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Master of the Colosseum achievement in Ryse: Son of Rome

Master of the Colosseum

Achieve Rank 200 in Multiplayer

Master of the Colosseum+1.1
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How to unlock the Master of the Colosseum achievement

  • Drago NightmareDrago Nightmare458,224
    22 Jul 2014 28 Jul 2014 14 Jul 2017
    150 44 60
    Hey !
    There is an easier way to do this achievement.

    You need to buy a bunch of 40 gold coins potions, start a solo mission, press LB (taunt) at the very start, run on the first enemies, use a rage/focus potion then press RB and kill them with jupiter god power. When you have killed the first enemies, instant press start and quit the game. Begin a new game, taunt as soon as possible and when attacking you will see you have keep your combo on. I won more than 2.410.000 XP in one combo of x2069. I level up by 48. (125 to 173)

    The key is to play safe, XP gain increase exponentially. Using focus potion make it easier and quicker. Good gear can help you too.

    Warning: don't go on the dashboard during loading, you will lose your combo.

    If your french there the solution in french:

    My videos are dead but you can find some people on Youtube using more or less my technic:

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    BigDaddy Kratosthere is now a " smart match" mode and a "custom match" mode, and custom which is the ones that allows you to select specific arenas in Solo does not allow you to "quit the game" from pause menu, only to "quit match" and as soon as you come back it resets the combo, and yes i followed all the directions.
    either its patched or no one is explaining fully.
    As soon as the enemies spawn in on "Round 2" it says "combo end" even if i had the taunt going by spamming LB from the start of round 2.
    wow they waited 8 years to patch, or this guy failed to show exactly what mode he is selecting
    Posted by BigDaddy Kratos on 29 Mar at 10:54
    qManballin@BigDaddy Kratos - just wanted to confirm that the combo still works as of 3/31/2021

    Step by step what I'm doing:
    1) go to gladiator custom match --> solo --> map (I personally preferred Oasis)
    2) taunt at the very beginning. Try to get the taunt started before the words even appear announcing game type/objective
    3) proceed to carefully combo the enemies (2-3 usually)
    4) taunt as soon as the last execution completes and as you are taunting, start -> quit match
    5) rinse & repeat of picking map and don't forget to taunt at the very beginning. The combo should continue as you hit the first enemy

    Good luck.
    Posted by qManballin on 31 Mar at 05:57
    segagamerIs the loading for the sólo arena extremely long for anyone else on a Series S? Like over 60 seconds? I was hoping this would be less of a drag but it's really quite awful, especially if I'm hoping to get combos of 2000+ but only able to get like 15 per "match".
    Posted by segagamer on 05 Apr at 14:00
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  • Apocalypse KaneApocalypse Kane1,351,632
    17 Jul 2015 16 Jul 2015 27 Jul 2019
    54 7 15
    Hello everyone,

    I followed the advice of many solutions available here on TrueAchievements and on the web. On one thing they all agree, keep the combo for as long as possible and get as far as possible with the multiplier to get enough experience to level up quickly.

    To achieve this we must first of all have an equipment that makes us gain focus and that it increases the duration of it. Subsequently choose Jupiter as god to its gain of focus resulting from executions and familiarizing with the map, where the enemies are generated and where they came from, so you can use wisely the focus and the taunt.

    The taunt is used as much as possible between the waves of enemies to freeze your combo chain while the focus will allow you to fight and do executions without worrying about being hit. The duration of the taunt is about 15 seconds, so if you see that your multiplier flashes use the taunt.

    In my opinion the best map is without doubt Revolution. After the initial phase, you will be given the task of using the Scorpio to protect the bridge, climb up and activate the Scorpio with cn_A but exits immediately after it has been activated by pressing cn_A again without shooting any enemy, go down from the platform of the Scorpio and wait for the enemies approaching from the bridge. Here starts your combo chain that if you are careful enough, you can bring to the end of the round.

    With a little practice and knowledge of the map, you can get without too much trouble a combo of 450, or even 600 if you do not make mistakes, it requires a little practice but pays off, we speak of over 500,000 EXP in the event of a combo over 600!

    Below I posted a video from one of my games where I got a combo of 597 but in my best game I got a combo of 621 with over 560,000 EXP as a reward.

    I hope you find it useful and for any questions or concerns please comment below.

    Have fun in the arena. smile

    Edit: I restored the video that for some reason had been removed.

    Edit 2: Added another video with better gear, combo and xp.

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    ll7xMASTERCHIEFBest solution ☺ 640x combo which gave me 760k exp in a round
    Posted by ll7xMASTERCHIEF on 30 May 18 at 14:58
    Apocalypse KaneGreat!
    Posted by Apocalypse Kane on 31 May 18 at 11:05
    HaztronauttFound this method to be far more consistent than the dockyards survival as that relied too much on your teammate playing well also. I was able to get 600+ combos multiple times in a row netting approx 10 levels every 15 minutes.
    Posted by Haztronautt on 08 Oct 18 at 11:10
  • EklebtikEklebtik300,099
    20 Jun 2014 17 Jun 2014 27 Jun 2014
    38 4 7
    This can be done in two ways.
    Firstly, you can grab a buddy on your friends list and do survival on dockyards. Try to carry as big as a multiplier as you can get and survive. The longer you survive the more xp you can achieve. One more thing, the reason for dockyard is because it has the least amount of projectiles getting shot at you to ruin your chain.

    Last but not least, the best level to solo if your that type of person that likes to take matter in their own hands. If you guess it by now, yes oasis is still the best map to solo.

    Feel free to comment to add more on to this guide. Good luck my fellow achievement hunters.

    Thanks too markyshizzle for donating his video to this guide. Shows you some good examples off what to do during dockyard to achieve the highest amount of xp.
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    EklebtikOasis is great because there is no projectiles being fired at you to ruin your combo. I've racked up a combo of 300+. With a little practice I could of achieved more.
    Posted by Eklebtik on 19 May 15 at 17:34
    My Name is BaRtWow just git in a game with someone who was lvl 29898. He got a combo over 5000 and he got 16.000.000 xp that game. Enough to go frome lvl 1 to 200 in one gameshock
    Posted by My Name is BaRt on 06 Jun 15 at 04:24
    Crimson Drifter playing

    Here's a nice example, got a 1152x combo, went up 32 levels :)
    Posted by Crimson Drifter on 11 Apr 17 at 17:47
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