Social Lubricant achievement in Watch_Dogs

Social Lubricant

Complete level 10 against all 3 Drinking Game opponents

Social Lubricant+0.1
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How to unlock the Social Lubricant achievement

    23 Aug 2014 03 Jun 2014 03 Jun 2014
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    These are not my videos but, for everyone going for this achievement - you MUST watch these! smile

    Each video shows step by step from levels 1-10 for each bar.

    I found the videos very helpful for the reversed controls and the changing button parts of each level, all you have to do is pause the video to see before hand where and what buttons will appear and you should be in a good position.

    Many thanks and full credit to - TheRelaxingEnd.

    P.S. today, I just passed level 6, 7 & 8 at Pawnee from watching these videos clap

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    NiksobilSIt just stuck at 66 procent. I beat the weak one last and achievement won't pop
    Posted by NiksobilS on 19 Nov 19 at 11:03
    ShadowRaven9"The banter is boring and repetitious, especially when you try to do the levels back-to-back" One would argue that a 3rd party observing two people drink and their banter to be boring too lol Is it the worst feature of the game or the most provocative thing to date?
    Posted by ShadowRaven9 on 01 Jun at 15:35
    DombineJust unlocked this. Did all 30 one after the other and the only problem I had was Level 6 in Pawnee. I hate the analogue stick challenges. I didn't need to watch the videos. So glad that's done. The button pressing ones I'd happily do over and over
    Posted by Dombine on 27 Sep at 15:25
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  • iNTiMiDaTe xXiNTiMiDaTe xX434,234
    26 May 2014 26 May 2014 24 Aug 2014
    52 5 88
    There are 3 Drinking Game opponents in Watch Dogs, they are located in The Wards, The Loops and Pawnee as a blue bottle marker. Each opponent had 10 levels and you will need to win all ten levels against each of the three opponents.

    You may want to start the lower level drinking games near the beginning of your playthrough so you can get through some out of the way and it might not be as boring and repetitive if you did all 30 in a row.

    The games consist of moving the analog stick over the button prompts and keeping the analog sticks in the circles. Of course this gets harder the higher the level the opponent, a tip for completing the last levels if you are finding them impossible would be if you have a friend who can hold the other side of the controller and then you each only have to worry about one analog stick.

    Drinking Games were re-tuned based on community feedback in the patch available for all on August 26th

    - Increase round fail time by 20%. More time for player to finish.

    - Increase button cycling time by 50%. More time between button switch.

    - Increase player reticle radius by 25% in collect button mode. Allow easier button press succeeded on bad latency tv.

    - Increase player reticle last frame velocity impact on this frame position (inertia friction) by 70%. The player reticle slow down faster when no input from player -> easier to stay on the spot targeted & More precise player control.

    - Increase player input factor by 50%. More precise and more reactive player control.

    - Reduce max force applied randomly to player reticle from 0.35 to 0.29. Less strong random impulse for drunk effect.

    - Reduce moving target speed by 15%. Easier for player to time his button press on a target.
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    xTGEUbisoft shouldn't have fixed this. It required patience and skill to complete which a lot of players did easy and some it was hard for, it was hard when I did it and the happiness I had when I finally got it to 1000G WD was the greatest one this year
    Posted by xTGE on 02 Oct 14 at 08:42
    IarsseFinally got it :-)
    Posted by Iarsse on 10 Feb 15 at 14:43
    I8ITackyticsI8IInteresting to know it got patched to make it easier. Overall i actually thought it was too easy, really surprised by the ratio, they probably shouldn't have patched it. I passed all of them first try with no guide and no tricks. The button press ones are stupidly easy it's just the steadiness ones that can get tricky. I got nervous with the venn diagram one right at the end
    Posted by I8ITackyticsI8I on 07 Apr at 22:57
  • ChaosTheory V2XChaosTheory V2X355,749
    31 May 2014 31 May 2014
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    The following text wall was too much to put into a comment so refer to the other solution for a broader view.

    Here are some extremely helpful tips I discovered in a streak of completing Loop 5-10 and Extreme 5-10 in a relatively short time.

    Loop Mainly, helps with extreme-
    1st. When it comes to two analogues, focus on one first, get that settled in its respective place THEN switch over to the other one. It's here where you want to try to have them so ur moving them in the same way (slightly tapping up, down, etc) on both sticks. Once I started doing this I've been having a lot easier time.

    Biggest problem is the time forces us to try and get each drink over ASAP but thats not how ull win. Especially because its often super irritating the first 5 or so seconds and makes the analogs run wild.

    Another nice tip on IMO the hardest drink in all of the loop which is the very last drink of round 10. It seems R is a lot wilder then L, so try to settle L in its circle then focus on R.

    Extreme -
    The unknown symbols: 2 methods can be used to do these rather easily. First being simply only move one stick to nail down which is which and memorize it, then get both of them close to each other so you dont have to worry about what direction ur pushing where, you can forget which is which at that point.
    The other way is to simply slam them both down then move both back up towards the circle.

    Next is the reverse ones can be rather intimidating. I luckily stumbled onto this in the midst of them that what u want to do is let it settle as much as possible without touching it, then ever so slightly tap in the inverted manner.

    In regards to buttons, I'll just advice to ALWAYS tackle the most difficult buttons first: the ones with sequenced buttons and the ones that switch the prompt.

    Also I've noticed something that makes these minigames WAY less stressful/easy coupled with the previous strategies. It seems like (honestly seemed like everytime) each time there is a dual analog drink, ONE of them will be more sporadic to touch and the other will be much more stable. This can be used to great advantage.

    What you do is figure which is which, then have the one thats stable get close to the middle of its circle, then focus most of your attention on the sproadic one, just slightly glancing at the stable one every few moments, slightly tapping it to keep it in.
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