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Jackpot achievement in Enemy Front


Obtain all medals in Deathmatch, Team Deathmatch and Radio Trasnmission modes

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How to unlock the Jackpot achievement

  • chaos1987chaos19871,331,550
    17 Jun 2014 17 Jun 2014
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    Hey everyone
    This solution is only for two people and can be done in a private match and will help you obtain all the medals other then the medal kill an enemy that killed a team mate within 5 seconds in TDM
    1. you need someone to start a private room whatever game mode you want the medal for
    2. The other guy that wants to earn the medals search for a ranked lobby to what medals you want to get
    3. The guy in private room sends an invite to the person in the ranked lobby
    4. Accept the game invite while your in the ranked lobby and you can earn your medals that way
    5. Make sure you swap over and take turns because only one person will earn the medals and that is the person that joined the invite from a ranked lobby

    And you can boost your rank this way too just set up a death match set the time limit to 30 min and the point limit to 5000 and respawn time 0 make sure you only do melee kills and you should get roughly 20000 points per game and get around 38 kills but your points don't show up on the ranked leader boards but the achievements and medals unlocked

    Special thanks to bigsxy1 who helped test this solution and also helped write this guide if there is any questions feel free to send me or bigsxy1 a message


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    seriousst001Here's how I go which inspired by this method: turbo control your right stick on your main account (XP getter), then simply run your boosting account in front of your main account and get killed. you'll get 38 kills on your main account and roughly 16000-18000 XPs per match. (in my case)
    Posted by seriousst001 on 06 Dec 17 at 10:13
    edwin1478xbNeed a partner. My GT: edwin1478xb. I’m ready to boost
    Posted by edwin1478xb on 11 Dec 18 at 04:51
    xIt5Mill3rTim3xCan the bronze 2 medal be boosted with 3 people, if so could someone by chance help me this is the last medal I need lol
    Posted by xIt5Mill3rTim3x on 08 Jun at 16:32
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  • Holiday9357Holiday9357493,471
    12 Jun 2014 12 Jun 2014 01 Aug 2014
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    There are 9 separate challenges ("medals") in Enemy Front's multiplayer which will need to be completed at least once to unlock the "Jackpot" achievement. These medals must be unlocked in ranked matches; 8 players are needed to start a ranked match. The exact descriptions of the medals are as follows:

    "Gold Tier":
    Gold 1: Stay at top of the scoreboard for an entire Deathmatch round
    Gold 2: 5 wins in a row in TDM
    Gold 3: Break the enemy transmission every time in a single round

    "Silver Tier":
    Silver 1: 5 melee kills in a single Deathmatch round
    Silver 2: Be the most valuable player in a Team Deathmatch round
    Silver 3: Capture all points at least once in a Radio Transmission round

    "Bronze Tier":
    Bronze 1: 5 kills streak in a single Deathmatch round
    Bronze 2: Kill an enemy that killed a team mate within 5 sec. in TDM
    Bronze 3: Defend a transmission point 3 times

    As such, there are three medals for each of the three multiplayer modes (Deathmatch, Team Deathmatch, Radio Transmission). When planning a boosting session, you should plan ahead of time to boost each of the three modes' three medals together.

    In a session description, bLaKgRaVy described how to boost the Deathmatch medals.
    bLaKgRaVy said:
    For Deathmatch, we will go in order that you joined the session. Each match is 10 minutes long. The selected person will just be killing for the entire 10 minutes. The other 7 will not be killing at all; they are cannon fodder. The selected person needs to be in the lead for the entire match to get the ‘Gold 1’ medal which is why no one else is killing. During that time, that person needs to perform at least 5 melee kills for ‘Silver 1’ and will naturally get a 5 kill streak for ‘Bronze 1’. When the 10 minutes is over, the person killing will get the ‘Gold 1’ medal (it will probably not pop up onscreen, but you will get it) and we will go to the next person in the list until all 8 people have all the Deathmatch medals. This should take about 90 minutes.
    The Team Deathmatch medals will be boosted in much the same way; the following is a list of the steps necessary to unlock these medals quickest for an 8-player boosting session.

    1. One member of the Allied team will kill the four members of the German team for 10 minutes--this will unlock the "Silver 2" medal (be an MVP in a TDM match) and accrue 1 victory for the entire Allied team. This member should also kill a German team member that has killed an Allied team member within the last 5 seconds, unlocking the "Bronze 2" medal.
    2. The other three members of the Allied team will do the same, each unlocking the "Silver 2" medal. The Allied team will now have four victories in a row; one more victory is needed for the "Gold 2" medal (5 wins in a row in TDM).
    3. Repeat above steps for the German team. This entire process should take a total of 100 minutes (10 minute match length * 10 total victories). As with all multiplayer modes in Enemy Front, if no players idle out, you will never have to go back to the lobby after a 10-minute match concludes.

