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Unlock demolition perk 5

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How to unlock the Rocket magazine + achievement

  • Apollo SquareApollo Square295,751
    23 May 2014 23 May 2014
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    Mission 2- Asylum

    Right before you go out into the courtyard for the final fight of the level switch to dual assault riles with rocket launcher attatchments and run up and just fire at the 5 or 6 eneimies standing near the car and you should get the achievment smile

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    nemesis646Commenting to confirm this works, and that you only need grenades in one rifle.
    Posted by nemesis646 on 09 Dec 18 at 21:58
    IndiscriminatorYeah, I wasn't really wondering about where to find enemies - I can find them around every corner. I wanted to know the location of the Rocket Attachment.

    And for all the people saying "OMG, play the game for yourself," you do realize that the point of this site is to collect Achievements efficiently, right? I have a lot of games to play; I don't have time to play them all twice.
    Posted by Indiscriminator on 10 Aug 19 at 06:45
    AkenoxChaosI agree with you @Indiscriminator, I didn't know you needed an attachment. What if I started mission 2 without reading the comments, the game is leaving game pass and I wanted to get my achievements in. I had to find out how to do demolition perk 6 vaporize.

    There's no need to go all the way back to mission 2, I left off from mission 12 which is where you get the attachment in the end of the first train you get on. You can use rockets but use all, you'll pick up more along the way. Later on in the mission where you come across a rocket soldier and a turret blocking the way into the train. Take them out and save your rockets. There's soldiers in the train you can dual wield and kill with the rockets. Shoot whoever is in way as you go in, there's some to the left. More behind you which they come downstairs, also they will taking cover and shooting at you. It's best to get direct hits and do it on the easiest difficulty.
    Posted by AkenoxChaos on 29 Apr 20 at 21:41
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  • Exalted EntityExalted Entity536,614
    25 Jun 2014 26 Jun 2014
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    Chapter 14 - Return to London Nautica

    "Can I play, daddy" difficulty

    5 kills within 10 seconds using dual-wielded rocket launchers.

    This is after you fight through the first room you get to after you swing on the rope. Then you cut two chains on a scaffolding (piece of wood held with 2 chains), then you walk down and you cut one more chain holding this scaffolding in front of you, making it drop down on one end like a ramp. Run and jump the gap to land on a balcony. As soon as you open the door, you will see a soldier run away. Dual wield your Assault Rifles, and press left and right on the D-pad to get rocket mode on both of them (you only need rockets in one chamber, doesn't have to be ammo in both, but don't try to fire with the second gun if it is empty of rockets, as it will auto switch to machine gun). Once you have the dual assaults equipped, set to rocket mode, and reloaded, move on through the hall and the soldier that had run away will be shooting at you. Start running, go past him, and about 1 foot away from him, on the same side of the hall that he is on, there will be a door. Go in there, and stand behind a wall / look at the desk like I am doing in the video. That will make him and his friends advance to your position, and because it is a tight room, they will all be jumbled together, allowing you to get multi-kills. Then just kill them. You should be able to easily get all 5 in 10 seconds (as long as you do not blow yourself up with a rocket).

    I did this just accidentally in the video (wasn't trying to make a guide, just playing through my game, hence the 30 second "Xbox Record That" lol), but I since then replicated it a few times to see how well it works, and I was able to do it every time very easily (except for 2 times out of the 20 I retried, as 1 time I got shot to death for not running to the room fast enough, and the 2nd time I blew myself up with my own rocket because I was in the soldier's face).

    The part starts at 1:12 of the video, the guy I am talking about is at 1:18. Right past him down the hallway is the door, behind the cardboard boxes.

    My video below should help explain the actual shooting and it shows that you do not need rocket ammo in both guns, just need them both to be in rocket mode.
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    Omniscient AlGreat solution. You can also get assault perk 3 here. You equip the dual wield and spray three enemies without reloading. Saves the trouble of playing other chapters. This was a great place for both achievements!!!
    Posted by Omniscient Al on 12 May 16 at 18:41
  • sloeJAKEsloeJAKE241,471
    27 May 2014 28 May 2014 18 Sep 2018
    35 4 5
    This is the last achievement I got.

    Load up Chapter 16 on the easiest difficulty.

    After you are in the castle/compound, collect all the weapons and ammo. Prepare the dual-wield assault rifles with the rocket attachment. Climb the ruble and use the silenced pistol to kill the attack dog. The game should save as you move forward.

    On your left will be an entrance to a hallway. Step into the opening to be seen. This will alert the guards. There were well more than 5 enemies.

    I retreated just a little way back into the hallway I had come from and fired a rocket into the shotgun soldier that came into that hall. I then turned the corner into the hallway with the enemies and emptied both rocket magazines into the soldiers that were there.

    The achievement popped as I blasted away.
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    RatpoizenBy far the best solution for this perk, very easy and worked first time. +1
    Posted by Ratpoizen on 26 Mar 15 at 15:43
    beets101Gave my vote to you as its right at the beginning, this was my last achievement. Thank you
    Posted by beets101 on 20 Jan 16 at 23:13
    CaptDreadnoughtWorked excellent as described Thanks smile
    Posted by CaptDreadnought on 09 Sep 18 at 15:46
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