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Get inducted to the Hall of Fame in Career on the hardest difficulty setting

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Achievement Guide for Forefathers

  • Rafalovski666Rafalovski666288,774
    19 Jun 2014 19 Jun 2014
    27 3 8
    couple tips that should help:

    -first of all if you want you can quit-out, when you get ko'd or tapped immediately guide then quit game, have no idea how many fights can you lose to still get into hof, I went undefeated 40-0 to make sure.

    -Make your pro tallest possible- bigger reach, as for the weight class its up to you i picked flyweight, because of great speed/stamina.

    -I did this focusing 100% on boxing (bought nothing other than puncherinos), superman punches + elbows to bust up your opponent. Superman punch is your best friend, good damage + very long range then couple body shots,elbows, repeat. Use abilities like heavy handed, targeted cruelty, assault etc.

    -Avoid ground game/clinches because AI will counter/block majority of your stuff, submissions are practically impossible to escape on this difficulty, because ai is chea.. i mean blocking all escapes almost instantly, when you are in the hold just quit the game or you lose.

    -If they take you down spam left stick to get up, learn how to time the takedown defence (rt + right stick down), it's preety important since you will sometimes get into fights like that:
    External image
    , yes 26 attempts in less than 2 minutesheadspin

    -when you get rocked, shoot for a takedown, stand up, repeat once and you should heal up, then go back into spamming supermans

    +lil spoiler, along with the achievement you get this
  • Timeless MagicTimeless Magic378,203
    24 Jul 2014 24 Jul 2014
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    I'll add a more detailed version of what MC Kailae16 mentioned above.

    Notes: Your fight career will last 40 fights. Make sure the difficulty is on pro at the start as you cannot change it once you've started. You can quit midfight if you are about to lose and you can try again. I'd make sure you go 40-0 or as close to it as possible.

    Starting Out: Select a kickboxer and create your character to be the maximum height (thus the maximum reach) and pick any division you like (I selected bantamweight and recommend a lower weight class as you will hold significant reach over almost everyone). When you go into your moves menu for your character, you'll want to take note of two body kicks: LT + forward + B (called the side kick) and LT + forward + A. These are going to be your bread and butter and the two kicks you will use with almost all of your offense to score TKO via body damage.

    Leveling up: As you progress through Ultimate Fighter, you won't earn a ton of XP and therefore, I recommend you complete the training at the start to gain any XP you can. Once you're in the UFC and are on the undercard, you'll earn more than enough XP from fights that you can skip the training and save time, as 40 fights to the hall of fame is a grind. Since the two above mentioned moves are default to a kickboxer, spend No Evolution Points on buying moves (unless there's one you really want; you'll end your career with a ton of extra points) and instead focus entirely on your attributes.

    Attributes/Gameplan: You'll immediately want to level up your kick power for both legs and your kick speed. Once you reach the cap, focus on stamina, chin and body health so you can absorb the damage you will inevitably get hit with. Once you reach the first level (and get an achievement for unlocking a game plan), you'll want to create one (you unlock more slots to add more parts to it). Once I had 4 gameplan slots, I had Vicious Kicks (which you unlock early and should use), Relentless Assault, Swinging For the Fence and Targeted Cruelty. All of these focus on enhancing striking. Once your stand up, stamina/endurance and defense are capped, throw the rest wherever you want - focus on ground/submission defense first as you won't be doing offensive work from the ground.

    The Fights: You'll want to stay at range and use those kicks as they step forward and connect and often clip the computer who is coming in with a punch, increasing the damage. I finished Barao in 8 seconds with a couple well timed body kicks. You will need to block and step back many times as the computer can chain combos together well if it gets you against the cage. Be familiar with both clinch and ground work as the computer will most assuredly be better than you at both - know the basics and know how to try and stand up. If you're on the ground and in the clinch, clicking in L trigger can separate if you time it...be sure you know what you're doing. If you are on the verge of losing, you can quit out to the menu and start again.

    My total fight time for 40 fights was 89:14 (roughly 2:30 a fight) and that average went down significantly as my kicking stats went up and the fights got shorter. All 40 wins were by KO/TKO and you will surely get that performance of the night achievement along the way (I also got the fight of the night on a random 3 minute fight...no guarantee you get that with this strategy). All other non-submission career achievements will come along with this one.
  • 6 1 0
    Rafalovski666 solution is a get way to get this achievement and I used this strategy to unlock this achievement. But I found a very easy fighting method that made the fights easy and quick. Now I will tell you that the superman punch or the elbows do work but the AI will try and tackdown, clinch, or parry you ALOT which can be very annoy.

    So the Best move that worked for me was the kick move which I believe is called the spinning jump kick. You press LT+leftstick towards AI + A (or B depending on our stance.)
    Also Jon Jones uses this kick if I named it incorrectly so if you cannot find the move select that fighter and try it out. It only cost 100 points.

    After you buy this there are skills that are VERY IMPORTANT that are capped. They the kick speed, and the left and right leg power. This will make your kicks very potent because the spot you will be attacking is the body and the body extremely weak in this ufc.
    Tip: use and abuse the perks that you unlock as well its very usefull
    Ok I hope this helps, I can confirm that it worked for myself as well as my boyfriend. After he tried this I did soon after. After fighting to get to the ufc I then started to skip the training (press Y) and got the achievement.

    Good Luck :)
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