    In a session description, bLaKgRaVy described how to boost the "Silver 3" and "Bronze 3" medals in the Radio Transmission mode.
    bLaKgRaVy said:
    For this mode, the Allied team will go first. They will first capture all the points for the ‘Silver 3’ medal. The German team will not be doing anything except moving around until all points are captured.

    Next, the German team will try to break the communication of the middle radio by standing next to it. Make sure you do not attempt this until someone from the American team is there with you. The Allied team member will then kill the German team member before they retake that radio at least three times for the ‘Bronze 3’ medal.
    The description for the "Gold 3" medal is trickily-worded, so I thought it would be helpful for fellow boosters to jot down a list of the steps necessary to unlock this medal for both sides (Allied and German) in a single 10-minute match.

    1. The Allied team will capture all three points, starting the "transmission" process (the green/red bars at the top of the HUD).
    2. The German team will capture the middle point, "interrupting" the "transmission."
    3. The German team will capture one more point (not both points). This will start the "transmission" process for the German team.
    4. The Allied team will capture the non-middle point previously captured by the German team, "interrupting" the "transmission." Now, both teams have interrupted the other side's "transmission."
    5. Let the 10-minute match expire: the "Gold 3" medal unlocks for all members of both sides (if all four members of each team were present at steps 2 and 4 above).
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    ScuzzyBunnyYou need to add (in CAPS) or Bold/ Underline that for the RT medals THE ENTIRE TEAM NEEDS TO BE THERE TO CAPTURE EVERY POINT! The only "individual" activity should be the Bronze defense 3 kills, everything else needs to be done as a group.

    People will miss the end of #5 and start complaining and neg voting!!
    Posted by ScuzzyBunny on 12 Jun 14 at 06:47
    MC0REBEI would upvote you if I could, great boosting methods here smile
    Posted by MC0REBE on 12 Jun 14 at 08:15
    Chimaera36Great job, thanks for the guide!
    Posted by Chimaera36 on 13 Jun 14 at 00:08
  • MC0REBEMC0REBE513,473
    13 Jun 2014 10 Jun 2014 22 Sep 2014
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    Hey everyone,
    There are 9 different medals to unlock, covered over 3 levels of 'difficulty': Gold, Silver and Bronze. Each 'difficulty' includes 3 challenges, which will be covered below. This doesn't seem doable while playing Private Matches and boosting this will require at least 8 players to be able to start while you need 12 to fill an entire lobby. This solution will assume that you try to do this while playing, but off course boosting will be a lot easier if coordinated correctly. To view which ones you've obtained/are missing, go to Statistics in the Multiplayer menu. The challenges that aren't grayed out are the ones you've completed. The challenges that are in gray tints still need to be completed.

    BRONZE TIER (500 EXP upon completion):
    - 5 kills streak in a single Deathmatch round
    > In the FFA game mode, get 5 kills without dying

    - Kill an enemy that killed a team mate within 5 seconds in TDM
    > Fairly easy to be honest, you should get this in no time. I got this medal 5 times in one game without trying.

    - Defend a Radio Transmission Point 3 times
    > Camp on one of the Transmission Points and this will be a walk in the park

    SILVER TIER (1,000 EXP upon completion):
    - 5 Melee kills in a single Deathmatch round
    > Quite a hard one, but easy if you have a few friends with who you can meet up. Click cn_RS to do a melee attack

    - Be the Most Valuable Player in a TDM round
    > Get the most kills and the least amount of deaths of the entire lobby. This includes the enemy team as well

    - Capture all points at least once in a Radio Transmission round
    > There are 3 different points on each map. Capture each of them at least once in a single round. Not very hard, but a bit luck-based depending on the enemy team.

    GOLD TIER (2,000 EXP upon completion):
    - Stay at the top of the leaderboard for an entire Deathmatch round
    > Get the first kill and stay in the top spot for an entire round. Requires a lot of skill and patience when trying to complete legit.

    - 5 wins in a row in TDM
    > Seeing as you need to have 5 wins in a row, this will require skill and luck depending on your own team and the opposite team.

    - Break the enemy transmission every time in a single round
    > Easy if you camp on the middle Transmission Point. Let the enemy team capture the middle point at least once and re-capture it when a transmission starts. Keep this flag in your own team to ensure to get this challenge.

    Good luck guys, and if you have improvements; please share them smile!

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