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Selena of the Wolf Clan achievement in Blood of the Werewolf

Selena of the Wolf Clan

Complete 125 Quests.

Selena of the Wolf Clan0
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How to unlock the Selena of the Wolf Clan achievement

  • AwooAwoo
    13 Jun 2014 14 Jun 2014 07 Aug 2015
    Right, let's start from the beginning. As you may have noticed, all achievements in this game unlock in a set order as you complete quests, and this one is for completing all 125 of them. Be warned that this will be an extremely difficult task for most people, and definitely not something to be taken lightly.

    Quests are basically mini-achievements within the game. They break down as follows:

    2 for killing two/three enemies with one focus attack
    10 for finishing all ten levels of the story
    5 for beating all five bosses, also part of the main story
    30 for getting a B, A and S ranking on each of the ten levels (getting S also unlocks quests for A/B)
    40 for completing a run of each level in Score Rush, and getting certain (stackable) score amounts in them
    4 for collecting 25/50/75/100% of all sigil collectibles
    2 for collecting one character upgrade, and collecting them all
    2 for completing one level without dying, and having a zero death count across all levels (level select only, Score Rush does not count)
    10 miscellaneous Score Rush quests (see details below)
    10 for completing each level in Score Rush with zero deaths
    10 for clearing 1/2/5/10/20/30/40/50/75/100 rooms in one run of Endless Mode.

    The quest list can be found under Extras on the main menu, and you'll be able to see which ones you're missing. An unlocked quest saves instantly, so no need to worry about completing a level to make a quest "stick" or anything.

    Now, I'm not going to go into crazy detail on how to S every level or anything, but I will offer some general advice for the different modes and quest goals.

    S ranks
    At first, you may not even realize what you're doing wrong with the ranks. Understandable. The only thing that determines your rank at the end of a level is how fast you complete it. The S cutoffs are very strict for some levels, and more lenient for others.

    The S cutoffs are as follows. The low times are the lowest S ranks on the leaderboards and the high times are the highest A ranks, so the cutoffs are somewhere between them.

    Sewers: 2:44
    Docks: 4:28 - 4:30
    Factory: 5:12 - 5:20
    Laboratory: 6:27 - 6:45
    City: 6:29 - 7:12
    Tower: 3:43 - 3:45
    Woods: 5:29 - 5:39
    Graveyard: 5:24 - 5:59
    Skyway: 9:20 - 10:10
    Lair: 7:17 - 7:38

    So you have to go fast. In the case of some levels (particularily The Woods), damn fast. The biggest speed trick is to abuse the werewolf's dash ability whenever you have a stretch of flat land. It's not always appropriate (like at the cliffs on Lair), but it's vital for the parts where it can be used. Keep in mind that it also passes through a lot of objects, most importantly sawblades, even the big ones! This is very useful knowledge for Endless Mode as well. If you're on a long stretch where you want to dash several times in a row, do NOT mash the button. You have to time it properly to get the maximum effect out of it. The timing/rhythm is very precise, but it gets easier with practice. Mashing still gets the job done, but it's not as fast.

    When in human form, you only have your set running speed. However, it's very important that you learn to run, jump, aim and shoot at the same time. Aiming while jumping may seem impossible at first since you only have one thumb on your right hand, but that's what the claw grip is for!
    Basically, your right hand will be doing this: thumb on cn_RS, index finger on cn_A (luckily the other face buttons are not used), and middle finger on cn_RB/cn_RT. You should still be holding the controller normally, but with your index finger bent inwards to rest on the button. It will feel strange at first if you're not used to it, but trust me, you need this.

    Only kill what you need to, anything that slows you down and/or wastes ammo is bad. When you have to kill, use fire arrows as human to one-hit kill everything and charged attacks or dashes as werewolf. Note that choosing to restart the last checkpoint refills your ammo (and health) while adding no extra time, so feel free to do that whenever you need to. You should also make sure you have found all equipment upgrades before going for S ranks, since they increase your attack power.

    Here are videos of me getting S on each level. Keep in mind these are proper speedrun videos, and thus much faster and more optimized than what you need to simply get an S rank. Emulating what I do would be next to impossible for a new/average player, so just try to use the speed tricks that work for you, and go a bit slower on the really tricky stuff.

