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2.4 Hours of the Ring

Complete a race in the 2.4 Hours of Nurburgring Hopper and drive 250 miles in the event.

20 Jun 2014 until 24 Jun 2014

2.4 Hours of the Ring
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Challenge Guide for 2.4 Hours of the Ring

  • andiosterfeldandiosterfeld324,672
    20 Jun 2014 17 Jun 2014 22 Jun 2014
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    Hi, this isn't a real solution but maybe it helps you:

    The 2.4 Hours of the Ring Event is available in the Hopper Menu. Every Race is a P-class event and takes 2 hours and 40 minutes (!).

    You have to finish the race to get the achievement, don't leave the race before it ends, even if you reached the 250 miles / 402 km.

    The hardest part is to find a race, cause every event takes 2 h 40 min. I would suggest searching after lobbys until you find one where the race ends in 30 minutes or less. Stay in the lobby and wait till the others finish their race and you can start. Sometimes you will be lucky enough to enter a lobby thats only a few seconds before the start of the race, but most people wont have this luck.

    English isn't my mother tongue, so maybe there are some language mistakes.

    EDIT: Some people said this challenge is harder to get than the other ones cause they had less time left when they reached 250 miles. So keep pushing and drive fast and clean.
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