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  • PhantomSirenPhantomSiren1,825,913
    21 May 2014 21 May 2014 26 Jul 2019
    277 11 201
    I can 100% confirm that you can replay the last level on Uber and unlock all difficulty achievements. I played on easy all the way up to Chapter 15 and then switched to Uber on Chapter 16. I beat the game and it did NOT give me the Uber achievement. So I decided to "replay" Chapter 16 from the Chapters menu and when I completed it a second time, it unlocked both Uber and Super Hero achievements.

    So if you want to do this, make sure to just play on whatever difficulty you want, beat the game, and then replay the last level on Uber using the Chapters menu. This was done before the patch so this could be patched but it works as of now.

    ** Update **
    According to players, this method still works as of July 26th, 2019.
  • LizardKingv666LizardKingv666496,063
    22 May 2014 22 May 2014 25 Jul 2014
    165 5 46
    This is a solution for the final boss fight against a certain General. I know that this is not a solution for the entire game on the Über-Difficulty but I want to post this here to save you all some time if you are struggling.

    At first you have to shoot down the two Zeppelins that are flying in the air at two corners outside the fighting-area. When the fight begins quickly go behind the glass-wall and cut a hole in the fence with your laser gun. You'll find your weapons there and some health. Collect all health and armor when you are running around - you'll need it!

    You need to get up to the Flaks to shoot down those Zeppelins. To get there try to shoot the General a few times with your lasergun - he then will recharge his shield - this is your chance to run to one of those Flaks. Shoot down the first Zeppelin and repeat the process to get to the other Flak.

    Phase 2 is the one that can be the most frustrating but there is one way to make things easier: Double-Rockets!!

    Before you get down the hole be sure to collect your weapons and all ammo you can find. Equip both Assault Rifles and switch both to rocket mode (press right on the D-Pad, then Press left on the D-Pad). Be sure that both Rifles are equipeed with rocket ammo and jump down the hole.
    As noted by "Craig Buchan" you should also open the wooden boxes to collect some extra health!

    The moment you jump down you will see some rocket ammo in front of you - take it. There is another little stash of rocket ammo in the far left corner (up the stairs and then in the far left). Give yourself a few runs to locate those to make your fight easier.
    From then on it's all about hitting him always with two rockets at once, then run around a few seconds - then again double rockets (spamming him cosntantly at once with your rockets will not do the Job!!! Shoot - hide a little bit/run away - shoot).
    Repeat the process.
    I think I needed 8 or 9 good double hits and a few single hits to bring him down.

    Try to move around and watch out for the fire - it's hurting badly on that difficulty. There is some health and some armor lying around - take it only when you need it.

    There is also a simple way that worked for me: After collecting the rocket ammo run to the stairs and over the walkway in front of you- when you reach the other end of the walkway turn right and hide in the gap between the walkway and the wall. When you are hiding there in a good position the boss will not be able to hit you. You can then fire at his feet until he goes down. Give it a try - I can confirm that this works - did it on another Über-Run.
    (credits for this way go to NeXuS23 who wrote this in his solution for the 360 Version!)

    I hope I can save you some time with this guide. Good luck!

    If you vote negatively please tell my why. Thx!

    PS: I replayed only the last chapter to get both achievements for Über and I am Death Incarnate Difficulties. As reported by other Gamers this is still working!

    Dr.Schmock posted this videoin the comments showing that the stairs also work on the opposite side:

    Here is another way with a Video guide from ZasterModa123:
  • x loopymoo xx loopymoo x294,482
    22 Jun 2014 23 Jun 2014
    48 5 24
    I can confirm that this achievement can be gained playing 999 mode :)

    I completed this myself yesterday and the cheevy popped for both Uber and I am Death Incarnate mode.
  • Epic sn1persEpic sn1pers377,782
    11 Mar 2016 11 Mar 2016
    13 0 0
    You can play only the final mission on Uber and unlock both the "Super hero" achievement along with the "Uber hero" achievement without the use of this guide if you like, this is just an easier way of doing this.

    If you plan on 100% completing the game then collect all the enigma codes, crack enigma code one (the code is as follows):

    01 02 03 04 05 06 07 08 09
    08 07 06 05 04 03 02 01 09

    Once you've entered this you'll unlock "999" mode. This allows you to play through the game with a starting health of 999. The difficulty for 999 mode is coincidentally the Uber difficulty. If you hit too low a health to continue in part of the game, no worries, reload the latest checkpoint and start with 999 health again. Also this mode will give you unlimited ammo so there's no need to worry about ammo either.

    The game on 999 mode will probably take you a few more hours but some may find it a lot easier to play through it on 999 mode, rather than frustrating themselves with a level that arguably has quite a few difficult bits to it.

    Hope this helps!
  • vV iSkiLLzvV iSkiLLz128,539
    11 Sep 2015 16 Sep 2015
    12 1 0
    I found it much quicker to complete the last level on UBER rather than starting the game on 999 mode.

    Please bear in mind that you have to complete the whole level again, this could be quite frustrating if you are not used to the difficulty. It took me about 45mins to complete the whole level using this method.

    Here are some tips:
    LKW - Use this most the time if not all the time. Once fully upgraded this is a serious tool and will kill anything in one shot (except machines)
    Keep in mind that you can wait for the battery to recharge or find a power up point. (plenty of them around)
    Let the enemies come to you. Doesn't matter where you hide, they will always come running. This is a very handy way to clear rooms with multiple heavies.

    As for the boss, the above methods work very well. I found hiding under the stairs when you jump down was the easiest, i did this on my first attempt. Simply unload the rockets and grenades then kill the Nazi bastard!.

  • mentocmentoc447,527
    09 Jun 2014 23 Jun 2014 15 Oct 2014
    12 7 2
    I took the advice from many sites on how to beat Deathshead in the final battle. I had a much harder time beating him in the first phase than the second.

    Below is a video of the second phase of the battle from Upload Video. I doubt it will help anyone but maybe the grenades and rockets (assault rifle mod) might be helpful. Biggest tip - DON'T aim down your sights, shoot from the hip as it's easier to see him.
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