Sergeant Swift achievement in Worms Battlegrounds

Sergeant Swift

Complete all Worm Ops missions in a cumulative time of 8 minutes or less

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How to unlock the Sergeant Swift achievement

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    13 Jun 2014 14 Jun 2014
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    While this may seem like an incredibly difficult achievement at first glance realistically when you understand what sections the game is actually timing you on it suddenly becomes very doable. Also the fact it does not need to be done in a single run, meaning you can go back and improve on your times if necessary helps greatly. There are a number of game mechanics which do not count negatively towards your timer which include:

    - Time spent watching your turn e.g. after throwing a grenade, watching worms die.
    - Cutscenes
    - Time spent charging and aiming shots.
    - Aiming more specialised weapons such as the Boggy B

    Essentially the only major mechanics in the game your timed for involve moving around the map i.e. walking, jumping, jetpacks, ropes etc.

    It is also worth noting you can change the class of worm you use on the level by pressing up on the level select screen and pressing A on the slot of the worm you want to change the class to cycle through the four classes, which are:

    - Soldier: Average Speed, Allows you to detonate grenades at any time using A.
    - Scout: High Speed, Can jump greater distances and falls further without taking damage.
    - Heavy: Slow Speed, Damage Boost
    - Scientist: No need to use

    With all this in mind please see the video below for a walkthrough of each level. In the run in the video I managed to to complete all levels in roughly just under 6mins even with slightly messing up the final two levels so there is room to make occassional mistakes but if you are following what i'm doing as closely as possible you should be able to get this done with little issue.

    This is my first attempt at a solution on the site so feel free to let me know if theres anything you think I should add/change.
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    WithTheDawnNice guide, thanks for the help. Can't believe the ratio on this, just took me an hour...cheers!
    Posted by WithTheDawn on 19 Apr 16 at 12:44
    FINezulaahgreg must have encountered some other kind of a glitch, or it might have been patched or something... because i just did all the worm ops in offline mode except one, for which i had a time on the leaderboards from playing it online. i fully quit the game, went back online, and when i went to see the times, it didnt say --:-- but instead the game somehow did have all my times from playing in OFFLINE! and i even saw that "results cant be uploaded" window after every mission >_< i only got the "complete all worm ops" ach when i booted up the game in online mode. if someone else still wants to give this trick a go, maybe deleting save games might be the solution somehow... but that might just end up in a total loss of data if its not saved online in the cloud, and you remove the ONLY excisting save from your HDD :/

    PS. oh and great guide dude! will defo need this, cos i love time runs, and i was gonna do this legit anyways after trying the trick regardless of it working :P
    Posted by FINezula on 08 May 16 at 22:18
    Epsilon ThetaMy heartfelt gratitude for your solution, the video, and kudos for the quality of your work!
    Posted by Epsilon Theta on 04 Aug 16 at 20:58
    thunderkiss92This was a tremendous help in getting the achievement. Many thanks for this solution! clap
    Posted by thunderkiss92 on 02 Jan 17 at 23:16
    count023Took just a little bit of practice on a few levels, but these were my final times for the 8 levels basically on a first-run through each of them:

    WW 28.28
    BB 44.48
    TT 43.32
    FF 52.04
    JJ 42.70
    PP 4.02
    GG 59.69
    MM 74.74
    SS 50.72
    RR 61.01

    Only level i restarted on really was the Grenadier one when i failed to get that first bounce.
    Posted by count023 on 10 Jan 19 at 01:43
    Freedumb0612I just had the exact same thing as AHGreg happen to me. I can't say it was deserved, but it's unlocked
    Posted by Freedumb0612 on 05 Nov 19 at 01:32
    VividFairySo apparently this is my rarest achievement (or at least the highest TA score), but I absolutely don't remember getting this achievement or it being super hard. I must have really lucked out or something lol
    Posted by VividFairy on 23 Jun 20 at 09:12
    zZombieCatTo change classes you press up then RB to actually select different worm types
    Posted by zZombieCat on 31 Aug 21 at 16:50
    MattiasAndersonWW = 29.83
    BB = 35:17
    TT = 40.26
    FF = 50.49
    JJ = 33.92
    PP = 92.63 (Have not done a good time yet)
    GG = 76.49
    MM = 82.33
    SS = 36.03
    RR = 53:26
    Posted by MattiasAnderson on 06 Nov 21 at 20:32
    JeroenRosGreat guide and a great video! It helped me to unlock this achievement at the same time as the one for simply completing all Worms Ops missions! :)
    Posted by JeroenRos on 23 Jan at 22:02
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