPHIS1989APOPHIS1989460,651
    08 May 2014 08 May 2014
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    Since heavy tanks usually have the highest hp and armor, you have a better chance of surviving and taking out enemies. That said, tier V is the earliest heavy. The matchmaking should make you top tier 1/3 of the time, meaning you will be one of the few heavies, increasing your chances of success. Premium tanks with preferential matchmaking will put you top tier half the time! The following premium tanks have preferential matchmaking:
    Churchill III
  • The Gwyn ReaperThe Gwyn Reaper153,389
    09 Jun 2014 18 Dec 2014
    4 1 0
    This is quite an easy achievement, most people will unlock this medal several times on the road to tier X, if they play as a heavy tank or tank destroyer.

    If, for some reason, you have chosen light tanks, or artillery, to reach Tier X, then you might struggle to unlock this.

    The easiest way to get the "Top Gun" medal is by seal clubbing tier I and II tanks in a tank which is completely overpowered for it's tier.

    That tank... is the one and only... T-18.

    The mighty T-18

    People have always complained that this tank is overpowered, and since it's introduction there have been calls to have it "nerfed" by wargaming.

    The T-18 is a Tier II, U.S. Tank Destroyer. This tank can be fitted with a 75 mm Howitzer M1A1 gun, (a tier IV gun,) and it will obliterate almost every Tier I tank that you see in a single hit. Tier II tanks are usually gone in two hits.

    It boasts 51mm frontal armour, (very thick for tier II,) with no obvious weakspot. As long as you face your enemies you will usually bounce everything that they throw at you.

    It can move at a top speed of 48kph. It reverses slowly. You can get around fast and pick your battles.

    It has excellent ramming capabilities. The combination of heavy frontal armour and fast speed means you will always come out on top.

    Being a tier II, you will frequently see games filled with tier I or tier II opponents. These games are where you will mop up and dominate the other players, who won't know what hit them.

    These players usually don't know where to aim, don't know about weakspots, can't lead their shots, don't bother training their crew, won't spend any silver on equipment, and are usually just trying to graduate to a better tank as fast as they can.

    The T-18 should be fitted with binoculars, (to increase your view range,) and a camo-net, (to reduce the chances of being spotted.) You can sell both of these later for a full refund. I would also recommend the enhanced gun laying drive, this reduces your aiming time. However, this is complex equipment, so you won't be able to get a refund when you're done.

    It will take you a little while to get your crew exp (tank mastery) up to 100%. You should definitely spend silver on your crew training, to bring their tank mastery up to 80%. It should cost about 50,000 silver for "Regimental School" if I remember correctly.
    Don't waste your gold - never, ever waste gold on tank mastery. 1000 gold is a rip-off.

    It won't take long to unlock the "T-18 HMC package" - this is the one you want.

    Unlocking "Top Gun"

    In order to unlock Top Gun you will need to kill the most enemies out of all players in the game. (At least six.) There can only be ONE Top Gun medal awarded in each game.

    If someone on the other team kills more than you, then he will get the medal, not you. If two players both have six kills, the award will go to the player who earned the most exp during the battle.

    My usual "Top Gun" strategy with the T-18 is to use it as a mid range, explosive sniper.

    - You want to be in a Tier I/II game. If you are up against Tier III enemies you will be evenly matched.

    - Don't lead the charge. Follow just behind your team mates and steal their kills.

    - When an enemy sits still to fire, hit him with the Howitzer. Always try to steal kills this way.

    - If you come under fire, always face your opponent. Let your armour bounce their shells.

    - Keep your distance from the enemy.

    - Don't get flanked.

    - Engage enemies one at a time.

    - Lead your shots. The Howitzer takes a second to land and fires in a trajectory. Like an artillery shell, it takes longer to land than a regular tank shell.

    - If an enemy is moving you need to aim at the ground in front, that his tank is about to be on. This takes practice, you can only master this through experience. You must also account for distance and speed.

    - You should only fire when the reticle is at it's smallest. The Enhanced Gun-laying Drive helps reduce your aiming time.

    - Avoid other seal clubbers using a T-18.

    The rest of it is down to luck. You might head down one flank and find it empty, or you might get swarmed by the entire pack of enemies. You need six kills, so you need to be active, but also careful. Pace is the key.

    In a typical game with my T-18, I usually manage four or five kills. Every so often I get six, which is another Top Gun medal for my collection.

    Happy Hunting!
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