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How to unlock the AR magazine + achievement

  • SyndicateKingSyndicateKing484,322
    22 Oct 2014 22 Oct 2014
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    Chapter 15 - Under Attack.

    Assuming everybody starts with an assault rifle at the beginning of this level, you can use the car for cover and kill 6 enemies before reloading checkpoint,

    4 soldiers and 2 drones are in the 1st area, 2 soldiers then 2 drones then 2 soldiers again.

    Rinse & repeat until your 80 kills are confirmed.

    Hope this helps anybody :)
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  • ZalshaZalsha400,314
    22 May 2014 22 May 2014 07 Jan 2016
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    Perk Requirements: 80 Kills with the Assault Rifle from cover.

    This is a rather easy challenge, you just need to stand/crouch behind something and when you see an arrow on the outside of the crosshairs, press cn_LT to peek out/over and kill surrounding enemies. This counts as being in cover.
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    Tanelorn82Actually, leaning is done by pressing cn_LB. When you hit cn_LT, you aim down the sights, if it so happens you're around a corner, Blazko will automatically lean at the same time. I personally found that very annoying and I hated when he did this. At the very least, update the solution because BigPapa is totally right on this.
    Posted by Tanelorn82 on 07 Jan 16 at 14:27
    ZalshaChanged my wording. as in my own experience, this was a much easier way. There are plenty of moments that putting yourself against the wall/corner turn and peeking around and then unloading was a good way to score the most kills. Then it made for an easy spot to farm because you would usually checkpoint right there near that same turn.
    Posted by Zalsha on 07 Jan 16 at 16:40
    xSoulShadoWxI found the Gibraltar Bridge level the best for grinding out this achievement especially this area
    Posted by xSoulShadoWx on 05 Nov 18 at 14:20
  • s3bb86s3bb86525,667
    12 Nov 2015 12 Nov 2015
    14 1 0
    This perk requires you to get 80 kills with the assault rifle while leaning (cn_LB + cn_LSc) out of cover. This can easily be done within normal story progress, but if you have some kills left or want to get this out of yor way as fast as possible, there is a good spot on chapter 2 - asylum.

    After you cleared the floor you started on, use the staircase to go down one floor. Kill the remaining bad guys and proceed into the room, where you have to push a button to open some doors. Crouch immediately and lean up to kill the fist guy. Stay crouched and leave the room. Go right immediately after the doorway and crouch behind the little bookshelf. Lean up and kill everything that comes towards you. Sometimes, the second wave needs to be triggered by leaving your cover and run a little bit towards the hall, go back behind your cover and clear the area.

    You can get 7 kills here within a minute. Reloading the checkpoint will set you back just before you have to push the button, rinse and repeat.
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