    Score Rush
    Here you have to reach a certain high amount of points on each level. The scores required can be found in the quest list in-game. This is a lot easier than getting S ranks, mostly due to a little bit of an exploit. For the most part, just play through the levels normally, going as fast as you can while collecting all gems that aren't too stupidly out of the way. Also, kill as many enemies as you can as they give big points and multiplier boosts. When you get near the end of a level, find a checkpoint with a decent amount of enemies/gems, collect them, then die before reaching the next checkpoint. Dying resets ALL gems and enemies in the level without putting your score back to what it was before you died, so you can repeat a score-heavy checkpoint as many times as you have time for. Dying does reduce your multiplier, but this trick lets you get high scores easily well before that becomes an issue.

    Note that you do not have to complete a level to have your score count. If the timer runs out, your score will be tallied up, you'll just miss out on the (tiny) time bonus. Speaking of the timer, the purple bar in the right bottom corner shows how close you are to getting a time bonus. Collecting gems and killing enemies makes it go up, and when it's full, you get 10-20 extra seconds, depending on the level. Blue gems fill up ten times as much as yellow ones, and enemies are worth a lot too. Even health items give points and time.

    There are ten miscellaneous quests tied to Score Rush, and they are:
    1. Reach all time thresholds in any level. I honestly don't remember what this is, it just came naturally. If anyone can fill me in on what to do, that would be great.

    2 and 9. Activate a time gem activator and collect all time gems from it. Sometimes you'll come across a yellow clock icon. Collect it to (apart from unlocking the time gem quest) make a bunch of purple clock icons appear close by. These disappear fairly quickly, but collecting them gives you time bonuses. Get all of them in one level to unlock this.

    3 and 10. Activate a score switch and collect all score gems from it. These are big yellow levers, very hard to miss. Activating them makes extra blue and yellow gems appear in the area. Like the time gems, these disappear after a while, so collect them quickly. They can be distinguished as being a little more sparkly than regular gems, as well as blinking faster and faster as they near their expiration time.

    4, 5, 6. Reach a multiplier of 200, 300 and 400. Every time you collect something or kill an enemy, your multiplier at the bottom of the screen goes up. When you're not collecting things, it slowly ticks down. Yellow gems and health items increase it by 1, blue by 10, and enemies by... something, 5 maybe? Going for high scores in Score Rush will see you get this naturally.

    7 and 8. Acquire a total bonus of 15,000 and 30,000. These are the bonuses awarded at the end of a Score Rush level. You will get extra points for how much health and ammo you have left and how time remained on the clock, which of course requires you to actually complete the level. However, having full health and ammo gives 20500 + 9900 points, so you can actually reach 30,000 by just starting a level and letting the clock time out. You may need to get all the character upgrades first for that to work.

    You have to find every single sigil and equipment upgrade in the game for this. If you replay a level, the stuff you've already collected will not reappear, so you only have to look for whatever is missing. Keep a look out for sigils that blend into the background, and especially for fireflies which indicate fake walls, and you should be fine.

    Not dying
    Initially, this will seem hard as hell, especially on levels like Lair and Skyway. It's really not all that bad though, once you learn the level layouts and how to do each part. Not having to go out of your way to get sigils also makes things much easier. Remember to use the werewolf's healing ability whenever you're hurt, and take your time. Risks are bad. For the Score Rush no-deaths, just collect enough gems and kill enough to stay alive. If a gem takes longer to get to than the time it would add, it's not worth it.

    One thing I do want to mention here is regarding the last level, Lair. Ammo conservation is important here. In the indoor parts, only kill the necromancers that you absolutely have to, as you pretty much have to save those fire arrows to be able to one-hit kill the big robot guys later on in the level. Some necros can be fairly easily killed with regular arrows, and some can be ignored altogether. Find what works best for you. Sometimes they even drop enough ammo that it's not even an issue to begin with.

    After doing speedruns, I discovered that restarting from the last checkpoint actually does NOT count as a death, so that should theoretically make the no-death quests easier, as long as you pause and revert fast enough before you die.

