Ryse: Son of Rome

Ryse: Son of Rome
Ryse: Son of Rome

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Vulcan's Apprentice

Survive for 30 Minutes on Sulfur River

31 May 2014 until 09 Jun 2014

Vulcan's Apprentice
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Challenge Guide for Vulcan's Apprentice

  • protectmecone09protectmecone09265,545
    03 Jun 2014 04 Jun 2014
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    Your main priority is the same as it was with the Castaway challenge, find someone you can communicate with and do so. Without this, good luck.

    To start with we both used the swords which gave you 100% Focus gain bonus therefore allowing us to bypass having to use Jupiter as a God. We both used Apollo allowing health bonuses more often so when the time gets higher the countdown is constantly restarting. We also both equipped two revive potions.

    A big problem with staying super close together is that you are constantly hitting the same enemy and killing it before you can execute him to get that little health gain. The best place that we found to stay and fight was right up at the very beginning of the level when you come out of the gate. Here there are very few traps that you have to worry about. Only one lava grate, and one or two pressure plates depending on the ground replacements.

    The biggest problem with this map in my opinion is not the traps, but more-so the catapults. However, if you fight in the above mentioned spot there is are two crossbows that you can use to destroy most of the catapults once they spawn, by shooting the red explosive barrels conveniently placed beside them. Just be sure to communicate with your partner and have one person use focus to freeze all the enemies and execute them to keep you and your partners health from depleting too low, and to protect the other while they hop on the crossbow and shoot the barrels to destroy the catapults. Once in a while a catapult will spawn where you can not destroy it with the crossbow, use the same strategy as above except have the partner destroying the catapult use a plume.

    Hope this helps, we tried to fight in a few different spots on this map but there were just too many traps, too many directions for the enemies to come from, and no solid way of destroying the catapults. Good luck to those who try! Our final run was 30:19, barely but we got it. And don't worry if you don't see the challenge pop right at 30 minutes, it will pop at the end of the round.
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