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Complete the game on Legendary difficulty

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  • Triple G AndyTriple G Andy568,007
    23 Aug 2009 12 Oct 2009 28 Jun 2011
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    This difficulty can be tricky mainly from two things, Snipers and Elites. What I did on my playthrough was usually keep a battle rifle and plasma pistol, so then jackals, grunts, Drones and Brutes were easily killed with headshots. Elites however need a plasma pistol as if it were a necessity, even as soon as the first level you will find silver elites (with dual plasma rifles and reliable overshields) which can take 3-4 full clips of a Battle rifle before their shields go down, and when they are down it just takes 1 shot to the head.

    As for snipers all I can say is that New Mombasa, the Halo ring and other places will be hell for you as one shot anywhere on you from a beam rifle is an instant kill. Luckily these particular levels are abundant with sniper rifles, Br's and Carbines, so if you keep these weapons and pop out for a second to shoot them you should be ok.

    The Boss battles can also be quite tricky, as the Heretic leader is a pain because he keeps mutiplying for every hit you do. I would suggest using a stickie grenade for some and camping in a corner with an energy sword.

    The prophet of regret is difficult because he can spawn infinite grunts and Honour Guards. The trick is to use a plasma pistol and BR and charge through the guards, as with swords they are less of a threat than with dual plasma rifles. Kill as many grunts as you like and when you are beating up the prophet try to jump off his chair when he is dissapearing to a higher level, otherwise you'll probably fall onto 2 sword honour guards.

    The brute cheiftain is quite easy as you can use a banshee from the prior fight alongside Sgt Johnson & the Scarab, all you have to do is shoot its wings so that they are shortened and then you can squeeze it through the door. Then when the cutscene starts with Tartarus/Brutes you have to kill the brutes yourself (try hide behind an elite for cover) and then if you backtrack to the hall the Banshee will be sitting there. Then all you need to do is keep shooting tartarus with the plasma guns, also make sure you don't get close to Tartarus and keep killing the spawning brutes.
  • Lncherdawg20Lncherdawg2075,883
    01 Jan 2010
  • V3RGLV3RGL35,267
    08 Jul 2014 09 Jul 2014
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    Finished the Legendary achievement today (each mission 1-1.5hrs) using this YouTube video link "Hokiebird428" to get tips how to play before attempting each mission. Best advise is to use the Plasma overcharge and headshot in the first mission on Elites. Cairo station is by far the the hardest part of the entire run (oh... the memories of Truth and Reconciliation... Wave after wave of Elites). Once you get past Cario station is feels a lot like Heroic with Jackle snipers. I had difficulty mostly getting sniped by 2nd or 3rd Jackle in some locations that I missed... Also, sometime not timing my assassinations and sticky gernades on the brutes. Try to give you marines beam rifle and rockets when appropriate, most cases the carbine is good choice. Good Luck... Finally ready for Masterchief collection and H2 Anniversary new achievements.
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