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Get tailed 5 times

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How to unlock the Traced achievement

  • StevesTurnStevesTurn986,413
    31 May 2014 31 May 2014 26 Aug 2014
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    EDIT Aug 26, 2014: The recent patch allows you to hack/tail your friends. These tails do count towards the achievement, so it's easy to boost now. Just make sure you do NOT scan or kill your friend - they must successfully tail you for it to count. Thanks to those in the comments for confirming this for me.

    Patch notes:

    Old solution below, for those curious what sparked both the love and hate in the comments:

    For those who want to force this to happen quickly, here's a pretty good strategy. I don't know why it works, but it does work.

    Step 1: Go to options -> online -> turn off invasions. This will RESET your notoriety (MP experience points) to zero. If you don't want to lose your notoriety, don't use this solution - try one of the others.

    Step 2: Turn invasions back on.

    Step 3: Do an online tail of someone else. It doesn't matter if you win or lose. For me, I wanted to have fun and usually won. In the comments, people are reporting more success if they intentionally lose. Losing is definitely faster.

    Step 4: As soon as you're back in your world, you'll get invaded. It happens within 10 seconds without fail. You can tell you're being invaded because if you pause the game, things still keep moving in the background. Most of the time, this will be a hack, and those don't count. Do what you want with these - find them, ignore them, whatever.

    Sometimes, during step 4, you'll see that you're being invaded (pause menu trick) but you'll NEVER get notified about an attacker. That's what you want. After a few minutes of this the invader will leave and your achievement progress will increment.

    Regardless of which invasion you got in step 4, repeat at step 1. Keep doing the off/on/invade/be-invaded rotation until you get the achievement.

    I do not understand why this works. I know for a fact that when I tail other people, they get notified that they have to find me. They start running around like crazy, so they must know. Sometimes when I get notified that I'm being invaded, I know I'm being tailed. The game notifies me. Why does this achievement only tick up if you get no notification at all? Who knows. Maybe it's bugged and it only ticks up if the invader quits out early (they can do this without penalty, as long as they haven't started the hack).

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    NDThunder2I need this achievement. Message me at NDThunder2
    Posted by NDThunder2 on 09 Jun at 18:01
    Mr HapsNeed some help. You can add me if you want : Mr Haps
    Posted by Mr Haps on 16 Jun at 10:02
    CyberPunch83If anyone wants to tail me online, go ahead. GT: CyberPunch83.
    Posted by CyberPunch83 on 04 Jul at 20:25
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  • Magnificent XMagnificent X1,001,992
    13 Jun 2014 16 Jun 2014 16 Jul 2014
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    just start up the game : play a tailed online game and LOSE !!!
    leave your controller on WITH a play and charge kit and rubber band your analogs so you dont log off for inactivity....
    just go to sleep or watch movies do what ever you want ...
    i went to bed for 6 hours and got tailed 4 times...
    i thingk you need a bit of luck but just give it a try when going to work or sleep and when you get back you schould got progress or the achievement :)
    Good luck hope this helps !

    Ty dillionday for this tip : (this doesn't seem to work for everyone...i just used my method above and got free tailed 4 times in few hours ...)
    After you win/lose an online tail immediately go to a drinking game or a city game like find the ball. Leave it on the bet screen and wait. This will keep the fixers from stealing your data but fixers will still be able to tail you. You won't know because the game won;t tell you while you are on the betting screen.
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    Phil709Thanks for this! I followed your guide: I started a trace, got myself killed, back in my world I went to the betting screen of a cups game and waited. Got traced fairly quickly. I also tried to wait at the betting screen of a chess game but that was very slow. So I had better luck with waiting at a cups game.
    Posted by Phil709 on 03 Jan 18 at 02:20
    Magnificent Xyour welcome phil glad it helped you out :)
    Posted by Magnificent X on 03 Jan 18 at 09:31
    EffordWithout any Efford? Ouch
    Posted by Efford on 10 May 19 at 05:52
  • TenrethTenreth468,115
    29 May 2014 29 May 2014 01 Jun 2014
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    This is the opposite to the Piggyback achievement. 5 players have to follow you around while you free roam the city. This being said, online must be enabled.
    Do not play missions or mini games - gather the collectables or mess around instead.

    *Finding the enemy fixer and stopping the tailing does NOT count! - Thanks Spartan8722
    Update: Some players say it will count, if the enemy fixer is killed. I can not confirm this - at least for me it didn't work. Feel free to kill the intruder but check your progression regularly. If you killed someone and it shows no increased percentage just let them live and don't disturb them.
    *You can check your progression with your Xbox achievements app. There is only one hidden achievement with a progression bar.
    *Playing online - especially the tailing - should increase your chances to become the victim.
    *There is NO notification when being tailed unless you try to start some sort of mission. When you try it tells you to find the enemy fixer and supports you with the purple circle.
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    truraider81Mine says 100% and no achievement
    Posted by truraider81 on 23 Jun 14 at 21:23
    SashaDoggGI need someone to boost the Traced achievement
    Posted by SashaDoggG on 20 Jun 17 at 12:55
    ScarfaceRemedyAlso need help GT: ScarfaceRemedy

    Edit: Done, if anyone needs help just add me
    Posted by ScarfaceRemedy on 28 May at 23:22
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