    Endless Mode
    Welcome to sawblade hell. This is by far the hardest part of the entire game, and will truly test your patience and willpower. In Endless Mode, you are faced with challenge rooms that appear in a random order. The same room can appear more than once, and the objective is always "simply" to reach the exit. For the final of the ten quests related to this mode, you have to reach and complete room 100. Initially, the rooms are very simple and will pose little challenge, but as you go along, the randomized level pool will contain more and more difficult rooms. Eventually you may run into "purple" rooms, which means the checkpoint thing at the room entrance will glow purple (the difficulty order goes purple > red > yellow > green). This is a sign that you are about to be brutally murdered, as some of these hardest rooms are nearly impossible to get through without a tremendous amount of luck. However, playing enough will let you learn the best way to get through most of the rooms, so one or two rare hard ones may not be enough to end your run. You do get an extra life every ten levels, so try to stock up so you have enough in case a purple room appears. Also you should obviously make sure that you have collected all upgrades and sigils (for health upgrades) before even attempting this. As usual, heal whenever you can with the werewolf, you never know when the game will decide to give you a bunch of human rooms in a row. Since the room order is completely randomized, this could take you an enormous amount of time, or the game could be nice and let you have an easy run early on. It's thus hard to really give any more advice for this, since it is indeed largely luck-based. Learning the rooms helps a ton, but in the end, the frequency of purple rooms will make or break your runs. If you felt like hot shit after no-deathing Skyway and Lair, trust me, some of these rooms are a million times harder than anything in those levels.

    If you have anything to add to this solution, if I've got something wrong or if you have questions, feel free to leave a comment. Good luck! You'll need it...
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    KaiserDHXI was having trouble finding my last upgrade, on Skyway, so I found a great video guide on YouTube. If you're stuck with any then this should help.
    Posted by KaiserDHX on 02 Aug 15 at 16:20
    misfit119Thanks for this guide. Upvoted. Just as an FYI the time for Sewers is somewhere above 2:47. Figured I'd let you know so you can thin that time down a bit. It'll help others from getting as hopeful / disappointed as I did. I'll post any others I work out.
    Posted by misfit119 on 07 Aug 15 at 08:26
    AwooJust to clarify, when you say "above", do you mean you have to be faster than 2:47?
    Posted by Awoo on 07 Aug 15 at 08:35
    KaiserDHXThat's what he means. When I was going for this I got 2:46 and got an A rank. Interestingly, I then got a 2:45 and at the level end screen the game gave me an A rank, but my leaderboard time had an S next to it. I had to redo the level and get below 2:45 to get the S rank quest to unlock.
    Posted by KaiserDHX on 07 Aug 15 at 15:34
    AwooThank you, I'll add 2:44 as the cutoff then.
    Posted by Awoo on 07 Aug 15 at 17:19
    Rotating CubeVery nice vids. These should definitely help give some strategies for those S ranks.

    They must have made the s-ranks harder to get in the Xbox version. I saw a speed run video of the sewers where the guy got an S with a time of 3 minutes. The HUD looked a little different so it could have been the PC version.
    Posted by Rotating Cube on 14 Feb 16 at 20:11
    OlivierL57Great guide and congrats on your impressive rankings, but I can't seem to find any of the checkpoints you mention as far as the Score rush mode is concerned. Was this exploit patched or something?
    Posted by OlivierL57 on 15 Jul 16 at 15:18
    AwooI haven't played score rush since I first did this game, so that's certainly a possibility. The checkpoints used to be in the same spots as in the regular campaign, not sure why they suddenly wouldn't appear.
    Posted by Awoo on 15 Jul 16 at 18:55
    ZkerfCheckpoints are still working in score rush, no patch. You have to die in score rush to respawn at a checkpoint. I'm guessing he was trying to reload checkpoint from the pause menu.
    Posted by Zkerf on 21 Jan 17 at 00:40
    MK DufortUpgrade might ne buggy if you dont pick those in order i had to start a new game and working on it now.

    You might wanna know too that you have to do endless last as those quest dont save upon closing the game
    Posted by MK Dufort on 01 Apr 18 at 14:18
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