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Codex achievement in Murdered: Soul Suspect


Collect all of the supernatural graffiti

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How to unlock the Codex achievement

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    No longer a work in progress. All 23 Graffiti locations listed here with descriptions on how to find them!

    Thanks to Quippie who let us know where Baptism and Flowers are located.

    Note from capicawl. Seems like there might be an issue obtaining Demons once you have passed it in the story. The cat might not respawn which would stop you from getting to the attic. Please let me know if anyone else has this issue as well.

    Let me know if I messed any of these up and I will correct it so it is as helpful as we can get it for everyone.

    Gallows – Located on the 2nd Floor. When you come up the staircase, where you see the little girl, there will be a huge graffiti that you cannot collect. Turn right and it is on the wall in front of you.
    Coffins – Located on the 3rd Floor. It is in a bed room with a man reading a book. The graffiti is on the wall to the left of the man. This apartment is the first on the left when coming up the South Stairwell.

    Dunking Chair – Located in the Church. In the area near the Courtyard, in a washroom beside the elevator. On the wall behind the bathtub.
    Demons – Located in the Attic in Joy’s room. In the farthest back room against the wall on the right from where you enter.
    Staircase – 2nd Floor in the Rectory. You cannot access this until later in the Storyline. When the stairs are available, go up, turn right and the room behind the staircase will have this graffiti on the wall in the room to your right.

    Police Station:
    Cannon – Located in the far back of the 1st Floor. This will be in the last holding cell on the right, on the wall on the right when you come in through the door.
    Judge – When leaving the Holding cell you got Cannon in. Go straight down the hall and through the wall right in front of you. You will be in another cell. The Graffiti is located in the 4th cell, just keep going through the walls till you get to the 4th cell and on the right side on the wall will be the graffiti.

    Sacrifice – Located after the first area. You’ll come to a spot where 2 guys look like they are trying to break into a tomb. Go left from there, follow the path up to the top where the tour is happening. To your right you can jump off the ledge to get behind the wall. Go around the back of the tombs and when you come down the hill turn right and on your right you can walk through a wall into a tomb and the graffiti will be right in front of you.
    Ghost – A bit of a ways farther along. When you pass the TV show filming in front of a crypt, you will go up a flight of stairs and through another courtyard. When you get to the end of the courtyard, you will pass through a gate/fence. To your left is an alcove and at the back left side of the alcove is the graffiti.

    Mental Hospital:
    The Accused – After the section with the cat, exit the room you are in and turn right. The next set of rooms you’ll see the symbols on the outside. Go into the room that has the symbols on that outside wall, and the graffiti is on the right side wall if you enter through the door.
    Twins – Located in the last section of the level. Right before you head through the final door, on the left is a room with a sign that reads “SHOWER”. Enter that room and the graffiti is right above the sinks.
    Pillary – Located after you get through the auditorium. You’ll come to a wall that reads “Woman’s Ward High Security”. Turn left and head towards the window, The Graffiti is in the little alcove beside the window.
    Baptism - Baptism is inside the laundry room in the Mental Hospital. This easiest way to explain this is to just start from the entrance. From where you are right when you enter the hospital, walk straight up the stairs and go right, enter the open door and walk through the tunnel. Right when you're through the tunnel, on your RIGHT is the laundry room, directly through the wall. The graffiti is on the same wall as the washing machine and such. (This is from Quippie, thanks for the info!!)

    Caught – Located in the 3rd Floor. Go through the room with the artifacts, and turn left down the hallway. It is in the corner of the room on the right with a set of display cases in the middle. The graffiti will be behind you to the left in the corner when you enter.
    Mansion – Located in the room with all of the artifacts that the museum is still working on, on the 3rd Floor. When you enter the room, turn right and in the corner above a display case is the graffiti.

    Darkness – Located near the beach. On the boardwalk when leaving the beach area this will be to your right. You will need to move between 2 hide objects to get to the other side of the blockage. The graffiti is on the back wall.
    In Her Hands – Located near the entrance to the Graveyard. When standing in front of the graveyard facing away from the entrance, head to your left. The first big building will be the one with the graffiti on it. It will be right beside some bushes.
    Poppet – Located just to the right of the museum entrance, just behind a fence.
    Storm – When leaving the Museum, head left and through the café. You will need to use teleport to get through the wall and once you have done that the graffiti is to the left on a wall in the alcove.
    Stone – When heading towards the beach, when you are on the right side of the boat that is up on the dock, head straight instead of turning to follow the boardwalk to the beach. You’ll see a fence right in front of you. The graffiti is right behind the fence.
    Quest - When facing the entrance to the Mental Hospital, turn left and look for a garbage dumpster. The graffiti is located just to the right of the dumpster against the wall at the entrance to the alley.
    Flowers - Flowers is in an alley right near the entrance to Judgment House. If you're facing the entrance, the alley'll be on the left behind two trashcans and the graffiti is at the end. (Another one added by Quippie!!)
    Burning - Located very close to In Her Hands, which is the one to left of the Graveyard entrance and on the corner of a big building. From there, while looking at the Graffiti for In Her Hands, turn left and run to the wall on the opposite side of the yard, you'll see a picnic table near a wall. The graffiti is right behind that picnic table.
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    LethalLuke1993I went back to the church in search of the graffiti in Joys attic, contrary to what the other post says the cat does respawn but not in its original place. Its lying on a table in a room next to the courtyard
    Posted by LethalLuke1993 on 31 Aug 14 at 16:12
    c00per 1983ive collected 4 so far but im unable to collect anymore angry gone to the locations of the remaining graffiti but nothing i can see symbols !!! wtf has this glitched im up to the point where you vistit the museum for the second time but not started it because i want to collect everything ?
    Posted by c00per 1983 on 06 Sep 14 at 17:25
    Paully05Hmm, not sure about that, I have heard this game is pretty glitchy. Not sure what you have to do for that, it may need a restart of your game, which sucks, but other than that I don't know what to tell you.
    Posted by Paully05 on 06 Sep 14 at 18:18
    c00per 1983sorted smile the game needed resetting played fifa 1st and now everything is where its supposed to be dance
    Posted by c00per 1983 on 07 Sep 14 at 10:05
    Posted by Paully05 on 07 Sep 14 at 11:33
    Lyco499As has already been mentioned, the cat does not matter. If you didn't collect "Demons" in Joy's attic, it makes no difference as if you progress through the story some more you'll eventually return to the church and there are stairs just past the courtyard that when you first visited were blocked by one of the portal to Hell type things. When you return a second time that is gone and you can go up those stairs and follow the path to the attic, as you can do whenever you return after that.
    Posted by Lyco499 on 16 Jan 15 at 23:34
    Draco719So how are you supposed to find these things normally? Without this guide I never would have found any of them
    Posted by Draco719 on 17 Nov 15 at 04:12
    urkshoI would just like to state that you can find the notes by little blue symbols on the ground. They kind of remind me of a spider with an arrow on one end. That's how I found alot of mine after finding the general area of the notes on this guide.
    Posted by urksho on 22 Nov 16 at 04:38
    GrondA tip to make sure your save doesn't end up like mine. Make sure that you collect "Caught" and "Mansion" BEFORE you reach the final mission of the game in the museum. The 3rd floor of the museum is locked off during this sequence and you'll end up with 178 of 180 artifacts (or, in my case, 179/180) by the time everything is said and done. This lack of a replay function is horse shit. angry
    Posted by Grond on 25 Nov 16 at 07:04
    NameOfTheMasterThanks for the fantastic guide!
    Posted by NameOfTheMaster on 02 Aug 20 at 21:09
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